Friday, February 27, 2009


Im forced into hibernation because my pc is not feeling well. Its some disease that spread from the switch to the speaker to the modem box to the new speaker. And now i dont want to turn the switch on anymore, incase it spreads to the monitor or the cpu :o . So well.
My blog is so dead. No Comments too ! Tsk. Such dissappointment. I think i wrote the wrong spelling. Disappointment*. Whatever.
Im late for physics tuition.
Im in a hurry. I think my grammars wrong in alot of places here.
Ill leave it to S1 to correct it.
Anyway. TA! =p

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday.

Im Seventeen. I want to save this moment. By writing it out here.
Its 00:49. And i just turned Seventeen. Err, actually 49 minutes ago, to be exact.I love it. The whole thing. A billion people calling and texting and my mom asking me to cut the cake and and then i wish my Dad (we share the same birth date <3 !)and OMG . I love all that. The midnight madness. Its crazy. Aaaah.
I want to write in a detailed post about my birthday. Cuz everybody who knows me, also knows that i make a big deal out of my birthday. Yes i do.
My birthday is GRAND. All the time. Not really, but i like to think of it that way.
So. thats it for now.
Moment saved.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Im high.
On what?
My birthday! xD
..AND on the fact that I witnessed the MOST awkward conversation ever. It was between S1 and my driver's daughter (DD) who used to play with us when we were kids. So she came over to visit us after yearss, and i was in a pretty messy state so i pretended to sleep while she sat in our room with s1.
And so they started talking: (or atleast attempted to)

S1: aa jaaoo, A (me) to so rahi hai kab se. Uthti hi nahi hai *kicks me a couple of times* .. Uth jaaoo. *i dont move* Tsk. Chalo choro.
DD : *mute*
S1 : achaa, aur sunaaao.
DD : *smiles*
S1 : *smiles too*. acha kia karti rehti ho?
DD : tuition karati hoon.
S1 : oooh achaa.. haan sahi baat hai.. ghar main banda bore hota rehta hai.. kuch nai hota karnay ko..achi baat hai.. hmm.. good..
DD: hmm.
S1: . *smiles*
DD: *smiles awkwardly*


S: P (DD's sister) ke kitnay bachay ho gyay hain?
DD : 3 betiyan, aik beta.
S : oooh acha.. sahi sahi.. hmmm
DD : hmmm..
S: hmm..

*awkward silence*
S1: mehendi bhi lagayi hui haii *smiles*
DD: haan. *smiles*



S: acha.. umm.. sab kitnay baray ho gyay haina. heheh.
DD : haan
S: hmmm
DD: hmmmm.

*awkward silence for the longest time ever*

DD: isko uthaao na.
S: *nudges me a couple of times* ye uthti hi nahi hai.
DD: *mute*
S : *yawns* mujhay bhi itni neend aati hai. har waqt sonay ka dil chahta hai. lekin parhna hota hai.. A (me) to subha subha uth jaati hai college days main. keh rahi hoti hai late nahi karana ye woh, mujhay to bohut neend aa rahi hoti hai.. heheh.
DD: *smiles, otherwise mute*
S: hmmm
DD: hmmm.

S1 feels suffocated by the silence and turns on the tv. Its some drama on HUM Tv.

DD: Star plus lagao.
S: hehe.. hmm.

They keep watching the drama in the same awkward silence.

The End.

P.s. Its not the exact convo, but i tried to, just TRIED, to show how awkward it actually was :p.

I hate giving titles. Ill have to do something about it.


STM (my maid) , is ruining my life. Firstly, she wants to kill me, i know, because of the coffee she makes for me. And second, she wants to kill me. I''m screaming since forever to call her to ask for breakfast but she won't come. Because she wants to kill me. I NEED BREAKFAST :@ . Its almost 1 pm! Grrr.
Well, whats new, is that S2 is back in Lahore. Im home with S1. I'm pretty lazy, im not studying, since friday. No, saturday. And today is Monday and my tuitions start again. I hate tuition. I despise it - and guess what. STM just said the stupidest thing now.
I'll tell you. (btw, she brought breakfast :p). That day, there was this Big, Mighty Eagle on the terrace. It was dark brown. STM and I went outside to take its picture. But it flew away. =\ . But i still took its picture. Ill upload it later. So STM just came and told me, that she was washing clothes outside and the Eagle was there and it flew past her. 'Woh urh bhi nahi sak raha tha, us ke par itnay baray thay'. =) . So, thats funny, i think. Laugh! =p
Btw, my birthday is tomorrow night. Im éxcited'. Should i be? Yes i know i should be. I have this whole theory about birthdays. Birthdays are very special. At times i think they're over rated but i know they're not. Birthdays are totally awesome. My birthday is coming. :p .
I just finished breakfast. I have to study chemistry now. Im talking to S1 about stuff too. And i just got a message on my cellphone. Damn, im so busy. :p
Ok gtg. Ta. =\

