Monday, January 31, 2011

Damn shit choice.

A new post was so badly needed. I needed it.
Okay first, Im in my hostel's netcafe, and youtube ain't working, and the only English songs i got here are from Backstreet boys and Ricky Martin. Thankyouverymuch. Oh, and I am listening to them. Sad much? =)

That's the folder with the english songs. =]

Anyway. I'm free today. Had my stupid sub-stage today. Bluekh, lets not talk about that. I panicked last night, and then I realized how badly I need to get rid of this icky newly developed habit of going crazy before I have a big exam or a test. So yes, I'm working on it.
Life's crazy these days. College, and hostel, and then my cousin Nd's wedding. The pre-wedding partayness is so awesome, and I hate it when I have to miss out on stuff because of my stupid college. =[ . Sigh. But still. I do get to partayy. <:o]
You know what made me realize how crazy my life is atm? The fact that I didn't notice how near February was. I mean. February starts tomorrow. [LOL, BARBIE GIRL JUST PLAYED ON THE MEDIA PLAYER PLAYLIST. Come one barbiee, lets go partayyy]. And February is THE month. My birth month. With my Birthday in it. And I've been ignoring it. =\ . Imma turn 19 soon. I like 18 though. Its so neutral-ish. 19 seems old. I don't feel old or anything. I feel very very leetal. Weetle weetle girly. :>
Okay whatev.
I'm on a Do-good streak. I feel like helping out everyone and be nice to them. For no big reason. Just like that. Nice? I think yes.
I sat and ate a sandwich on the stairs outside. In the cold. With songs. A cat sat in front of me and made a stupid cute face, just so I'd give my sandwich to her. Pff. I ignored her. Gobbled up the sandwich, and then came here.
I don't think about my home at all. Or I'd die. =] And I can't allow that to happen can I?
I really really miss my blog. I don't get the time or the place for it. Grr. But I do try to update. And I've started a journal on my pc, that's in my room. I write in it daily. But its all in Notepad files, cuz I don't have internet there yet. Once I shift to my final room, I'll get a net connection and life will be better.
I Love this song called 'The End' by Kings of Leon. I really like it.
I feel like going on and on right now. But I gotta go to my room, and do some stuff. I'll sleep early today.

P.s. A THANKYOU from my side goes out to all the awesome people who didn't forget my blog just because I was a wittle busy. *hands out free lollypops*
My blog is so comfortable. <3

Monday, January 17, 2011

200th post. Belated.

I feel dreadful dear bloggieepoo. For neglecting you like this. I promised myself that I'd never turn into one of those people who ignore their blogs once their life gets busy. But I diiiiiiiiiiid. Sob.
Okay whatev. I'm here now. And i just realized that my last post was my 200th post! =| Can you believe thaaat? And there were no celebrations and no pats on my back. -.- Sad. So I shall celebrate now. How shall I celebrate?
In my 100th post, i wrote stuff about myself. Random tids and bits. I shall do it again. Feel honored, You!


* I can't ever keep my nails long. I'm not totally opposed to the idea of decently long nails. So I've tried growing them at times. But I always chip em off somehow. iFail. Everytime. So my nails are ALWAYS short.

* I like lollypops. They're Fun. Raspberry and apple flavors are my favorite.

* I have trouble believing things people have to say about things. Cuz people lie so often. Funny little people.

* David Guetta reminds me of Ryan Gosling. Can't help it.

* I keep my money in a yellow and black wittle thing these days. It's a ladybird. But it ain't red and black. So I don't know. But its cute.

* I Google everything. Words, phrases, sentences, entire paragraphs. Everything.

* I don't like sadness. And depression. I'm NOT going to be one of those people who get cozy in their black sadness and don't come out of it. I'm determined.

* I hate self pity. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

* I have a thing for buying toothbrushes. I like new toothbrushes. :D

* I'm almost certain that everybody, EVERYBODY i know has called me 'crazy', or 'pagal' once.

* I'm shy. Haha. Yes I am =p .

