Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snippets - 3

[next day]

Its 4 a.m. Haven't written anything all day. Last night and the
morning after, were super weird. Got over the temporary insanity by evening.
ThankGod. Came to the hostel. Caught up with the roomies. Talked about
all kinds of stuff. They assigned each of us duties while i was gone. I'm the
dish washer, apparently. Which is fine actually. Because room cleaning
is not my thing anyway. I finally did some studying today. Felt good.
Had two cups of coffee, and Hello headache. =] Have to wake r2 for Fajr
in a while. Better get my chapter done before that.
More later.


6:49 pm:

Lying in my bed. Just finished eating a not-so-yummy shawarma. Watched
Grey's with it. Me and the roomies went out to get food supplies.
Walked. Its weird how none of the stores had a k&n freezer. Not cool.
I'm wearing socks today. I shall sleep now.


9 pm.

So my roomates decided to not let me sleep. Sprayed water all over me.
Revenge. Is. Due.
So i got up and had coffee and did some Physio instead. About to go
out for a walk with r2. Gotta get naans for dinner.



Just came back from an hour long walk. Love my hostel for this. Love
being able to walk outside, anytime of the day, or night. But shit, I'm
tired now. Parhay ga kaun?


01: 38

I feel weird. I don't know what i feel right now. Doing nothing, makes
me think weird. But I'm so sleepy, i don't feel like studying. And i'm
afraid that if i sleep now, im going to wake up really late. But i
feel weird. And i don't know what one should do when one feels like
this. Im going to sleep. And that's what one should do. I plan on
waking up at Fajr.


[next day]


..yeaah. So one woke up at Fajr. Just had breakfast. Cheese sandwich +
tea. I'm so cold. A cat just tried to come inside the room. I shoo-ed
it away. Next time I'm spraying water on it. This morning, i feel



suzaaaanna, suzaaaanna, suzaaaanna, im crazy lovin youuuu.



Me: *shudders* eeee its so cold!
r2: *laughs*
me: what?
r2: you remind me of of that cartoon character.
me: which one?
r2: all cartoon characters.
Me: ....


[next day]

15: 39

Last night was fun. I went out for a walk. Everybody was asleep.
Came back and slept.
Talked to N on skype. Had barbican. Felt amazingly fresh. The roomates were
sleeping so it was a video call without the audio. Told her about a
stupid thing that happened earlier that day and laughed like an idiot
for the next ten minutes.
Slept at 5.



Hahah. A cat mutilated r2's shoe with its claws. Its ruined.



Been lazy all day. Finally got out of the blanket. Took a shower.
Had coffee. Then an ice cream. And roamed around the hostel with the
roomates. Refreshing. Studying, now.



YAY. R2 loved my watch. Finally. Someone other than me and N
appreciates it. R1 made a nice cheese-omelet-pita-bread thingy for
It was nice. I need. Coffee. Now. :)



I'm in love with my life right now. Doesn't mean that everything's
perfect. Doesn't mean that im super happy and doesnt mean that i dont
have issues. I love life because everythings not perfect, because I'm not always happy, and I do have issues. Life's twisted. And that
is why i like it. :]

Monday, October 24, 2011

Snippets- 2

So last night wasn't really productive. I slept a lot. And woke up
late feeling pathetic. Hide and Seek by Imogen heap is one of my all
time favorite songs. I'm sleepy. Maybe i should sleep for sometime
before i start studying. Hmm.


I'm up. Watching the last samurai all over again. Cruise looks good.
And the kids in the movie are way too cute. I want to borrow one. But
anyway, loving the movie. Been too long since i last saw it.


I have realized that i hate Wanted. The movie. Fraternity of
assassins. Pfft. Watching the Young Frankenstein on TV. I'm not
interested. Re-animation of dead tissue he calls it.


I'm hungry. Khala offered me Mcdonalds. But Im not s2, and i don't say
yes to mcdonalds everytime someone mentions it. So i refused. I want
to eat something else. I don't know what though. Bleh. I don't feel
too good right now. Sigh.


