Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pen and paper.


And then i made an attempt at studying.


Friday, January 29, 2010


It finally rained today. Pretty blackness everywhere. I just came back inside after walking for i don’t know how long outside in the freezing rain. With s2 that is. We talked and talked. I took pics. Here.


Pic*. =p

Pretty. Very. This picture took up alot of un necessary space up there don’t you think?  =S But okay. Anyway. I love days, and nights like these when it keeps raining. And the lights go out and its cold and black everywhere. It smells good and looks good and feels even better. ^/^

We went out for a drive with mom and dad and had yummy cheese fries while it rained outside. My English paper went good too today, while it rained outside. My dad came to pick me up from college. It was fun on the way back home. The rain was amazing. I love rain. Thankyou very much. S1 said i should live in Siberia. I love cold. And rain. Okay. I hope it keeps raining for a week. (Or more please? =D).

I have another exam the day after tomorrow. Its after 1 am, so i actually have my exam tomorrow. =\ . Don’t wanna. =[

Anyway. While mom and s1 were sitting and talking, i sat and made this on Paint. Pff.


This is me with my new cellphone. Its raining but i don’t know why it ain’t raining where i’m standing. =\ Blah. Its okay. Whatever. Cute? Yes. Lol. ^.^


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This and that.

Yeah so physicks paper happened today. Yeah whatever. I don’t want to talk about it. Crappy physics with its weird crappyness. I woke up at 6:30 am and i have a headache since then. =S . Go AWAY, you! Stupidness.

I had to get my picture taken for an admission form. It came out hideous. Mom and s1 could have said something comforting. .__. . They didn’t. But OH! Highlight of the day! s2’s coming!

Lalalaa. <:o) Fun. Oreoshakes and etc. So. Im about to have tea. Tea makes me feel so old. Old people drink tea. :\ . I wouldve had coffee but that wasn’t good for the headache you see. So. No.

I have this song stuck in my head. I’d write it out here but i can’t. The words aren’t good. Im so decent. LOL. Decent? Wth. =]

I was really angry at Sd today. She kept kicking my chair during the exam, asking me for answers. “6,7,8,15,16,17 and 18 ka bataaao! :@'”  And i kept telling her i didn’t know them either but she wouldn’t stop kicking >.< Oh God. Err. Yeah. Physics paper sucked =\ . skajdla.

Anyway. I’ve started watching the Vampire Diaries inspite of all my bias towards it. Heck i always end up watching tv shows that i vow not to. But no, vampire diaries is fun to watch. I like the music they use. I found this song on an episode, called Cut, by Plumb. I love it. And another song by Placebo, called Running up that hill. Very nice. I love it when songs have feelings. Heartness.

S1 says i cannot go too far in life, if i keep on saying ‘its okay’ to everything. But what can i do. I think, everythings okay. I believe in forgiving and forgetting and letting go and letting others Be. Maybe that will change in a few years, or maybe sooner, or later. Lets see. =]

Okay enough. Oh. Time for pictures. *clapping*


Here you go ifrah. Ze gloves. =D


Im aware that my feet look weird. Its the stripes.

Teeeheeeheee. This is SO funny. Stupid lizard thinks she’s hiding.


Hello awesome cellphone. I <3 you!


Hahah, this is my really cute Spiderman cup that mom brought. I don’t like spiderman. But mom bought it and its so cute of her to do so. ^.^ So yeah, spider man now, is my slave and he brings me coffee and tea anytime i want. =]

Ok. Ta. [i didn’t intend this post to be so long o.O]

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear headache.

Hi there, dear headache.

I know that you love me. I know you want to be with me, at all times and all places. Of all the nice people out there, you chose me. You have no reason to be with me, yet you are. Constantly. Oh, You love me so..

But, don’t you see? I hate you. I despise you and i can’t stand you. Its time you realize that its never gonna work out between us. Me, and you – not happening. Ever. So, its time you get over it. Move on. Find someone else. Stalk someone else. And leave me alone. Im better off without you. You make my life hell. Go away, right now. Please.


