Monday, November 30, 2009


I dont want the eidness to end. No i dont! I dont want college, and boring dead stale routine again. I don’t want big weird ‘grand’ tests, as they call them, to happen. I dont want to study, i don’t want to be bored. I dont want people texting me on the second day of eid asking ‘hw much phy ve u d0ne???’ . I don’t want to reply to their texts. I don’t want to eat yellow shitty sauce again. I don’t want to practice drawing perfect circles in physics class. Or cubes. I don’t like. I dont want. =[

Im cross. x[

Saturday, November 28, 2009


cant type much. mehendi on one hand. ill upload its pic later. and iys dark here. s2 is sleeping. Eid mubarak to everyone. shhh.


oh btw. no ones online on msn right now. cmon its eid! it either means that i dont have a life, or that other ppl do have a life. either way, its just sad! >.<

going to pindi tomorow though. FUN.

DSC03068 [Here, i uploaded this later. 7 35 pm, 30th. S1 put it for me btw]

Thursday, November 26, 2009

There, and back again.

Yeah so I'm really psycho, when it comes to all my ‘moment saving’ thing. I don't like forgetting happy times. I don’t like it that something really awesome happens one day, and a year later, you don’t even remember half of it. I like remembering things and keeping a record of things. That's one of the reasons i write this blog too. I like going down my sweet (or not so sweet) memory lane and look at everything once again.

So, i take pictures. Yeah, thats what i do. I take pictures of everything. I take a lot of pictures. All the time. Well, at least i try to. And then i upload them to my super secret photo bucket account where they sit safe and sweet. I often look at old pictures and feel super nostalgic, and thats not a feeling i like to feel often. But its still worth it.Yeah well I told you, i’m just a little psycho about this.

I very often, just want to go back and re live moments. Very often. Aaah. I love memories. I can go on and on about memories now. But i don’t really feel like writing about it. Whatev.

I love and i miss ! And thats happy and sad too. Both. Its just pretty.

P.s. The title doesn’t really look appropriate up there but it does kinda go with what im trying to talk about here, right? Yeah.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I hate ufone ads. I hate them with a passion. I can’t tolerate them. They’re corny, and lame and weird. They piss me off. They cross the highest degrees of lameness and cheapness. They are a tragedy and they make me cringe.

I know people who like ufone ads. They ‘love’ ufone ads. I don’t get that. I really don’t. =[

My dad hates ufone ads too.

I hate ufone itself. I hate it so much that i didn’t even use a capital ‘U’ for ufone.

Here’s a sample for everyone to enjoy. Start watching at 0:25 ..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

51th post.


I have a headache. I feel impatient and hasty. Very. I also feel exhausted and feverish. Again. I even checked my temperature. But well ofcourse. It said 96.4. :) Yeah. Ninety six. I mean. Seriously?? Thats not even close to normal. Not 98, not 97, but 9-freakin-6. =)

Pff. Anyway,
I had a get together with friends today. Amazing fun. But can't write much about that here atm, cuz i am exhausted. Totally. Everything aches.socks
Oh, and i was looking nice today. Such happyness. ^.^
Im wearing teddy bear socks today that my friend brought from England (=p pff) . Ugly, but adorable. Here, ive attached a pic.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Some more pointless junk.

So there’s absolutely nothing for me to do right now except sit here and think about all kinds of random things to keep my brain busy. But my brains always busy. Whether i want it to be that way or not. It just is. Anyway. Thats not the point. The point is.. well, i don’t know what the point is. I guess thats the point then. That there is no point. Hmm. Anyway.

Im reading Emma nowadays. I like it. Emma, the main character, is weird. She’s totally spoiled Harriet, who i think is so dumb that i want to kill her. I like Mr.Knightly. He makes se – wth? there’s a teeny insect on my keyboard. SHOO! .. Anyway. Yeah so i was saying that he makes sense. Emma kinda annoys me. But lets see. Oh and did i mention Jane Austen spells the word ‘choose’ as ‘chuse’ ? Haha. I think its nice. We should be allowed to do that more often.

The neighbours are listening to pushto songs. Loud ones. Hmm. Chemistry practical tomorrow at college. Not looking forward to it. s2 ain’t replying to my text. She’s busy studying thats why. She has her physio proff tomorrow. Man. Im totally out of things to say, or write. Soon i’m going to cuddle up in that cozy brown quilt and just before dozing off, all kinds of random ideas would flood my brain. And thats pretty annoying cuz i can’t do anything abuot them at that time. Im hating what im writing atm. Its SO pointless. Why am i being pointless lately? As in, SO pointless? With no point, whatsoever. Maybe i should name my blog that. ‘pointless junk’. Yes.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pointless junk.

So i wrote in my super secret blog today after long. I was so cheap back then. in 2005. I was 13 wasn't it? Am i excused? Yes i am. I forgive myself for being that person. That stupid wannabee person who wanted to be cool. Funny almost.
Anyway, another blast today. Quite near. Infront of PC. Didn't hear it. Must not be that high power or whatever you'd call it. I was sleeping at that time anyway. And why was i sleeping? I was sleeping, cuz i wasn't in college. I was here, lying in this bed, all sick and sick. You know what i think? I think it was the yellow sauce. I shouldn't even call it sauce. Its only a sorry shitty excuse for real sauce. Its that thing the canteen people spill generously over the weird black fries. That i eat, everyday at college. Ah, so well yeah, maybe some of it is my fault. But it's also my friend Sd's fault. She just told me not to look at it too much, and just eat and enjoy. And that i did. Only to suffer the painful consequences later. I don't know whats up with my system. My neck and shoulders and head hurts! Stomachs better though. Whatev. Gotta call my mom to ask about what tablet to eat, but she wont reply to my text. Or call. Whatev. ARGH.
The net stopped working again. Its just crappy. Real crappy. I'll go to tuition today. After long. Ill go so that i can get myself out of this bed. Must.breathe.fresh.air.
Aaah, im excited for the new wintery clothes that Bhatti's gonna make for me. Bhatti being who? My Lahore waala darzi ofcourse. OmG my hands are freezing. My nose is pretty cold too. Lol.
I better go now. Ill write more later. Yes i will. Cuz theres nothing else i can think of doing. =]
Yep, thats my life. Nowadays.

Oh and im not gonna read what ive written, for the second time to check if ive made any mistakes of some sort. So.. bear with it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home alone and boredom.

Yes, please view the enlarged image. Thankyou.