Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The wanting, knowing, walnuts, etc.

I want to know everything. And by everything, i really do mean, everything. I want to be like, yeah, a know-it-all. LOL. Eeek, yeah actually i do. I want to know all about whats going on in the world. Whose doing what. Who did what. When. Where. Why. All the ‘W’s. I want to know all the history there is. And all the geography. Maps, names, dates, places. All of it. I can’t really make opinions about things until i know everything there is to it you know, all sides of it. I literally want to put my head in thick dusty books and read through them. I love books. Libraries. Google. All that.

I also wish my memory was better. Cuz well even when i read about stuff, i forget it soon afterwards. My brain leaks. Annoying aint it? I wish my brain were a sponge. So that it’d absorb and retain everything. And at the same time, i’d also be able to squeeze out all the useless info. But then, *scratches head* , i’d have to put my hand in my head.. and.. ew thats just retarded. =s

Anyway. I wonder how Mr Kim Peek feels like. Cute Mr.Kim Peek. Sharp pointy name btw. No i don’t want to be a savant. =\ No. Thats not ideal. Hmm. Maybe if i’d just eat more almonds you know. Oh and walnuts too. Walnuts btw are called the Brain food. Cuz first, it resembles the brain, in appearance, and secondly, is good for the brain. How genius is that? Lol. Cute. But walnuts are like, bitter, often. And oh, God knows how much i hate it when they put walnuts in ice creams or cookies. [reminds me of the walnut-y cookie s1 made me eat. bluekh].

ARGH. Panic attack. Last of the evil ‘grand’ tests tomorrow. Everythings left. Gotta hurry. Toodles.


*Shreya* said...

THAT, wanting to be miss-know-it-all, NEVER happens to people like us. its a fact, accept it, sooner, the better. *places a hand on her shoulder n sighs*

No, like seriously, you want to be seen talking about things that will label you as 'normal' or about things that label you as 'psychic' ???

PS: don't know, but i reeeeeally like your blog!! its so funnny!!!

The Me. said...

Hahah, not psychic for sure. Normal, totally, but, i want to be like you know, KNOW stuff =p . Facts. So that i can support my opinions when i want to. Pff. One can always wish =p

P.s. Yayy! I love new comments :D Thanks!

Dee.Dee said...

I SO know that feeling! There's like, SO much in the world to know and you feel so small to know even this much. Stupidly amazing big world -_-

Anonymous said...


*Reading about Kim peek* . I remember you telling me about him though.

Also, I hate walnuts. They're yuck.
And were you actually writing this before your "grand" test? =P