Saturday, May 21, 2011

its 12:35 a.m.

*A crow shat(past tense of shit,yes) on my freshly washed black trousers and jeans.
*And i stared into a cats weird deep black eyes for fifteen seconds. It creeped me out.
*My stage went weird. Mcqs were shitty. I just guessed most of them. I have a feeling that all my guesses were wrong.
*Viva tomorrow. Lots to study. I hope my viva isn't with Dr.M. She's evil and she makes me uncomfortable during the viva. She's unpleasant.
*Me and roomates ordered chicken cheese shawarmas for us today. Not that nice.
*I feel like i've been spending all my money on food lately.
*Going to N's place tomorrow for the weekend. Fun!
*Its so humid and hot these days. I'm slowly melting away.
*I don't how to tell people my honest opinion without sounding rude or offensive. I dont say anything then. I never wanna be rude to anyone. People just dont like to hear the truth. :/
*and i love you a little less than beforeeee*.
*s2 hid my Atlas shrugged. I miss it.
* Vastus lateralis is originated from the upper part of the intertrochanteric line, the anterior border of the greater trochanter, the lateral lip of gluteal tubersity, and the lateral lip of linea aspera.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday nights.

I hate sunday nights. Im fine in the morning, but the nights? Hate those. I ALWAYS feel sucky at that time. Why though? I'll tell you. Because of the realization that i have college the next day. Because i have to go back to the hostel the next day. Because after every weekend i usually have a test coming up for which i never study at the weekend, eventhough i should have. Because i actually miss the people in my khala's house when i go back to the hostel. I miss being with people i know, and love. AND, because i hate having to wake up early the next day.
Reason enough right?
I thought i'd go out and have a good time with my people this weekend, but the plan kinda caught fire and exploded, even the ashes disappeared. I dont even know how. The day was a borefest.
I was/in such a dead mood today. I wasted my time and didnot study for my huge stage thats coming up. I should've. I didn't even complete watching 'the king's speech'. I did not re activate my internet account either. I lost my collegge overall somewhere. Disasterous? I blame me. Mostly.
Ive stopped praying regularly. I used to. But laziness has taken over. How can you want to do something so badly and then choose not to do it? Kinda contradictory it is. But well. It reminds me of this thing i read in Atlas Shrugged. It says
'Contradictions don't exist. If you find two ideas contradicting each other, check your premises. One of them will be wrong'. Something like that. I think i agree.
My friend Sd texted me tonight. And told me that she thought i was a great friend. She is not the type to say that. Not really. So it really lifted me up, her saying it like that. Yay me.
You know what i am right now? A leaf. In the wind.
I had haleem two times today.
My khala told me stories about her on-call duties in the hospital Emergency back in the day. Gross, sad and funny ones. I cant imagine myself doing all that. I can actually, a little. :D eeee.

okay bye. Ima try and sleep now. Too much info for all you random people out there.

P.s. Donald duck has a sister named Dumbella.
p.s.2. Somebody should write a song called 'sunday nights'.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Craziness. Overloaded. Sleepy. Stressed out. Missing home. Imagining s1's Air conditioned room. Tired. Anxiety. Lack of social contact. Impatience. Dread. Annoyance. Fear. Exhaustion. Craziness.

Please go away.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dead mousie.

A couple of mosquitoes just bit me. But thats nothing new is it?
I went a little nuts for a while today. Seriously I did. I sort of lost touch with reality for a while. But then I went online and ranted to s1 a bit, text-talked to s2 a bit. And ooh. When i went online, I caught up with an old friend which felt great. And another friend from back home. I feel so much better now. I actually do.
I have a substage coming up. The course is super long and I don't have much time. I should've studied alot today. And this weekend too. But I slept so much. Couldn't help it.
Watched a weird movie called Uncertainty on tv. The opening scene caught my interest. Tortured myself into watching it to the end. Realized that it wasn't worth it. Argh. Well. Whatever. It happens.
I need to write more about whats going on in my mind these days. Whats my blog for, right?
So yes, i will. Don't feel like it right now though. Cuz. I have to study, and i've already ranted enough for the day. So i'll do it next time I get a weirdness attack.
For sure.
Okay. Let me show you a dead mousie i found.

Eee. Haha.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zippy Racers.

. Its raining here today.
. I went outside on the balcony with my cup of tea and headphones. I sat for 2 minutes and then came back cuz the mosquitoes were thirsty.
. I wish I were home right now. s2 will be. Soon. I couldn't leave my classes here. So i stayed. Sad.
. I eat ice creams ALL the time these days. Seriously.
. Water melons are SUCH ay blessing in summers. Watery and cold and refreshing. Gottay love!
. My new friends here, think I'm a very indifferent person. They said that they think that I don't really give a shit about anything. I was very amused by this.
. I think Tangled is such a great movie :D . Very well balanced. Disneyness and new funnyness. I like.
. Ive been reading an article on Body Language. It is sooo interesting.
. Im awesome.
Thats about it.

Imma watch Grey's tonight. :D

I ate these chips called Zippy racers last night. Such a shitty name no? There was nothing Zippy Racer-y about it. Except that there was a toy car inside it. Pff.