Sunday, August 31, 2014



Caffeine fueled conversations, impulsiveness, jittery laughter, ice cream with hot waffles, comfortable silences, driving around, feeling the wind, touching rain, heartbeat, feeling connected, and floaty at the same time, popcorn and head massages, overspending without guilt, walking to Chopin, learning faces, learning skies, voicing thoughts and opinions and absorbing information and emotions, blurry roadlights, and little things, micro things..

Are more important than.

Textbooks and tests and stress and routine and the guilt of not doing things that must be done, the to do list.

Did I say Sometimes? No. Always.
Of course. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Don't know what to do.
What to think or what to say.
Don't want to wait.
If I could just be..
that would be great.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

North and back.

Jeep rides. Hill climbing. Walking through clouds and leaving tree tops behind. Running down the hill. Euphoric laughter and lame jokes. Clumsiness and stomachaches. Raging rivers and chilled redbulls. Bbq and chaye. Long walks and heart to hearts with s2. Ludo teams, orion and shooting stars. Taboo insanity. Stealing tissues. Crazy parents and 3 a.m snacks. Body cramps and sleeplessness. Card games outside a dhaba with Nd. Hot showers at 7 a.m. Pink floyd and Manwa re. Rain and hoodies.

Oh what a trip it has been.