Saturday, January 23, 2010


"A couple of hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin shared with the world the secret of his success. 'Never leave that 'til tomorrow,' he said, 'Which you could do today.' This is the man who discovered electricity. You’d think more of us would listen to what he had to say. I don’t know why we put things off, but if I had to guess, I’d say it had a lot to do with fear. Fear of failure. Fear of pain. Fear of rejection. Sometimes the fear is just of making a decision, because what if you’re wrong. What if you make a mistake you can’t undo. Whatever it is we're afraid of, one thing holds true. That by the time the pain of not doing the thing gets worse than the fear of doing it. It can feel like we're carrying around a giant tumor. And you thought I was speaking metaphorically.

"The early bird catches the worm; a stitch in time saves nine. He who hesitates is lost. We can't pretend we haven't been told. We've all heard the proverbs, heard the philosophers, heard our grandparents warning us about wasted time, heard the damn poets urging us to ‘seize the day'. Still sometimes we have to see for ourselves. We have to make our own mistakes. We have to learn our own lessons. We have to sweep today's possibility under tomorrow's rug until we can't anymore, until we finally understand for ourselves like Benjamin Franklin meant. That knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping. And that even the biggest failure, even the worst most intractable mistake beats the hell out of never trying."

- Meredith Gray – Gray’s Anatomy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back already.

Yeah so i know I’ve been ruthlessly ignoring\neglecting my blog since a week now. I think. Almost a week. 6 days. Yeah. So i just didn’t want to write anything. Boo.

Anyway. I went to Sd’s place for a study session yesterday morning, and then decided to stay the night. And it was FUN. We, for a change, actually studied and made plans and all that. Good wittle people. Made coffee at 3 am, had lasagne and kababs and all that fun stuff. =] Im back now and quite exhausted. Sd says i talk alot. And its true, actually. =\ I just have alot to say. Okay? Yeah.

My exams start this Tuesday. Teehee. SO not ready. But whatever.

I love my new crazy gloves that are my favourite shade of gray and have skulls on them. Aww, my mom bought em for me. How cute? Yeah.

That day, me mom and dad went out. I had garlic bread and crispy yum french fries. And it was so cold. I also watched ‘my sister’s keeper’. It made me cry. I loved that movie. I did.

Oh God i’m so tired. Byebye.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Walkness and more.

My head aches. I just had green tea, that doesn’t have much caffeine in it. But still. Caffeine likes me. So it gives me headaches. All the time. But anyway. Who cares. I am so proud of myself today. I’m the best. I finished a whole chapter of physics. YAY! Seriously. Yesterday sucked so much study-wise that i decided i won’t let it happen today. And i didn’t. And i studied. And yay, the chapters done. Clapping.

Well after i got done with physics, i watched this stupid tv show on megavideo that i absolutely hate. (yes, thats how lame i am). And then i had yummy sandwich and fries. And oranges. Three oranges. :\ . Lol. And after that. I got SO bored that my head was about to fall off. So i said. Okay, whatever. I had green tea. (which made me sleepy for some reason and gave me a headache =s). I wore my fat white joggers. And my big blue jacket. I took out my headphones and went to the terrace. And i walked and walked and walked till my legs hurt. And i couldn’t feel my face. I cant feel my nose even now.

While i was walking, i called Sd to check up on her. She was half asleep. I woke her up and motivated her to study. Haha, yes i did. Anyway. Yeah so thats all i did. I ate so much today. Its good that i walked too. My head aches. I’m going to sleep early again. I slept ten hours last night and had three weird long dreams. :\ Uff i dream too much. Dreams love me.

Okay my back hurts from sitting like this. Im going to go now.

