Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dentist, nail polish, dreams.

I dont hate my dentist so much today. She was nice. And she gave me hope about taking off my godforsaken braces soon. Yay. A little more than a month now i think. Or maybe two months? Well, i could wait that long. Its okay. Aww. Anyway. After the dentists, S1 took me to shopping. She had to get some things. Somethings = make up stuff. As in. Nail polish and an anti-frizz whatever. Well, we went there and she tried lots of nail polish samples on her Nail. And then she didn’t want to mess up her nails so she tried two colours on my nails which was so sweet of her. *Smiles sweetly yet sarcastically*. After choosing the colours, she asked me a gazillion times if she had chosen the right ones. And then a gazillion times more. Multiplied by a weird-zillian raised to the power of some more zillions. =\ (Okay thats lame and doesn’t make sense). Anyway. I myself, just bought some junk food. Nimco and all. Came back home.

Im cold. Heehee.

I have college work to do. Oh. I have something interesting to tell. Well. Yesterday i had two dreams. One was about college closing for winter vacations and muharram holidays etc. In the other one, i had a surprise-ish birthday. Okay. Today i had two dreams too. Both were about the same things too. College and surprise birthday. It was just that the setting was different. And some other things. o.O I think its interesting. Isn’t it? Bluekh.

Coffee and Novel are waiting fo meh. ^.^ (and homework :S).

I downloaded Public Enemies. Lalallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


*Shreya* said...

[i]I'm cold. heehee[/i]

teeeeheeee that sounds soooo retarded :P

The Me. said...

*giggles* i know! %-)