* Comments on my blog ACTUALLY make my day.

* Nostalgia scares me.

* I really really like James Blunt these days. He sounds so genuine. All I need now is rain.

* I ALWAYS have to eat something sweet after I eat something spicy. Always.

* I prefer water over cold drinks with food. Water trumps everything.


* I cry at the end of movies. I like movies that not many people like. Pff. Whatev. They're not boring.

* I'm a Piscean. And a true one i think. Really. I don't believe in Horoscopes though. But these Zodiac traits do make a lot of sense at times.

Is that enough for today? I think it is.
*Sigh*. I need to read sooo many blogs and comment on them. I don't have time. Grr.
Today I wrote in my blog. Maybe tomorrow, I'll do the reading and commenting part. Yeah I will.

P.s. THANKYOU Maryam for the blog award. I be do the award thing properly in the next post. :D <3

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hostel. Day 1.

Today is my first day in this hostel. I like my room. But my room's nice. And I have a single room even though i'm in First Year. So i think the ladies on my floor hate me. But i don't know. Im trying to be sweet to everyone. People should like me. Thankyou.
Lol. Im online from my hostel's 'Cyber Cafe'. Haha. Funny. But its nice. I mean. Whatev.Lol.
I don't know many girls here. I have some friends, who're boring. I hope i meet new people. Please. Okay? Yes.
I have a major test coming up. So soon. I know.
I'll start studying tonight.
Oooh. Okay. A girl is trying to sit on the chair next to me. So ima go now.

Oh and its so cold here. My hands are always numb. And there's plenty of space for walking. I just need new earphones now. Quick.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

moving away.

Ive been busy. My life's changing. Ive moved to lahore. Soon ill move to my hostel. My college aint bad. I think i'll adjust in due time. Its very pro-studies. Intense study. Things are crazy these days. Im busy. And im trying to mange everything at the same time. But its hard. The thought of being away from my family and my cute little home is killing. It makes me cry and i HATE it. I don't know how to handle that. I hate feeling this emotional.
Ill update more later. Ima sleep now. College tomorrow.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 etc.

Hello peepils.

I don’t really like writing in paragraphs, cuz I get carried away and then nothing makes sense. So even when i write in paragraphs, I’m actually kinda writing in points. Have you noticed?

Ahan. So. 2011 is here! *does a happy little yay dance*

I didn’t make any resolutions, because i mean, I don’t follow them anyway. Sooo. Okay. I hope this next year is great. There are going to be alot of changes, and alot of newness. I hope they’re for the better. I really do. I hope my life’s awesome this year. =D

Ooo. And last night, after midnight, I had this joint phone convo with S2 and her friend M, and her friend M, and s2’s other friend N. =o Hahha. It was fuuuun. And then M and M went. So me and s2 and N talked. Then N went too. So it was just me and s2. And s2 ditched me at 5 am. So. That was that. Hahah. But it was fun.

Eeeeeeee. s1 just asked me to make coffee again. My right hand will fall off from all the coffee beating. And no, I won’t make coffee in the coffee maker. I don’t like it. Not yet.

Now, for the AWARD! *does another yay dance*


YAYYYY. Maryam from Here I Am passed this one to me cuz she be think my blog be FUN :D . Thankyou you!

Soo. You’re supposed to write 7 random facts about yourself under this. BUUUT. I think the post will stretch more than i want to, if i do that. SO, instead, ima write those facts later. In my 200th post. Okay? For now. Ima pass this to 7 more bloggers.

Ally- Because i love her blog, i do!

Roshni – Because I find something interesting to read everytime i visist her blog. And because she leaves me nice comments :D

Battery Acid – Because I love the music she has on her blog, and because she’s IMAGINATIVE :D .

Quill Emissions – Because I love reading all its posts. Because they’re SO well written!

A myth in creation- Because it makes me think.

uzme – Because the blog’s fuuuuuuny.

Sidrah Moiz Khan – Because she thinks I'm awesome.

*Phew*. Ima eat some noodles now.