Ps. I hate it when im happy. But other people and other people’s problems keep kicking me at the back of my mind. And make me restless and unhappy, when otherwise, i am happy. dfsdfsfaf3


Monday, January 11, 2010


I realized today that i blog too often. Alternative days, i.e. So i decided i’d wait a day or two before i write another post. I don’t know why though. Cuz now that i think about it, i don’t really agree. I don’t care if i blog a hundred times a day. If i want to talk about something, i will. Its my blog after all. So im going to write whatever i want to. Very quickly.

So, i went out for shopping with s1 today. I bought a really nice shirt for myself. But then i was pissed cuz i didn’t get to buy all the other stuff i wanted to buy, because dad needed the driver. Then i was grumpy all the way back home. But one really sweet thing happened. S1 took me with her to the darzi place. It was somewhere, in a really crowded place. The kind of place i never go to. But she dragged me along with her anyway, and i went. And i don’t know. The bazaar had such a nice old street-y feeling to it. It just got to me. I wanted to look around more. And be there a bit longer. I don’t know. Anyway. So we found some really cute hairbands there. But i didn’t have any change. The shopkeeper was this 50-60 year old man and he was the sweetest person. He gave them to us anyway and said ‘jab marzi paisay de dain.. maheenay baad aa jayain beshak’ . And i don’t know. So cute? I love it when people do nice things. I don’t know. Nice weird bazaar.

Blah anyway. I studied less today. I had to finish that physics chapter but i didn’t and i feel so bad now. I watched two movies today. =\ I had tea, but it didn’t do me any good. Im going to sleep early. I’ll never study. =[ That just sucks. I do that all the time. I just give up and sleep. I dont like that. Argh.

I don’t want to go to college tomorrow. >.<

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snapshots, and more.

I feel so nice. I feel fresh. I look nice. Ive slept all i wanted. I wasted the whole day. I used a nice smelling hair conditioner. I watched a movie. I had yummy daal chawal. I printed a picture of mine and put it in a frame. It looks nice, there above the fireplace. I had chappali kabab too.

Im going to start studying physics. Electricity. Its nice. Oh, my camera is being sweet with me. Its playing hide and seek. =] Aww. Weird psycho camera. Just found it. Ill transfer some pics now. Wait.

*Im just one of those ghosts, travelling endlessly, don’t need no roads, infact they follow me..”

Okay. Done. Here are some pictures.


Where are you? Come back soon, i miss you =’[ .


New coffee cup. ^.^


Andes chocolate mints. <3

Ugly thief guy i drew in class.


My Jack Sparrow keychain =D [stolen from s2]


Walnuts :D


..and lastly. Hahahahah. EW. I found this on google that day.

Ok enough of the pictures. Physics time. =] Byebye.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Make me study.

I slept early last night. I woke up early today. And then i had a long breakfast with mom and dad, which is always fun. And i can’t study. I didn’t go to college today either. I just can’t concentrate. Polygenic genes. I don’t want to study. I don’t want to push my brain to function. Aaah. Exams. Hateness. Lazyness.

I haven’t had coffee since a week now, successfully. Except for that day i went to the bakesale =p . But not after that. And now, im going to drink it. Enough of the non-coffyness. Its actually right here infront of me. The coffee, i mean. I asked Sh to make it for me. And she brought it exactly, like, a minute later. =\ . I bet it tastes like poison. Its her special. Its death-by-coffee.

Im listening to this song called ‘Ill kill her’, by some Soko girl. Its so funny and lame. Its not even much of a song. Its just funny. Erm. Yeah, ill try and study now. More updates later.wall_wave

I likes these shelves. =]

Friday, January 8, 2010

This is random, and long.

Time for a random useless post. I love random useless posts. Sometimes. You know, i used to hate walnuts when i was little. I thought they were bitter, and evil. Not evil, just bitter. Lol. I exaggerate so much. Anyway, i didn’t like them. But, i like them now. Infact, i’ve started loving them since yesterday. Mom brought some and gave them all to me =p. And ive been eating them out of a jar since then. I LOVE THEM. They make my mouth go dry though : \ . But they’re nice. And they look like tiny brown brains. Yum.

