Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is home.

This is what I call home. This. Being in my room. My red room. My little red room. With my little white heater. Listening to a weird instrumental that I don't know the name of. Sipping hot coffee. Using my own computer. Typing on my own keyboard. With half frozen hands. Wearing mismatched purple socks.

This. Is. Home.

Having my camera with me again. Watching Midnight in Paris with s1 at night. Discussing random nothings with the parents over Kashmiri Chai. Reading my novel, and falling asleep on the floor. With a huge comforter over me, which is the perfect wintery shade of blue. Waking up randomly at 6 a.m and taking a hot shower. Using s1's weird nicely scented products. And falling back to sleep. In the blue comforter. On the floor.

This. Is. Home.

Being lectured by dad for not being interested in cooking. Or shopping. Being pampered by mom. Getting breakfast in bed. Huge burgers and fries. Annoying s1 out of her mind. Laughing idiotically for hours with s2. Going out with friends. Every. Other. Day. Being idiots. Me taking pictures of every little thing. The cups, the speakers, the walls.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Free atlast.

Its weird that I haven't eaten anything all day, except for a stupid little bun with chicken spread that the Daewoo people put in their weird little lunchbox. Thats it. And I don't feel like eating. Mom's gonna come home, and kill me if she finds out. Heh.

I find a weird kind of similarity between Steve Jobs and Maynard James Keenan. No reason. I just associate them with each other.

I cannot believe that my profs are over. They're over. Im free. And I have no exams till late next year. Ofcourse I'll have huge tests happening every other day, but i can take anything other than Profs. Profs. Are. Too. Much.

Imma start watching movies again. And finally finish Atlas Shrugged.

For some reason, my friends from home were super excited about me coming back. I don't know why. But it made me feel nice. And warm. It pleasantly confuses me. When they do that. Im going to meet them soon. Can't wait.

The roomies are coming over to my place. To my city. For a week. That shall be interesting. A little unsure about inviting them to my Life. But oh well. We shall see. My mom's going to make all of us really fat. With all her food. Fun.

That shall be all for now.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

s1 has a blog!

So hi.

S1 has a blog now. About time she started balogging. *rollseyes*

Soooo, yeah. Check it out:


(for weird people who don't know who s1 is, she's my sister. 3 years older.)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

From the study room.

So i'm sitting here in the study room, listening to music that I like, and talking to s1 on whatsapp. I just finished a packet of Nimko and cocomo. My back's about to freeze and my legs are already frozen. I need to pause this song. The lyrics are distracting. Yes. So, students have started coming to the study room. It was empty when i first walked in. Empty was nice. I hope nobody comes and sits next to me. I need my space. It was this want for my own space that made me come here in the first place. So yes, i'll be very annoyed if a random girl decides to sit in the cabin/desk thingy next to me.

There are certain recurring themes in my dreams. Like. My old school. Babies. Car accidents. What's up with that? I had a dream the other day. The other night*. Russian voodoo was involved. Hah. Weird.

My blog's been super dry lately. Just like my throat is, every morning. That dry. So sad. It used to be this cozy happy place. It was peaceful. Now its all. Weird. Because i blog from my phone now. Back at home, i took retarded pictures of useless things. And i posted them here. I don't even have my camera here. I miss it. I miss home. But it doesn't make me sad. Its a constant feeling, somewhere at the back of my head. Doesn't bother me at all.

I'm tired of being in the room. Tired of the blue and purpleness of it. Tired of the three beds. Tired of the cozy blankets. Tired of being out of clean spoons all the time. Tired of being around people. Im just tired.

I'm gonna go to the room, and get myself a shawl. And my wallet. Then i'll buy a cup of tea. And then. Biochemistry. Hectic days ahead. Still. Seventeenth. December. Is it EVER going to come? I don't think so. Maybe never. A cat's making weird noises.

So i did go and get myself a shawl. And tea. And a chocolate muffin that tasted like mattress. The cafe here has no coffee. So i asked the guy. Y u no coffee? Apparently, they only serve coffee once its foggy all around. Great. My phone's battery is almost dead. So i shall go now.

Dependency. I hate it. Scares the shit out of me.


Things that are heavenly.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Unfinished notes on my cellphone are increasing in number as days go by. I write, i save, and i never open it again. Maybe I'; publish all that later, one day, when I have nothing else to write. Yeah.
What an ugly emoticon. In the title. Yuck.
So. Its 9:17 p.m. Im at the hostel. No one's in the room right now. Which is a blessing really. Because blogging is always fun when no ones around. We've ordered Shawarma. Then I'll have gol gappay and then Coffee. And I'm not even hungry. But. Im going to eat all that in an attempt at uplifting my mood. Because my mood sucks. And there aren't many things i hate more than feeling sucky. I hate this feeling. I like being happy. I hate being sad. Its as simple as that.
I need something to uplift my mood. I could watch a movie, or go out for a walk, or do whatever, but I know nothing's going to work unless I deal with all the teeny tiny little thready issues that I have on my mind. I also know that I can't deal with all that right now. Not today. Because it's sort of not in my hand. I hate feeling helpless. And useless. And eww. What a stupid feeling. I hate how i sound chirpy even when i feel sucky.
Okay the food is here. r2's going to get a movie. I asked her to get ANY movie I could watch anything right now. Hostel people have sucky movies. Losers.
Bye. -.-

Mr.Cuddles looks adorable today.