Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To yay or not to yay.

Going to lahore tomorrow! Yay. Getting my new cellphone tomorrow. Yay. Holidays start from tomorrow. Yay. Physics test tomorrow. No yay. Angry at college. No yay. Yummy 7 layered paratha. Double Yay. Going to sleep soon. Yay. Having to bring my blanket from the other room. No yay. Got nothing to write. No yay. Staring at my monitor with an angry head. No yay. God. YAY.


Ally said...

I follow you.YAY.You are not following me.Not yay

uglyduckling91 said...

Now I know you don't live in Lahore! *stalks* >D

imran said...

Why is an emo post not cool?
Why cant i be emo on my blog and still be cool?
Oh why?
its okay.

The Me. said...

hey, thats evil of me, ill follow you asap =D
Duck: hahah bingo!

lol =p who said they cant be cool? =o

Anonymous said...

Studying in Lahore? So am I. Hostel-shit. No yay.

The Me. said...

Not studying in lahore, just visiting ^^ .

P.s. I just checked out your blog. I like o.O !

Anonymous said...

You do? I'll always wonder why those 30,000+ readers check my blog.

... Pompous bitch, I are. -.-