So im not going to college tomorrow. Sunday is officially off. And then im not going on monday either. Muahah. I love it when i don’t go to college. My car was half an hour late in picking me up from college today. So i just sat there watching other people. I love watching people. People do the funniest things. Lame things too. People watching is fun.

My room is such a mess. There is stuff everywhere. My sisters ask me why i use Real Player instead of Media player. I just love the new real player with its awesome new converter. I think its really nice and i love it.

I am so abrupt. I don’t know. I love music. Why hasn’t it rained yet? Its so sad. I really really want rain. And when it rains, i will go to my terrace, have coffee and walk around and listen to songs and sing to myself. I love doing that. I’m feeling impatient right now. I love new comments on my blog. I check my dashboard for new comments a hundred times a day when i have nothing else to do. LOL. =\

I am deliberately making this post long for no reason. Lol. Im testing your patience. Keep reading.

*tell me would you kill, to save your life? tell me would you kill to prove you’re right? crash crash crash..*

I have a mon- omG i forgot what i was writing. I have a mon- what? LOL o.O . Weird. My memory is shit. Walnuts are supposed to be helping. Pff. I hate it when people believe every lame thing other people tell them. Its really annoying. Oh. New text message. I love how my cellphone blinks when there’s a new alert. I love my cellphone to bits. May God give it a long healthy life.

Im going to buy new winter stuff soon. I don’t want winters to end. Please don’t go soon. Stay a little bit longer this time okay? Thankyou. I love you, winter. You are mine.

Okay. The post is long enough. Congratulate yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Yes. Just like that. Yes. Okay. Bubye.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A random surgery post.

When i had my surgery this summer, i was in the ICU for the next day and a half. Or two days. I don’t really remember. The nurses used to drug me every hour or two so i could stay asleep and not feel the pain. In between those sleeping episodes, i used to wake up for some time. And during that time, it hurt like hell.I couldn’t move, talk or swallow. I had a cannula on my hand, and another jaw clip type thing on the other hand. An oxygen mask (i dont know why they put that, i could breathe just fine =p), and a drain coming somewhere from the inside of my neck. =\ . But i was in good spirits. I am like that. I even passed a sarcastic comment to s1, just with hand movement. I’m mean. Anyway. Coming back to the point. So. When it used to hurt alot, i used to ask for a cellphone so i could type in what i had to say. Recently my dad told me that he still had those messages saved in his cellphone as drafts. So i took pictures. And im going to upload them here =p.

DSC03245 DSC03246 DSC03247

Oh, and excuse my bad grammar everyone. Its hardly what you care about when tubes are coming out of your neck and the pain is killing you. .__. . Anyway. So thats that. I wanted to upload these pictures and i did. So. Tadaa. The End.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ah, so its over, and done with. Ew. =s . I actually felt nauseous when they brought the stupid dead roaches for us. And the teacher picked it up with her bare hands as if it were a cute teetsy weetsy something =s and started peeling the wings off and everything. Its ugly i tell you, even from the inside. Its stupid crooked zigzag lags (haha i wrote lags. legs* =p) and the feelers really And once you open it up, It actually stinks. It has a weird smell :s. Oh, and i mean, what kind of a weird worthless ugly creature has organs called ‘crop’ and ‘gizzard’ ? Crop. Lol. Seriously?

The teacher told everyone to pick it up with bare hands once, infront of her. But i just stood and watched and explained to her how i was an exceptional case. She must’ve thought i was one of those ‘Ooo eee ouch omG omG’ kinda girls who think they’re too sensitive for anything. But I'm not. =[ Its just the roaches man. =[ . Well i did poke things in it once it was all open and the wings and legs and all the filthy stuff was out. =\ . But whatever. What more could i do anyway. Grr. *’*

The roach my friend Sd had, i named it Charlie. She accidentally ripped Charlie’s head off. I hope he was half conscious when that happened. I hope he felt the pain. I hope he died seven times!  x[

Heehee. ^.^ . Anyway, i think thats pretty much it about the cockroach. Bluekh. Okay. Ta.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cockroaches and other lame things.

