Saturday, May 30, 2015

Books, basically.

I went to the old part of the city today with V to buy some course books and discovered a world of other things. Books basically. All kinds. History, literature, medicine, politics, fiction, you name it. There were all these tiny shops with creaky shaky shelves packed to the brim with books that I don't think have been opened or even touched in years. I couldn't get enough of it and I blamed V for not taking me there earlier. I bought a couple of books and will definitely buy more. I feel that all those dusty old books deserve to be read. I think there's a world out there that I need to absorb and there isn't enough time. But maybe one step at a time. One book at a time.
Im glad that that place exists. That world of books. And old uncles who manage those shops. They seemed nice. I bought a nice pen from one of them. Its a strange colour. V called it the Falsa coloured pen. I liked that.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Veins of my thoughts.

Today has been quite shitty. Had an assessment in the morning, which i hadn't prepared well enough for. Managed to pass anyway, which made me happy. I had plans for today but then some shit happened, which put me in the worst mood and i ended up spending the entire day in my hot hostel room.
Even so, there were little things that made me feel good in one way or the other, so instead of whining about what made me feel shitty, I shall write about the good things.

* While waiting for the test to start, I was terribly sleepy and r1 let me put my head in her lap so i could nap for a bit.

* After the test, we were really hungry. Had some food at the cafe. Was surprisingly yummy.

* Found a pair of old shorts and my transformers t shirt. Wore them. Feelin' good.

* I have kept my fridge in the balcony and even though its so hot, it keeps my water at the perfect temperature. Love that.

* Drank a chilled can of Milo. Took a huge sip towards the end, and realised that the consistency was weird as hell. Thick, coagulated weirdness. Felt disgusted, spat it out without thinking. Had a bedsheet covered with a huge chocolate coloured stain. Wiped it. Threw the bedsheet in the laundry basket. Took some soap, water and brush and scrubbed the matress clean. Put a new bedsheet. Felt good.

* Ate the cafe's vegetable loaded version of Maggie and watched House of Cards.

* Roomies are out shopping and r1 asked me if i wanted anything to eat. Nice of her.

Well that is all for now.
On another note, I have discovered that if i use conditioner on my hair, and let them air dry, they look at straight as if they were ironed.
Also, May is going to be the busiest so far. I get off ward duty at 8 and then i have to do Nd's boring research work. I would've done it today, but don't have the files. So, must do it tomorrow. Antacids + coffee and I'll be good to go.