Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ninja Tuna.

It's 1:47 a.m.

I'm back at the hostel. I was supposed to be asleep by eleven at max. I have a long, hard and tiring day tomorrow, and i wanted to be well rested for it. And i was so exhausted. My back hurt like shit. So i went down to the non-cafe and bought some hot chocolate, which was more like an insult to the word 'hot chocolate' and had it with two panadols. I'm still watching that stupid movie. My sleep's gone. The roomies are asleep. r1 is on the right, r2 is on the left. r1 is hidden somewhere under a mass of quilt and pillows and r2 is all shriveled up and comma like. She's covering her face too. And i'm in the middle. Doing this. I should be sleeping.

Spent a day at N's place. Too much fun. I bought new sneakers. I'll wear them tomorrow and walk to college in the cold morning. I love having my face frozen early in the morning while the rest of me is warm and snug. It's refreshing.

I made Nd watch 3 of my most favourite movies. Before sunrise, Before Sunset and Frost Nixon. He was like. Bleh. And I just think he has no taste for good movies. He said the same to me. His favourite movie is Law Abiding Citizen. And Taken too. I mean. Seriously? Such a boy. I like those movies, but i mean. Oh whatever.

The movie just ended. Jerry Maguire. Tom Cruise looks good. That much I can say. And the kid. So adorable. Not repulsive at all. I don't like kids all that much. That's not a secret. But this one was so cute. Aw. I want to watch Anna Karenina. Right now. But oh well. I should try to get some sleep. What happened to wanting to be well rested for tomorrow?

I ate PAAN the other day. Meetha paan. At 2 am in the morning. I felt like i was eating perfume. Seriously. There's no other way to describe it.

My right ear's acting funny.

The number of followers on my blog keeps increasing. Which i find odd. Since I don't think people are actually reading it. Yet. 159 followers. Interesting.

Okay bye now.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter awaits.

There's so much to be done.

I have books that need to be read. Movies that need to be watched, alone with a blanket on top. Dialogues to be pondered upon and little movie moments to fall in love with. Friends that i need to hang out with and drink coffee and eat croquettes with, and go crazy with, friends to celebrate freedom with, friends to eat chocolate mint with, friend to spend a day at the mall with, friend to spend a weekend with, friend to stay up all night with. Songs to be downloaded and made favorites of. There's winter shopping to be done. Skinny jeans to be worn and huge ass sweaters to be snuggled into.There's all those trips that I've planned with all my people. The coffee. And the frozen yogurt. And the french fries and Cheese Naan. There's home to go back to. There's mom to eat peanuts with and s1 to have long conversations with and dad to make coffee for and s2 to make stupid plans with. There's my new phone to wait for. There are weddings to be attended and festivity to be celebrated. There are beginnings that need to begin. There's a roof that needs walking on, and a sky above that that needs to be stared at in search of constellations that i'm always on the lookout for. And then there's more.

 Blogposts need to be written about how amazing life is, not about how ugly exams are. 

Oh, and this song please.

Friday, November 9, 2012

*Bullets 7.

Its 3 a.m and I'm nowhere near finishing my goal for tonight. Calls for a bullet post.

- I'm annoyed. People are sleeping. I need people right now. There are no people. No strangers even.

- I found out that Before Midnight is going to be out next year. I can't wait. Watched before sunrise and before sunset again. And that made me want to talk. To someone i don't know. That would be ideal.

- I miss my parents.

- I want to read profound poetry all of a sudden. That's pretty unexpected. Or a novel. Something that would make me go like. Shit. Something that would blow me away. Hmm. I'll find something after my exams end.

- I never buy shoes. I don't remember the last time I went out to buy a pair of shoes. Also. I treat my socks like my shoes.

- I like the sound of my typing. Everything's so silent. Typing sounds nice.

Ok. That is all.

OH. Look at Mr.cuddles. This made me go AWWWWWW. And i'm not an Aww person. Everyone knows that. But Mr.cuddles is just. Ah. See yourself.

The switch is quite loose and keeps falling out. This is how my roomate decided to fix the problem.

Monday, November 5, 2012

*Emo exam journal.

My blog is slowly turning into a depressing exam journal. Or has it already?

