Saturday, April 30, 2011


I finally got internet for my room in the hostel. Its a blessing. But i can't really blog from there, cuz my roommates are always around, and no, i don't tell everyone about my blog. Bleh. So yeah. Anyway. Im at my khala's for a day.
I had coffee. My khala's chef makes teh craziest coffee. I don't know what he adds in it, but its super effective. Half a cup, and im all awake and crazy like. But thats good. Cuz i need all that energy. Another test coming up, as usual. Now its like, I don't even feel the pressure that much. Its a routine. I have a test every other day. Its constant. I've just learnt to cherish the precious day or two that i get in between, where i don't have a test the next day.

If i weren't doing medicine, I think i'd like to be/do alot of things. I'd like to study Human Behaviour. Alot. With surveys and all. Or be a researcher. In a Hi-fi research unit somewhere, doing hi-fi stuff. I'd also like to write a novel. But I could never do that. Words don't like me. Coherent phrases don't like me either. So gotta drop the idea of the book. Mehh.

Other than that. I also think, that having two sisters is SO awesome. I mean. I can whine whenever I want. And being the youngest has its own perks. If im not talking to one of them, I can talk to the other. If i hate my friends, I still have people to talk to. And we kinda have the same core inside, so we get each other. Which is awesome. I like this whole `sisters` thing. Just saying.

Also, i think that people wear way too much make up. I can't make myself do that. It feels fake. I don't know. I mean. It hides my face. Weddings are fine. But i think makeup should be subtle. Not like face paint. I don't know. Doesn't look real.

And i think wearing printed shalwars with plain shirts is not a good idea. I don't like it.

Okay thats all. Baaye baaye.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life is.

Life is beautiful. Its amazing. Its a rollercoaster ride. It tests you and tosses you around and then catches you just to push you over the edge again. It doesn't get boring. Ever.
Im alive. And im glad.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A cat pee'd on my slippers.

Hasnt it been the longest time? Yes it has.
I have a test every other day. Its not even funny. Well, it is a little funny. I dont have time for anything. Literally. Any free time i get, i use it to catch up on my sleep or watch a movie. Thats all i do.
I watched Letters to juliet the other day. Everythings so typical these days. *danceee the night away, live your life hshagfufof*. Whatever. Laaaa lalalalalalalalaaaaaaaa.
I have so much to whine about, but somehow i dont want to spill it out here. I like my cute positive nicey blog. No black whiny-ness here. Not too much anyway. Some, i can do with. But no seriously, im such a whiner. Im a whine box. Push the button and i'll go on and on, unless you shut me up. Well no, i shut myself up. Soon. But whatev.
Im dying to eat cinnabon, and to buy an awesome new pair of jeans. I just cant seem to do any of those things. Something always happens. Its a curse.
The Hangover always makes me laugh.
Im skeptical of everything and everyone. How can one not be? I dont know. People are so weird. Im in that phase right now where i get really irritated by how people generally behave. They just follow each other all the time. Wierd herd mentality. And i HATE people who ask me for favors all the time. I love to help out everyone, i actually do. But when they just get all frank and keep asking for shit allll the time, that just puts me off. Majorly. I dont ask people for favors much. I dont like to. Ugh. I dont know.
I just had a kulfi.
okay bye. :>

p.s. The title of the post? Totally happened.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


*my cellphone rings*
Its Dad.

ME: jee?
DAD: haan.. Kia kar re ho?
ME: *laughs*. Kyun, coffee chaiye? =p
DAD: *laughs* naiii..
ME: *laughs*. Phir?
DAD: kia kar re ho?
ME: kuch nai. Bethi wi hoon. Popcorns kha ri thi.
DAD: s1 kidhar hai?
ME: idhar hi.
DAD: kia kar ri hai?
ME: aiwyeen. Hum aur mama baatain kar re thay.
DAD: achaa. Woo.. tv pe terminator 3 lagi wi hai..
ME: ooo-
DAD: dekhi wi hai?
ME: naii. Mainay one bhi nai dekhi wi. =p
DAD: achaa.. to.. Lagi wi hai.. Idhar aa jao kuch dair. Dekh letay hain..
ME: oo. acha haha aati hoon. Aa ri hoon. Bye.