I like studying with just the lamp on. Helps me focus. I've lost all
my focus lately. I need it back. I wonder who stole it. Maybe you did.
Did you?


Lamp. The scarecrow. A.c. Texting with N and Coffee. I finally have
the perfect environment for studying. Notochord, here i come.
Rise to fame, time has come. Make your claim, time has come for the
crow to fly away!

Snippets - 1

I've started writing random nothings about my day on my cellphone lately. I'm going to start pasting it in parts now.

19th. Oct. 2011.
Going back to Lahore on Friday. One day to go.
Stupid, stuuupid day today. Bad BAD mood.
But i just had a laughing fit, while talking to N right now. Just got
off the phone.
Im desperately looking forward to meet her again. So that we can have
the Supersonic superfudge sundae again. And watch Family Guy and go
nuts. :]
Warid hates me. I hate him too. Yes, i just called Warid a him.
That is all for now.

[next day]

On my way to Lahore. Lazy lazy journey. The nice old lady sitting next
to me, insists on talking. She said 'beta, dar dar ke jaayain'. No
idea what that meant.


Wow, she just told me a story about her daughter in law's brother's
future wife. :) And now she won't stop talking. Halp meh! I'm going to
pretend to fall asleep.
Amazing. She changed her seat. And is now chatting away with the woman
in the front seat. Yay me.


Dear baby in the backseat. STOP crying, you! >.< Everybody knows
you're faking it. I don't see no tears.


Reached Lahore. About to fall asleep.


Woke up. No one's at home. Haven't eaten anything all day. Went to the
kitchen. Had a pear. It was small. I'm dreading studying Embryo. But i
should try and start. I want a chocolate. Which reminds me, i had two
chocolate muffins in my dream. And won a $71million lottery. Great.
Okay enough. I'm changing into my comfort clothes, and starting
studying. Wish me luck.


Nd gave me an overview of embryo. He had these awesome simulations
that were helpful. Now i have to study it on my own. But why is it
that every time he teaches me, i feel dumb? Too dumb. Way too dumb. It
sucks. Imma call N in some time. I'll make coffee too. I love the new
Cheetos. The ultra spicy ones. I played with Nd's new Galaxy s2
whatever. Used the Swype thingy. It was fun. Okaybye.


[Later that night]

Studied a leetal. Made coffee. Talked to N for two hours. Watched
masterchef and Castle during the phone call. Now my head hurts, and
the embryo book looks intimidating. Btw, Terranova is the suckiest
show ever. I haven't ever seen it. Not planning on watching it either.


More later.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

s2 is a spoilt brat.

s2: omG. I feel like having fish. I'm gonna ask dad to bring it for me.

me: We dined out just yesterday.

s2: so?

me: So..its not necessary to dine out everyday. We'll have fish some other time.

s2: Shush. Imma call dad.

me: -.-

*she calls dad. Dad agrees*

s2: See? He didn't have a problem, you did.

me: Whatever, you suck.

s2: Man, your kid's are gonna suffer so much. I feel sorry for them already.

me: ..And your husband will shoot himself.

No name face.

Today, was a goood day.

Woke up, got yelled at by mom for not studying at all. Studied half a page. Went to an Arts festival with s1. Which sucked. A couple of paintings were nice though. Met a friend. Went to have food. Because i was super hungry. Had fuuuun. Laughed. Randomly decided to accompany s1 to her Maternity ward duty. Got tired. Came back at night. Had some tea. Talked to some friends. And that is all.

Also, on a side note, if you're the kind of person, who says 'Ghajni!' everytime someone talks about memory loss or worse, short-term memory loss, i hate you. I also hate you if you say 'Dostana!' everytime someone talks about homosexuality. Okay? Okay.

Oh, and I suck at cheering people up.


[me to s1: Please koi title batao post ka.
s1: Shhh.
me: Please.
s1: Please na. Kuch bhi boldo. Just say something.
s1: No name face.
me: Thats a song.
s1: Its an album.
me: Okay.]