Well. Last night, was terrible. Panic attack no. 3429042 struck. And i decided to sleep early. W2 and Nd brought me food, and kept knocking on my door for what seemed like an hour, (but was only five minutes actually). But I pretended to be asleep (even though I texted W2 only about ten minute before that) till they went away. Anyway. So i stayed in bed for over an hour trying to force myself to sleep. After which i did eventually fall asleep. 
These days are just..bad. There are good parts of the day and then there are the bad parts. The mornings are okay. The afternoons are usually nice and full of promise. The evenings are okay too. But the nights. Oh I dread the nights.
My head hurts. I just took a panadol.
I want to be by myself today. I don't want make an appearance infront of anyone. I just want to stay in bed, and study (yuck), and be in my pyjamas. I love these pyjamas. They're funky. I don't want anybody to knock on the door or to call me downstairs for lunch or dinner, or to ask me a question about the brain or anything.
I miss watching Suits. It made me laugh so much. Now there's nothing. There's Dr.who, but Suits is suits. Oooh. There's Downton Abbey. That's a comfort show. I'll watch that.

A part of me wants to be reckless, and watch Downton and eat Soup. But there's no soup. I know if i asked Nd to get it for me, he would. Nd and W2 are really nice. Remind me to do a post about them.
Okay enough. I'll study now. Yuck.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stupid heart.

Okay, now seriously. What is wrong with my heart? I mean. I've had an exhaustive(exhausting?) day. I studied straight for I don't know how many hours. Yes, i did take a tiny break, well, okay not so tiny break in between, but it felt tiny. But by 1 am i was SO exhausted, and headachy that I couldn't take another word in. So Nd brought McDonald's, i took two panadols, watched Suits with Nd and W2. And felt all happy and relaxed and ready to sleep. I came to my room, turned the lights off and collapsed into the bed. Ready to sleep. But guess what? It's been 40 minutes. And i can't fall asleep. I'm lying down and my hearts going all THUD THUD THUD THUD. And I'm like. SHUTUP. But no. It keeps going on that way. And I can't sleep. And on top of that, there's this stupid movie quote stuck in my head. Its about this guy/girl who is talking to another guy/girl about how as long as two people can laugh together in a relationship, it means they've still got it. Love or something. I don't know. And then the guy/girl also talks about how his/her parents still laugh about little things. Yeah so that's all i remember, and I tried googling it, but I can't find anything. And it's driving me insane. I've asked s1. So let's see if she remembers. If any of you can help me, please do.

So yeah. Its 3:40 am. And I'm up. Wide awake. I don't want to study. Because my brain shut itself down hours ago. It's just my stupid body that - oh whatever. So since I'm up, I'd rather write about useless things than lie in bed with my stupid shouting heart.
Okay. So. I'm wearing socks. Toe socks. Purple and white ones. They're kind of stupid. I bought them from some place stupid. And i never wore them because they made my toes feel weird. But i wore them again today. And they feel so nice and snug and nice. So I like them now. And they match with my shirt. So. Cool.

Also. I had a laughing fit today. A hysterical one. I was quite dead-like and headachy, so i called N for the third time today. And for no reason at all, we started laughing. The conversation wasn't even that funny. And I laughed so much, that i couldn't take anymore of it and hung up. It's cool cuz only yesterday, I was washing my hands and i wondered about the last time i laughed like that. And today, i did again. So. Good for me.

Um What Else. There was this word in my book today. Fascia of Zuckerkandl. What the hell? I want to pronounce it like Zucker-candle. But I'm sure it's wrong. This word is just wrong. First, Zucker reminds me of Zuckerberg, so it's hard to pair anything other than Berg with Zucker. And second, whats with having three consonants all in a row? So whatever. It's Zucker-candle for me.

OmG its 3:53, i should try to sleep again. If s1 reads this, she'll be like. STOP HAVING SO MUCH CAFFEINE. But i don't think i'm taking too much caffeine. I really don't. I mean. Its less than what i used to take before. So. Mehh.

Urgh. I'm going to lie down again.


It's still there. Tsk.

p.s. I wish I had the decency to change all my 'i's into 'I's.