Thursday, December 3, 2009

the grandness.

Freaking ‘Grand’ test tomorrow. What kind of test is called a ‘GRAND’ test. Its just stupid. Its a stupid idea to scare people into studying for it. But not me. I won’t. Its physicks tomorrow, and i have to do four long chapters. They all have a billion formulae that look very much like each other. I can’t learn them. I can’t sit and carefully read all four chapters in one day. Rather, make it half a day. Cuz yeah, i slept after college. Im human. I need sleep! I skipped tuition to study for this stupid test. Stupid test. Stupid. And oh yeah pointless. Its pointless cuz we’re gonna have the detention exams in January anyway. So whats the point of taking big ‘grand’ tests a month earlier? I dont get it. Oh and to make things better, its gonna be in the hall. Not my classroom, where copying answers from people is much easier. IN the hall. Hmph! Oh, and how can we prepare it in one day, we ask. And they say, ‘what were the eid holidays for’. Really. I mean. Yeah. Eid holidays. Sure why not. =]

How angry i am. Im really angry. I dont like the world. Actually i do. But it just sucks so much at times. What the heck, i mean. GRAND test. What the heck. Im really sleepy alright? I’m not gonna go and make coffee for myself and force myself to stay awake for four more hours, without actually studying anything. omG i get really angry nowadays. Im SO not an angry person normally.  But nowadays, i am.

I need fresh air. I feel like ripping stuff apart. Oh yeah, i do. Not really. But that expression sounds appropriate. I want college to end already!


uglyduckling91 said...

Good luck for the grand test.

Have a break; have weed.

Chill out. X]

The Me. said...

Sure thing! =p

Cat said...

'Grand' test sounds khoool plis? :D And u are very funnayyyy!! =D

P.S Breathe!! =p

The Me. said...

It so aint =[ =[ I cant breathe. LOL. LOL. i cant.