Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm at my khala's for the weekend. As usual. Got two tests coming up. Got to study for the two tests. Instead, im blogging, and watching tv shows, and having coffee, and sleeping, and eating chocolates. Im not even enjoying myself. I'm just like, mehhh.
Whatev. Im glad Im going HOME in a few days. After three months, ladies and gentlemen. THREE months. Can you believe that? =\ Weird ,is it not? I'm going to shop, and eat and sleep and eat and watch movies all night long, and catch up with s1, and mom and dad, and eat, and sleep, and stay online all night, and walk on my terrace and meet my friends and ALL THAT. InshAllah. I am going to do all that. *deep breath* . Just a few days more..

I'm wearing nice summery clothes. Its a purplish shirt with cute white dots on it. I like it. Oh and I hate it when girls wear plain shirts, with printed Shalwars. Its just not cool. I don't get it. =\

I watched Men of Honor that day. With my Roomies. Haha. But anyway. That movie. The guy. Who is so driven and hardworking. Made me wonder, if there are actually people like that around us. Are there? I haven't really seen any. Everybody gives up. Not giving up, ever, sounds inspiring. But I guess one should know when to give up. What if you're just wasting your time? Bleh, I don't know. Gibberish.

My mood fluctuates alot these days. Randomly.

I gotta study the Lower Limb today. Femural triangle, and all that. Lumber Plexus. Plexus. Plexus. Sounds like a computer company's name. Plexus.

I want to shop alot. I don't feel like shopping too often. But these days, i do. ALOT. I want to shop till i drop. Lame. Hahah. Whatev.

Whenever I go out, i look at the sky. Its kind of a habit of mine. Do you?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thinking out loud.

Im dissatisfied with alot of things around me. Im annoyed by them. The way people behave, and think, and the way we all behave on the whole. Its unsettling. And it bothers me.
'Be the change you want to see in the world', said Gandhi. Makes sense.. Then why aren't we? Being that change? We keep talking about what we want and what we don't want and how certain things should and shouldn't be what they are now. But we don't do anything about it. Why? We're lazy and stupid. Thats why. But that can't be the only reason why..
Aren't we supposed to be the best version of ourselves? Shouldn't we atleast try? I wonder why we don't try hard enough. Why are we okay with just being average? Why is everybody okay with mediocrity?! We've only got one shot at life..then why arent we trying to be as great at it as we can be? Why arent we trying to tap all the potential thats bottled up inside of us? The way i see it, thats all that we should be doing. Every minute of everyday, and for the rest of our lives. Thats all that matters. That's all that should matter.
But somehow, it doesn't. Not to us.

Whats wrong with us?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Short leetal update!

- Summer is in the air. So are mosquitoes.
- I'm free today. Can't believe I have no test tomorrow. o.O
- Imma watch Tangled and Men of Honor today.
- I'm hungry =\ .
- Japan earthquake. I'm so out of touch with everything that's going on in the world. The hostel's like a little world of its own. -.-
- I think I've developed some kind of stress disorder. No kidding.
- I love the word Minion.
- I'm in the hostel net cafe. Cant wait to get a separate connection for my room. This keyboard sucks.
-I'm trying to find a novel for my non-novel-reading cousin. Its not an easy job.
- I myself am reading Atlas Shrugged :D . Just started reading it. Yum.

Ima read blogs now. Byebye.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Smells like morning.

8:39 a.m.
I had to be up at 7 am. But here i am, still in bed. Super sleepy. Have to study. Stupid me. My eyelids are superheavy. Cant open them, sorry.
Summers are here btw. I slept with the fan on last night. Felt good. I havent smelt summers in the air yet though. That is yet to come.
You know what? I love the sense of Smell. I mean, its so under rated. But i love it. Different smells remind me of different things. They bring memories back. And sometimes a place smells like something particular and eventhough at times i cant fully remember what it is, it still makes me feel a particular emotion, and its awesome. Smells and memories go together, believe me. I could go on and on trying to explain it, but whatev, im not too good at that -.- . So just try, and understand on your own. And appreciate your sense of smell more. Thankyou. :p
Anyway. I have two roommates now! And i'm gonna be mentioning stuff about them so i thought its time, i bring them in. Ill call them r1 and r2. Haha. Yay! But anyway, they're both niiice. They're nice people. I had flu that day and r2 made hot tea for me. I really like them so far. Our tastes don't match, but whatev, i can compromise on that cant i? I can.
It was s2's birthday yesterday. We had fun. I miss posting random pictures of everything. :/ !
I gotta study anatomy now. ARGH.
Okay bye. :)
time: 8.57 a.m.

P.s. Writing this blogpost woke me up. I love my blog.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Note: Im writing this post at 12.30 am. But i'm gonna post it tomorrow at college where i get wifi. (turns out, i forgot to post this at college, so im doing it now on gprs :/)

Hi, y'all.
Im under my quilt right now, about to sleep. College tomorrow. Had a short trip over the weekend. We all went to celebrate s1's birthday. It was fun. Birthdays should be nice. Its s2's birthday this friday. Haha. We three have birthdays one week apart. Buuuut, mine comes first so its the most exciting one. Muahaha.
Okay whatev. I need new headphones. S1 stepped on the previous ones :/ .
Ooh. Btw. Ive realised that i love the smell of rain+paint. I mean. I already loved them both separately but that day, during shifting rooms in the hostel, it was raining and me and my roommates were getting our room painted. And oooooh, the smell. YUM. Super yum.
Anyway. Im all whiny nowadays. So i dont really know what else to write. Im superwhinylike. I wanna whine ALL the time. What should i do? :o
Awww, i love my cellphones keypad. Its so flat and smewwwth. Haha. My fingers be gliiiidin over it yo. OmGimsolame.
okay enough. Bye.
I need more peace in my life. Give?

P.s. 100 FOLLOWERS! Im the luckiest. Awwwww. My dear wittle bloggiee, that no one knew about. Has a hundred followers. Aww :'D .
Thank YOU!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Turn the washing machine off.

Its 8.20 a.m.
Im at college. Listening to Misguided Ghosts. Very appropriate for me right now.
I'm going through this weird phase, where i'm letting other people's judgements define who i am. And thats just not me. I've never cared about things like that. I think its because maybe im afraid that they're right. Ew. No.
Life's weird. Have i said that before? I don't know. Its like someone's put my insides, inside a washing machine. And they wont turn it off. Seriously. I need the washing machine to turn off. Okay? Okay.
Ima hang in there till then.

p.s. Ill write more soon. Mobile blogging is so awesome.