Friday, December 4, 2009


I think i’m awesome. I just realized, that i feel so many things at one time. All the time. Like, right now? I feel happy, peaceful, angry, content, sad, impatient, and hyper.

Agree with me. Quick.


*Shreya* said...

yea i'll agree your awesome if you agree i'm awesome too. deal?

PS: i looooove that comic kinda pciture of that lil girl in the orange frock looking at crows? oh she's lovely!!!!

The Me. said...

*claps and jumps* Yayy, isn't she awesome? I love her orange frocky too! xD

Cat said...

no you're NOT awesome coz everyone does that!
i feel frustrated, tired, happy, hurt and lonely right now. so whats so awesome about you?

The Me. said...

No no no no, that just means, we both are awesome. Shh.

Anonymous said...

I love this one ^_^
Oh and you too =P