Thursday, December 31, 2009

My new years post.

Hi. Im in a hurry. I have to study. I really do. I want to do good in the bio test tomorrow. I actually know that chapter. The whole, translation stuff. I know it. Anyway. The funny thing is that. I've bee feeling so weird today. I felt as if i had had a jug of coffee or something, when i really hadn't. So what did i do? I thought i'd go have real coffee, which would kidna you know, trump the effect of the phantom coffee. Makes sense? To me it did. So now im on coffee. And im all in a hurry and weird. Im SO sensitive to caffiene. I think i spelled caffiene wrong. Lol. Whatever.
So, omG, gone. 2009 is gone. So fast, no? It just flew by. I hate the lame New years forwarded text messages. OmG, they suck right? They so do! Im just going to wish new years to some friends. Not all. Lol. Aaah. Please God, give me a nice new year. I didn't like 09 so much. Well, i mean. I learned things. I really did. But, i mean. I want a better year next time. Okay? Please. Thankyou. You're the best.
Okay. i don't feel the excitement btw. Of a new year that is. I mean. Today is Thursday, and tomorrow is Friday. So. I dont feel big. Like. OmG a big change is coming. No i don't feel that at all. But okay, ill just sit down at night and think about stuff. Im not going to make a new years resolution. I never take it seriously. So no. Its almost ten and ive got TONS of stuff to do. Recently, i've started taking everything more importantly than studies. I do everytihng, except study. I really should study you know. This is my year. haha MY year. Ooooh. Haha. Exciting. Its not my year. I mean. Every year is MY year cuz its MY life. Isn't it? Lol. Okay omG didn't i say i was in a hurry? I AM IN A HURRY OKAY? OMG OMG BIO. Btw how lame is this? Its the so called New years night or whatever and im bio-ing. =\ No its okay.
Okay. Bye. New years to everyone. Goodluck! =]


*Shreya* said...


*guffaws BAD*

you know...hhehehee...i just wish i had a friend like you in REAL, like real real???

btw, NY eve message suck my credit away. i am NOT going to let my cell phone credit go x('s soooooooo funny =D

Anonymous said...

... Wow, you're in a rush.

Happy new year. :)

The Me. said...

shreeya: you leave the best comments you know :D thankeeee! Cheeers!

kasana: im still in a rush. Without a reason. Im not even studying. Im just so energized and weird right now O.o

Dee.Dee said...

Lol man =D You seen Alvin and the chipmunks? You sound like one of them when they're high on coffee - taking a deep breath and blabbering at the speed of light and gasping after you're done. =D

It's so dreamy to feel weird...

I feel weird now. -_-

Bleh. Jolly New Year =D

Anonymous said...

Caffeine, I see.

The Me. said...

i guess i have something in common with the chipmunks then :p . Ive vowed not to coffee for a week now. Messed me up alot last night .__. Ate my stomach, it did!

oh and thanks, happy newness to you too! =]

Lavender said...

Yes new year messages are sooooo lame.
have a sparkling, fun filled year :0
Right..ok... :P

The Me. said...

Haha seriously. And i hate the ones with the weird patterns, all design-y weird crap =p . Puke.