So ive just opened Windows Live Writer, to write something. To update my blog. But i don’t know what to write. OH. I DO know what to write. =\ . Tomorrow is dooms day. Tomorrow is Bio lab day. Cockroach dissection day. Tomorrow. Oh.My.God. Seriously. I can take lizards, dark, heights, pain, anything. But cockroaches, i can’t. I just can’t. Ive tried and tried but omG just CANT. I go all shivery around roaches and i have these weird cockroach alarms inside me that go off everytime i hear\see anything related to a cockroach. S2 once scared me 5\6 times in less than ten minutes. She goes all ‘Oh cockroach!’ and i jump and run and what not. I don’t do it on purpose. Its not intentional. It just is. I don’t scream though. (two kinds of people in the world. the ones who scream and the ones who don’t. Im one of those who don’t). So anyway. Im going to dissect one tomorrow. I don’t think –EW- that im actually going to do it. But i’ll have to see it. I think. I’ll just hide behind Sd. Thats what ill do.

Ok blah. This post is lame. Lame lame and its called lame. I watched Speak with s1 again. I love that movie. Im going to watch Munich soon. I should be studying Capacitors in A.C circuits. But im not. Lalalaa. Im going to drink green tea. Thats my new project. Im going to drink green tea and be healthy. ^^ . Oh. I just remembered. Ill write about my whole surgery thing one day too. Its interesting and i like telling that story, but i never know how to start and how to end, cuz its really long. Anyway. I’ll update later. Green tea. And oh. Have to fill the admission form too. Argh. I hate having stuff to do. Lol. No, not really. Okay enough.


Oh, p.s- I LOVE it when people comment on my blog! It makes me go all ‘weeeee =D’ . So thanks peoples. ^.^

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sadness, drama and the ten faces.

So. I don’t know where to start. Im breaking my rule of not blogging on bad days. Well, i have blogged on bad days, but not about bad days. As in, not ever about why the bad day was such a bad day after all right? So, well, here you go. Today, is a bad day.

Today was goodbye-s2 day. One of the many goodbye-s2 days, that i hate. I don’t like them. Who likes them? No one does. I don’t either! I don’t like goodbyes. I don’t want to talk too much about it. Whatever. I don’t know.

Lately, the world has been sucky. Very sucky. So sucky. Just too sucky. And my new found anger disease ain’t been helping things either. I am so sick of the drama. The lameness and never endingness of it. And the everywhere-ness of it. And i’m sick of double faced people, and more so with the ten faced ones, who show only two of their faces and keep the other eight buried deep into their back pocket. You’ll be all happy, feeling so good about yourself, and about how you know all about the two faces, when one shiny day, they’ll pull out face number 7 for you. And then they’ll try to pretend its still face number 2 and that its always been face number 2. But no, its face number 7 and there’s no mistaking that, is there?  No there isn’t. And it pisses you off, how you never knew about face number 7 till that day. It puts you off and ruins your mood. You start to wonder about face number 3, 9 and 10 too and how lame they would be. And it just makes you sad. The whole ten-faced-ness. It makes you go all “ :/ “ .It really does, you know.

Now, i don’t like feeling low, and then talking about it. Maybe i like to talk about it, its just that i don’t want to. I am talking about it today though. I don’t know. How funny. Not really. Anyway, moving on.. What else did i want to write about? Yes, i want to mention here what s1 said to me that day. She told me that one can expect anything from anyone. And i totally agree. Its all about situations though. And circumstances. And french fries.

Its 11.23 pm. I had to study today. Exams start 26th of this month. I better go now. We made really nice green chlorine in chem lab today. Ours was the best. Or thats what i like to think.

P.s – Its okay if you don’t comment on this one. Its long, sad, and boring. But i already feel better. So yay to that!