Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Coffee, elevates my mood. Always.
I'd have it three times a day if i could. But i'm sticking to 1-2 for now. Anyway.

I like this morning. Its ten a.m. I woke up an hour ago, had maceroni, watched tv. And made myself some mild coffee. I slept in my drawing room last night. S2 tipped me off. She told me that day that if i wanted to sleep really really well, i should sleep on the drawing room sofa. And so, last night i did. And omG. It was.. Heavenly. Im in love with that sofa now. Its dreamy.
I need to re-heat my coffee. Okay done.
So yeah. I feel fresh.
I just have the fan on. Its not hot at all.
I ran on the treadmill yesterday, for fifteen minutes. Just to feel fresh. It was fun. I must do it again today. Feeling fresh, is important.

Oh God, i love this morning.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


There's something so amazing about having a jampacked schedule ahead of you. One with no studying involved either. I have one. These days. There's so much going on right now. I think i should write stuff down in points. So, yeah. Here I go:

* I got done with my Sendups, yesterday. Woah. Can't believe it was yesterday. Anyway. Yeah. Yesterday. And i came home on the 6pm Daewoo. Slept in my own bed at night. Woke up all fresh. Woke up early, 8-ish. And had a nice little breakfast. 

*Met my friends again. My awesome home-friends. They're stupid. And nuts. And we all have issues. But I love being with them. And i love meeting them everytime i come home.

*Got to go to the dentist tomorrow. Got to buy new shirts tomorrow. Got to get weird Thyroid test done tomorrow. And a few other things. Tiring.

*Going to spend Saturday at my friend's. Going to spend the night there. Really looking forward to it.

*Have to head back to the hostel soon. Got to start studying. Got to plan out everything.

*I feel lucky. Right now. For a number of reasons:
- Im free.
- Im home.
- My family's going nuts trying to convince me to stay home. Which makes me feel ultra-important.
- s1's baking cookies in the kitchen. Always wanted to have a sister who baked\cooked. Finally got my wish.
- Im doing so many things right now. That makes me happpy. Being busy, makes me happy.
- I looked nice today.
And then there are other things, that i don't mention here. So count those too.

*Im super sleepy. But I have to watch Harry Potter 7 with s1. She asked me to have coffee, stay up, and watch the movie with her. But Im trying to avoid caffeine these days. Overloaded on it during the exams. So i don't know. Movieee!

*Audioslave. I am the highway. WHAT AY SONG!

*I feel like a gypsy. Hostel, Khala's house, home. Going back and forth. I sort of hate it. And love it.

* I told s2 today that I was 'falling in hate with' her. Then we laughed.

Yeaaah, I guess thats it for now.
Whattay weird haphazard post btw. Bleh.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rain more.

OmG, the weather these past two days? Amazing.
Its almost cold. O.o
It rained all morning today, which made me cheerful even while i waited two hours for my turn in my Physio viva. Lost my umbrella. And walked from the hostel gate upto my block, in the rain. Again, amazing.
Came to my room and slept. Havent been able to sleep in the afternoons these days even after staying up all night. Weird. Anyway. Got up. Went out with r1 to the hostel cafe. Had hot noodles+vegetables. Yum. Its so pretty outside. I can't get over it.
Amazing, amazing, amazing.

..And now, anatomy calls. -.-

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here's a list of 10 random things that i love or hate.

1. I fall in love with my hands (Forearm included), everytime i complete a task, a tiring one, like writing a long exam or lifting something heavy. I love the idea of being able to do stuff with them. My hands, i.e. Yeah.

2. I hate uncertainty. In my plans, i.e. It annoys me. But yeah, the general uncertainty and vagueness in life, i appreciate. Adds salt to things.

3. I love jeans. I'd wear them all the time if i could. (not really, but just saying yknow).

4. I hate hi-necks. Theyre uncomfortable and weird.

5. I love falling asleep in places other than the bed. Those make the best naps.

6. I hate it when people ask for favors in their weird pleasing manipulative self pitying ways.

7. I love people who appreciate craziness. There's no fun if you're not even a little crazy. Crazy, is important.

8. I hate it when cakes have pineapple slices in them.

9. I love the smell of old stationery.

10. I hate not having anything to watch on tv, while im eating.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weird morning update.

