Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mad 6 a.m conversations.

At 6 30 a.m, s2's tired of studying surgery and i'm not liking physio very much either. When suddenly:

S2: A, would you like to do a submandibular excision?

me: No i don't.

s2: You don't?

me: well, on you maybe.

s2: but i don't have a tumor.

me: then i'll do it anyway.

S2: i'll do the Tracheostomy on you.

me: no. I will do the tracheostomy on you.

s2: no. You can do it on someone else. If you're going somewhere and somebody can't breathe, you'll be like hey! Letme through. Imma do the tracheostomy, because best sister ever has taught me how to!

me: yes! I will do that.

s2: yes. So you'll take your scalpel and...

me: but i don't have a scalpel. Im in a park and a girl's dying. I dont carry my scalpel around with me!

s2: okay then take a knife and..

Me: but i dont carry a knife with me either! Do you think im ay gangster man?

s2: no but there a people around. They'll have knives?

me: all they all gangsters man?

s2: okay but you need a knife.

me: can i do it with a kitchen knife? Can i do it with my nail?

S2: okay A, you can do it with your nail.

Me: but i dont have ay nail. :(

s2: Do it with a rock.

me: can i do it with a muddy rock?

s2: you'll have to do the aseptic technique on it, then you can do it with the rock. :)

Me: can i just lick the rock?

s2: okay you can just lick the rock. And do it with the rock.

Me: okay khewllxx. I will do the trach- .. Trache- .. Tracho-

s2: learn the name first, you bimbo.

me: what bimbo? I know the name!

s2: don't act like a bimbo. Learn the name. Its Tracheostomy.

me: im not a bimbo. I'm a Tracheostomer! :D

.. The end.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I am so angry. I feel like The Hulk. Except that i don't. But it expresses how angry i feel atm. But I'm not that angry really. More like annoyed, and frustrated. And angry. Annoyed, actually. Oh well.
*deep breath*
Biochem awaits.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hate. This. Sinking. Feeling.
And this caffeine induced stress.
And the heart's anatomy.
And panic attacks.
And this sinking feeling. Hate.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best sister ever. -.-

*Me listening to songs on my handsfree*

s2: Isko koi iPod le ke de.
Me: Nai. Kyun?
s2: Phone pe gaanay sunti hai. Ipod lo.
Me: To normal baat hai, phone pe sunna. Sab suntay hain. Jab phone hai to kyun loon ipod?
s2: Normal nai hai. I have one, s1 has one. Tum bhi lo.
Me: Nahi chahiye mujhay iPod kia hai!!

s2: Main to le ke doongi.


While posting this on the blog.

Me: Title kia likhoon?
s2: ...Best sister ever!
me: o.O

After 5 minutes of thinking:

Me: Kia rakhooon yaaar title?
s1: A, get over it yaaar.
Me: Imma write this too.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I like chewy candies.

I've realised that when i drink too much of water that is neither lukewarm nor cold, but somewhere in between, it only makes me thirstier. :/

I'm doing Anatomy these days. Hated it during college. But now that i've tried covering biochem and physio, anatomy looks pretty cute in comparison. Not because its easier, its harder actually, but biochem and physio are just dull. And they go on and on about stuff that i don't care about. Anatomy is very clear cut and nice.
Thats my opinion nowadays, i don't know how long its going to last.

s2 is coming in a week or so. She told me she was going to make me study a lot once she's here..which is a good thing, cuz God knows i reeeeally need to study more. Haha. She kept sending me the craziest voiceclips on Whatsapp today and i sat there alone in my room laughing like an idiot.

Then it started to rain. And i went up to the terrace as usual. Just sat there, had coffee and took in the prettyness of it all. Im going to miss it. Once i go back. Lets not talk about going back now shall we?

Had a really yummy Sehri. Cheese omellete without the veggies, 2 nuggets and a kabab. Yumm. So full. :/

S1 has started baking. Made a red velvet cake that i ate the last piece of, yesterday. Now i want something new.

The gel pen i was using since the past few days, is almost out of ink. I need a new one. And i also need a haircut. And a new bottle of coffee.

Okay bye.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

One of those moments.

You know how Sometimes things get so pretty, that you don't know what to do about it. You wish you could just sing at the top of your voice out in the garden where its raining like it hasn't in a long time. But you don't cuz your neighbours will think you're nuts? When you think that if you were a Sim, the diamond floating above your head would be bright bright green? And when you wish that you could save the moment with the click of your camera? When its one of those moments when its Good to be alive?

Its one of those moments.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My parents are awesome.

I know i know. Ive already said this a thousand times, but omG, mom dad are actually pretty awesome. But what brought this sudden surge of love on, you ask? Ill tell you.

Since i'd already finished every last one for s1's brownies, i was dying to eat something sweet today. Mom brought fruit, but i needed brownies, or cookies, or donuts, or cake. Well, you get the idea. So i said to mom, we'll go out tonight and imma buy me some donuts. Mom said sure. Dad came home. Had food. Went for taravee. Then came back, And sat down to relax. I went upto him and was like 'lez goooo :D' . He was like where? I said, donuts pliss? :( and he's like, right now? Its almost eleven. Im like. Pliss? :< . Dad said no. Then mom went all cute, and started telling him how i'm so awesome and i should get donuts if i wanted them even if it was late. Dad was like, im tireeeed. So i said oh well, alright. We'll go tomorrow. Its okay.
I said this and came upto my room. And in about ten minutes, mom called, and was like. Get ready, we're going.
And so we went :D and i got donuts, and junk food, and ABC waali jelly, and credit too.

My parents spoil me. <3

So they're awesome.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tiny bloodsucker.

There's this insect in the room. Its minute. About an ant's size maybe. You can hardly see its wings.. YET. IT HAS BITTEN ME IN 5 DIFFERENT PLACES ALREADY. I can't even see the damned thing. =[ Invisible sneaky MACHAR type.

Anyway. Im hungry. Im craving Chocolate ice cream. I very rarely crave for it. But I do. Right now. Im going to eat soon. Before Sehri. Mom brought Cream rolls for me. Yuuurmm.

I have btw, realized that I am a lot like my dad. Personality wise. Seriously.

The tiny shit just bit me 3 more times. :S Its out to get me. Little devil. >.<

Going to meet friends tomorrow. Aftari.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Like a stone.

So I am not in a good mood. What are you going to do about that?

What is up with this shortage of time? The whole exam thing. This does not make me happy. And I can NOT study in the afternoon when I haven’t eaten anything, or had my coffee either. =[ Whattay.

Mom made really yummy chaat today. And pakoray. I ate too much. Then slept too much. Then had coffee. Which was way too watery. Looked like I’d added the milk just for the color. Then started studying, but panicked too much. Thought too much. Too much happened. But no studying was done.

Planet of the Apes. I mean. Seriously? What kind of people make movies like that? I’d like to know what exactly was going through their minds when they decided that making a movie about human like apes taking over the world would be just what the movie watching population needed? And what I’d like to know more than that, is what was going on in their ape obsessed heads when they decided that they needed to make a SEQUEL to that? I mean. SERIOUSLY? PLANET OF THE APES? AGAIN? Pagal hain?

Oh well. =[


My phone has cancer btw. Check this out.


It can’t be cured, and it spreads.

Its almost 1 am. And I'm slowly turning into a robot.

That’s all.