Saturday, October 15, 2011

P.s. I’m happy.

I found a new place to sit on my terrace. It’s a brick. And its very comfortable.

I made goood coffee today. Drank it while sitting on the brick.

Went out for lunch. With friends. Fun. As always. They make me happy. They hated my watch, but that’s okay. Going to meet them again on Monday.

Had 4 dreams last night. Same-ish theme, different stories.

I look nice today.

I read about Endorphins today. I always knew what they were, but what I didn’t know was that the word itself comes from ‘endogenous morphine’. Nice, no?

I found a new happy song for myself today.

Just now:

s1: Parhti kyun nai ho?

me: Pata nai.

s1: Batao! Parhna nahi hai?

me: Pata nai.

s1: Exams kab hain tumharay?

me: Pata nai.

s1: Abhi tak nai pata chala?

me: Pata nai.

s1: *stares at me*

me: *stares back* What?

s1: Batao!

me: Kia?

s1: Choti bachii! Parho tum.

me: ahan.

s1: UFFFF!

s1: Book laao apni tum. Kuch nai aata tumhe. Kyun nai samajhti ye baat tum?

me: pata nai.

Annoying s1 is fun.

I took two pictures, while studying. Have ay look.


Please don’t kill me if I have uploaded this picture before, because I'm getting the feeling that I might have.


Oh and you know what will make me happy? If Noah Wyle plays Steve Jobs in the new Steve Jobs movie. Which reminds me, I need to watch Pirates of the Silicon Valley again. Yessir, I do.

Okay byebye.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I had another series of weird dreams last night.
So here's what i remember.
Im sitting in my hostel room with my roommates when these men come, who're supposed to teach us some experiment about how animals respond to pain. A guy brings up a cute little kitten and starts torturing it. The kitten starts to cry, and the guy keeps showing us its tears. 'See? See? It responded to pain', the guy says. Then he brings this bigger animal, which kinda looks like a cat but isn't really one. He makes a vertical cut in its head, about 2 inches. Blood oozes out. But the animal feels nothing. And then i go 'Hmm..Whattay cute creature'. The guy's like 'You think so?' , and then makes the animal open its mouth. Its mouth, apparently is huge, and has a built-in..wait for it... purple octopus. Weird octopussy arms keep coming out of its mouth, which is when the guy warns us to not let it sting us, because then we'd get 'Opsis Heamosis'. No idea what that is.
That was pretty much it. Except there were other random scenes.
One was where im stuck in traffic. Traffic consists of a large number of carraiges. Driven, not by horses, but camels. They're supposed to take everybody to the examination hall.

Then there was one, with my cousins dancing on a new bollywood song. And one where my new watch stopped working.

And then one, where my friend N calls me up to tell me that i forgot Malone at her palace. And Malone, apparently, was my air-conditioner.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I want a moon.

Sat for an hour on the terrace. Watched the moon play hide and seek with the evil black clouds. Wanted to steal that glowy white ball of perfection and keep it in my pocket. Got bit by a dozen mosquitoes.
..Totally worth it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long post iz happin.

Too much lazyness. Too many donuts. And popcorns and movies. And sleeping even when I'm not sleepy. Tomorrow's the 13th. I need to start studying again. That's the problem with being at home though. I get so relaxed, i get so caught up in being at home, that studies don't really feel like a priority. It's one of the reasons I keep insisting my parents to let me go back to the hostel soon and get my studies done. Properly. But i'm here for at least a week more. So I'll have to make a routine for myself. A schedule, or whatever. Schedules suck, btw. Because I hardly ever follow them. But they're important, in a way, cuz they give me perspective. So yeah, I'll make one.