This shall be a random update. Well, not that random. Just an update about whats on my mind right now. Whatever.

Just woke up. S2 called and woke me up. I sent her a voice clip saying 'Hi im Forrest, Forrest Gu-ump'. Haha. Okay. Not in a good mood. I slept for only about 2 hours. Was in a weird subconscious state even then. Woke up with a stupid irritated feeling in my stomach, i blame the coffee i had last night. Haven't had anything since. And my mouth feels all sore. S2 says its the stress ulcers. :/ i'm also annoyed because tomorrow, i have my physio exam. Fun.

I've been watching all these random movies on tv lately, and what is uup with the brides in the movies? Why do they wait to get to the altar before they make all kinds of sudden decisions about their life? Acha, fine, bhaagna hi hai, to there must be a side door or a side entrance/exit from where she could prolly make a quiet exit, but no. She HAS to run the entire length of the aisle, burst open the doors and make her grand exit. Bleh. Drama queens, sub.

And then, there's another thing. Yknow how, the guy/girl in the movie always starts telling the guy/girl they're into, this wannabe cute story about a 'special' place of theirs, could be anything, a park, museum, beach, anything, that their 'dad/mom/grandpa always used to bring them to', and how they told them some shit story about how safe and awesome it was, and how they always ended up there to feel 'safe' there again? I hate that. It's lame.

I feel cranky.

The point is, exams are not a good time for me. That is, the day before the exam. I'm fine generally. Exams have a way of bringing out my worst moods.

I need to get busy. Do something else, except studying. And stressing. OmG. A mosquito bit me. Dengue's in the air these days. Stay away from me. :/ Anyway. I need to be so busy. To not have time for anything. To physically wear myself out. Aaah. But that can't happen till after my proffs. I'm just going to be annoying-busy till then. Need the fun-busy.

I feel like i need to whine. But i don't want to. But that's what I have been doing. But whatever. But okay. But its 8 20 a.m. But i had to be up and studying by 8. But what about breakfast. But okay. Lets stop with the buts.

Long day ahead.
But Bye.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy 20th, N!

Its my friend N's birthday today.
I called her at 23:55.

*bell rings*

N: A, abhi paanch min rehtay hain!

Me: tsk! Badtameezi nai karo ub. Nai rehtay. .. Balkeh rehtay hain, i know. But phir twelve bajay log call karainge aur drama karainge to main to abhi hi karoongi.

N: haha, haan drama karainge.


N: thankyou.

me: ye kia hota hai. Thankyou. Excitement show karo.

N: mujhay nai samajh aata aur kia boloon.

Me: Say 'yayiieeeee, thaaankkyouuuuuuu'.

N: acha.

Me: So. Okay. OMG N, you're not a teenager anymoreee! Tumhari teenage khatam ho gyii!

N: haaaan, ho gyee.

Me: Tum phir se mujh se bari ho gyi. You're 20, im still 19. Meri to teenage rehti hai. Muahahahahaha.

N: hahah, kitni meannn ho aap.

me: hahah. Yes. :) so. Cake etc ka kia scene hai?

*we start talking about cakes and all when suddenly*

N: acha mujhay aur log phone kar re hain bye.


.. Yeah. Happy Birthday to my only Best Friend. :D

p.s. I think i did enough to pass my exam. The one i was fretting about, in the previous post. Heh.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pre exam weirdness.

I have my first paper in a couple of hours.
I think i have about 25-30% of it prepared.
This, freaks me out.
But i'm tired of freaking out. And i'm tired of finding it funny. Its not funny anymore.
I can't stop imagining myself in that stupid exam hall, sitting there, all cluless and lost, watching others frantically fill page after page. Yeah, not a good image.
Just about two more hours to go.
I just don't like to fail. I don't. -.-