Friday, December 4, 2009

Its the coffee.

I only use clutch pencils. I use normal pencils too once in a while. But i can’'t live without a clutch pencil. My green one got lost long ago. I replaced it with the black one. That got lost too. Then i bought a pink one. That was just lousy. It broke. Then s2 gave me her blue one. Then i lost that too. *<\3* I loved that one. Now i bought another blue one. I love it. I adore it. :D

=\ . Its the coffee. My heads all like Buzzzzzzzzz. zzzzz. zzzzz. Buzzzzzz. Its the coffee. My hands are freezing, i havent turned the heater on, cuz it makes me sleepy and weird.

I feel a little weird. Anxiety. =\ Im not worried for the test tomorrow. But still. Anyway. Ill keep on writing today. Bling bling bling.


Okay i have more to write. Im on the first chapter. *omG =\* .. And im dying to get it done with. After that, ill call and wake up my friend Sd, who must be sleeping. Shes always sleeping, specially when we have a test tomorrow. Grr.

*forget about your house of cardss, and illl deal mineee* . Yay, to X for the song. =D .

Btw, i was reading other people’s blogs today. They kinda write about sensible stuff you know. About things. and Like, stuff. Mine is just like. Its not even a blog. Its like a page out of my rough notebook, where i write crap during physics class. Really. It is. Hm.. But the question is, Do. I. Care?

Pff. No.


The thiing about coffee is. It gives me bad headaches. =\ Like, right now. Im so sensitive to caffiene. Teehehehehe.


Aaah i feel good. I called Sd. I love it when we go nuts and laugh before tests. Its always fun.

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