My mind actually, is pretty...preoccupied. There's no place for Biochem tonight. At all. Which is why, i thought watching movies one after another would be a good idea. I also got some reading done. And some sleeping. And I spent time with Mother. I had time to read blogs too. But then halfway through the movie, I thought I'd go get fresh. Take a shower. And I did. And I've decided that I need to take a walk. On the terrace. With coffee. Suprisingly, I feel like having Juice instead. Cold juice. Pineapple or Orange. Nestle's bitter orange. Not the normal orange. I feel like having that. But we're out of juice, so I'll have coffee instead. On the terrace. With songs. Happy songs. I need endorphins. And after that, I'll give Biochem a shot. The purpose of which, will be just to get me in the mood for studying. Because its okay if i don't get any studying done tonight, but I definitely have to start tomorrow. And if im not in the mood by tonight, I'm going to end up wasting the entire day tomorrow too. Which can't happen. So yeah. Biochem. Tonight. Hopefully.

I had a realy weird dream last night. Well. One of many. I was sitting in my my Biochem Lab. No actually, it was my Physio Lab, and I was having my Final Biochem Practical. And there were two questions on it. I forgot one. But the other was about How to Ceramicize [cover in ceramic, apparently :s ] an Alligator. And I just stared at the sheet, and was like. Shit, I've studied this. Why can't I remember it. And then, all i wrote my answer sheet was this:
"Apparatus: Syringe, NaCO3, Distilled water.."
Thats it. And I was freaking out.
And then there was this other dream, where we're having a wedding of sorts, at our house. And my mom comes and tells me how everybody kept saying good things about me to her, and how they loved what i was wearing that day. And i asked her 'Oh they were? Like who?'. And mom says. "Lady Gaga".
Yeah. Ahan.

Okay awesome. Xmen-First Class just finished downloading.

I think Tim Burton ruined Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and Alice in Wonderland too. Why couldn't he just stick to the books? But No, that way, he couldn't show off his imagination could he? Has anyone seen the Oompas Loompas? I mean. They're frikkin UGLY. >.< And they dance weird. Urgh. Okay. Deep breath. Whatever. Isn't it weird that everytime i sit to write a blogpost, my dad calls me and asks for coffee? So i do need to go and make him coffee. And make some for me too. And then go walk on the terrace. And clear my head hopefully.
I did not want this post to end so soon. But. Oh well.
Im glad I wrote something at least. I've been writing shit and doing the whole [Ctrl+A + Backspace] thing a lot lately. So. Yeah. Achievement.
Im hoping to write more and more and more in this place in the upcoming days. I need to.
Yeah. Okay. Bye.

The north is to south what the clock is to time.
There's east and there's west and there everywhere lying.
I know I was born and I know that I'll die.
The in between is mine.
I. am. mine.

Isn't Pearl Jam awesome?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carpal Tunnel Slug

I got home a few hours ago. It was a long journey. It was a little tiring, considering the fact that I was sitting on the aisle seat once again. Even though i originally had the window seat. Which the hostess made me give up, because she had to keep her luggage there. =\ [How rude of her]. What was nice though, was that the woman i sat next too was also reading Atlas Shrugged. That was interesting.
Anyway. Its colder than Lahore here. Which makes me SO excited and happy! Winters, are just round the corner. *jumps with excitement*
I spend two days at N's before coming here. I had SO much fun. We always have fun together, which has made us realize that we should hang out more often. And we will. InshAllah. Yay. I went shopping with her too. And got lots of stuff for myself. Including a watch. I call it my Retarded Cartoon watch. But its so awesome, it makes me happy every time i check the time. =] Here's a picture.


So yeah. Its so Me.

s1 just came back from her Maternity Ward duty. She has gross stories to tell =] .
I bought huge bags of Top Pops. And I'm addicted to them. Because they're the love of my life.
Also, I got a haircut. Yay.
And. I sort of have zero tolerance for lameness right now. I am in no mood of putting up with people being lame, and useless with me. Ew.

Okay, I'll write more later. I do have lots to write. I haven’t been writing much lately. For now, here's a painting N's little sister made for me while i was there. <3


p.s. The title. Is a track by Buckethead. Whose music im totally blown away by these days. *.* This one, I don’t like that much. But the name’s funny. So. Yeah.