Me to mom and s1:
Awww! Babas so cute. He said terminator 3 lagi wi hai, he wants us to spend time with him. Lets go sit in that room ^.^ .

These little moments mean the world to me.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I like saying ‘Hank’.

When I'm at home, I don’t feel different. I feel the same. I feel normal. The way I used to feel back when I used to be at home. The thoughts of going back are annoying. Black pastel lines in my bright multicolored thoughts.

s2 went back today. She couldn’t stay any longer cuz she can’t miss her clinics back there.

Today was a good day. I woke up around 12. Had last nights leftover Chicken spaghetti, with Grey’s Anatomy. Then zombied around while s2 packed stuff for going back. Watched more tv. Had a nice lunch around 5. Took a shower. Watched a bit of V for Vendetta again, with s2, which Chicken Cheese Balls, and popcorns. [Brb. Mom calling].

Back. She had called for food. Lol. Oh damn, I just remembered, I had to make coffee for dad. Ill make it after im done with this post. Anyway. Me and s1 are going shopping tomorrow. Then I’ll go to the dentist. Etc etc.

I’ve realized that I like pomegranate flavored stuff. =o .

Ever wonder why there aren’t really many people that you can talk, like, actually Talk to? For some reason, People don’t get half the shit I’d like them to get. =\ Its frustrating. Makes me not take them seriously.

Whatever. 17032011362






Check this out. This is ay random claw that I found on the ground, in my college. Haha. Weird no? Eeek.

Imma do a picture post soon inshAllah. I have my camera while im here. So yay to that Open-mouthed smile Ew. Where did this smiley come from? =\ Ugly live messenger smileys taking over my blog Surprised smile . EW. This is new =\ .

Okay bye.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

E.T go home!

So. I'm finally settling in the lazy summery routine. At home. Its not hot here btw. Its still cold-ish, and we haven’t turned the fans on yet. So its all good. Anyway. I'm eating SO much here. Mom’s always bringing something awesome for us to eat, and then I can’t resist it and then I can’t stop whining about how fat I'm getting. Life's unfair. Why can’t I just eat all I want without getting fat? –.- Whatever.

I watched Harry Potter 7, and then Harry Potter 1 again, just for the sake of it, and it was fuuun. I'm going to watch Despicable Me and 127 hours, and all them new movies too, while I have the time.

My mom and dad are SO cute. I can’t tell you HOW much. I made coffee for dad after so long last night. And I went shopping with mom, for clothes. Mom’s so cute. She has Blood pressure issues, and she’s a doctor, and she still bought a packet of Salted Lays in the market, haha, which I snatched from her the second she picked em up. But lol, she’s funny. We watched 2012 together. Me and s1 had seen it before. Dad loves watching destructive stuff. Buildings falling, ground shaking, houses dying, the whole deal. So yeah, he enjoyed 2012. Cute.

I’ve decided to change my blog banner up there. I have an idea for it. Ill make one when I feel like it. That’s not going to be anytime soon but at least I have the idea. So. Maybe one day.

Aw man, home’s so sweet. I mean. Nothing special. Its just. Being back. To my life. I’ve missed this. And I think its unfair that I have to spend so much time apart from here. But then again, it was my choice. So. Gotta deal with it. I don’t regret going. Its just that its hard being away. Ofcourse it is. I knew it. So whatev. I'm good.

I'm LOVING Atlas Shrugged. Its refreshing. I love reading stuff that gives me a new perspective. I love it. I need to read a long War related novel next.

There’s this song. Called Astronomia. If I had to get high with a song in the background, this would be that song. Seriously.

And I also heard this song E.T by Katy Perry that’s stuck in my head.

I have to start studying for my post-spring-break-tests from tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Bleh.

Okay more later. Byebye.

Friday, April 1, 2011






I just woke up. I'm all yay!
Gotta go to the dentist today though. Annoying.