Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Slowmedown summer.

It's that time of the year again. End of term tests, the heat, mosquitoes and home sickness.  I miss the comforts of home, I really do. The thing I miss the most right now is ghar ki roti. Ah. would do anything for that right now. Instead, I'll go drink some Gatorade, the only bottle I have. It's the end of the month and I'm broke. So there's that too.


I have a couple of issues on my mind, none of them really mine. People need to get better at solving their problems so I can have some peace and rest.

I watched the new Xmen recently. Was a fun day. Laughed a lot. The days where I talk and laugh the most are often my happiest days. Good company can make quite a difference. And good weather too of course. And good food? Yep. Throw that in as well.

I need to go get water. I'm out of water. After that I will try and start studying. Which reminds me, I still haven't watched Her and Dallas Buyer's Club. Must do it soon.

I want to sleep all day. Or go out and be crazy. Since I can't do the latter, I must try and do the former. Okay that sounds depressing.

Alright that's it for now.
W was like why haven't you blogged for a while now? And I couldn't think of a reason why. So here I am. Writing something down.
Till next time!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hard and soft

**S1: I've noticed you've become quite cynical..and stubborn. You seem to have lost all your patience for things.
Me: lost my patience?  I've had it with patience man. I'm sick of being patient and letting people do whatever they want. I've been patient for too long and I don't know about cynical but yeah..I'm a little angry. I'm just tired of people being bullshits.
S1: bullshits?
Me: yes. Bullshits.

**May is here. So is unbearable dhoop. And homesickness.

**S2: I'm Hungry. I want to eat a house.
Me: a house? Which house? White House?
S2: ....

**S2 is leaving and that is going to change things.

*Me: Hahah. Man you're evil. You make everyone cry. Well. Except me. Wait. Have you made me cry yet?
R2: I would never make you cry.

** Me: I'm in this 'whatever' phase. You know I realised a while ago that i base all my relationships on fear. Fear of confrontations and irreversible changes and awkwardness and things never being the same again. But all of a sudden, i'm over it. Just like that. I don't care. I'm letting things happen. Hence, the 'whatever' phase.
W: But don't you think it is kind of dangerous?
Me: Well yeah, it is. But i can't help it. It's just a phase. I mean i hope it is.

** I love spending time in my room. It's hotter here, but the joy of having a space of my own. I wouldn't change that for nothing.

**Me: When I was a kid. I watched this movie called Harriet the spy. And then I wanted to be a spy. And I had a little notebook and my dad's precious Russian binoculars and I would pretend to spy on my neighbours.I would imagine myself sneaking into their house.
SS: LOL. Did you ever actually sneak in anywhere?
Me: No ofcourse not. I would just roam around with my equipment and act all sneaky and make useless notes about nothing.

** "Aba had always said tat it was so easy to condemn people; condemnation was an act of smugness, wasn’t it? Didn’t it arise form the certainty that you would never do what you were condemning someone else for? But how could you say that unless you could slip into their soul, peer around and see what serpents fed there, what abysses gaped? How could you say anything unless you knew how the serpents and abysses came to be, and what it meant to live with them every single day? Shouldn’t we simply be grateful that our lives allow us to live with grace every single day?" - Kartography

** Nd: (on what he liked best about me) She's the most full of life person i know. You just can't bring her energy down.

**s2: Let's get a Mighty zinger on our way back. And then we'll talk about my Future.
Me: Haha..okay.

** Are you seriously this out of touch?