Friday, February 20, 2009



So, theres this song called poker face which is FUN. I like to jump around on it alot. Well, i use the word 'jump' here, cuz calling it 'dancing' would be an insult to dancing itself. :p So anyway, i'm SO happy, my friend M's mom told me today that 'tum sookh gayi ho', which is so awsome. I wanted to hear that for some time now :p . And well. The biggest news today is that at 8:50 am, there was an earthquake here. And it was kinda scary, but not that scary. Some people didn't even feel it, which is quite weird.
S2 is talking on the phone with her friend, "I". She laughs abnormally loud when she's on phone with one of her friends. S1 just entered the room and has alot of problems related to studies.
She just sort of purred out my name , and it scared me, cuz she does that when she wants something. But she just wants a little favour this time. She is giving me an assignemnt :p. I have to find weird 'histological' images of stuff like the Ilium, Jejenum, oesophagus etc, from the internet and she's going to guess their names. And with thaat, she's gone.
Umm, i think this blog is about s2 and s1 more than it is about myself. I should write more about me and less about them. So getting on with that. I've been wanting to watch that movie 'the Changeling' for quite some time now, ive finally downloaded it now but i can't find time to watch it. :\ . I cant even find time to read my novel nowadays which is called 'A time to Kill' by John Grisham. I did read 'Brisingr' last night btw, which is well, the third book in the Inheritance Series. By Christopher Paulini. =)
This is myyy bloggy so i'll talk about books too cuz i like books. I love books. I want to read more books. I don't want to read my biology book. It is green and fat. Toads are green and fat too.
Anyway, thats all for now. Maybe ill write in more tonight. =d



There's something terribly wrong with this poll thing on the right. Its closing date has long passed but it still says 12 more hours to go :s . I cant get rid of it. =\ . Anyway. Well, im pretty distracted right now cuz S2 is sitting infont of me telling all sorts of college stories, and im listneing to her, and this is pretty distracting. She doesn't care if i'm writing something or whatever im doing, she just wants me to listen to her stories. I dont know what im writing at all. Cuz im listening to her stories. Cuz if i dont respond, she wont like it. So erm. Brb. in 2 mins. Im listening to her.

Okay. Stories will never end. So i better start writing again. :p . Well. The weather is awesome today. Its not that cold anymore. But today it rained again, and it was soooo nice. Loved it. Specially the colony that i go to my bio tuition for, its quite cute. When it rains, its even cuter. The road gets all wet and its awesome. So theres alot of awesomeness. Rain Rain. I love rain. Rain is peaceful and happy and pretty and its cold. I love rain. I like to walk on the terrace at night with songs and rain. Btw, S2 is still telling stuff in the background. She'll never stop, with her college stories. She'll NEVER stop. Ever. She will never stop taking pictures with her friends and she certainly wont ever stop forcing me to watch them. =\ Anyway.

Its 12.23. Ive got ALOT of botany to do again. Planteaeeae. Planty. Lol. Cute name but sucky chapter. Its got stuff like Bryophytes and Tracheophytes and stuff. Bryophytes are non-vascular plants and Tracheophytes are vascular. I learnt that at tuition today. Yes, i do take bio tuition. Ok, im getting quite boring. =\ . I made a pretty tasteless cup of coffee today. It wasn't frothy at all. =\ Hahah. But it wasn't gray and bitter either, so thats good. =p

Im angry at S2. She ain't doing that topic 'Muscles of Mastication'. She HAD to do it today, but she's delaying it since forever and =@ . Im going to make sure she does it. =) . S1, on the other hand had to supposedly 'pull an all-nighter' today, but she's fast asleep right now i guess :p .
Okay so thats it. Thats itttt.
Ill go do Plantayyyy.

p.s. I wore a cute pink sweater today, and cute pink shoes. =) =p

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cockroachness and randomness.


I'm victorious. I just completed the longest chapter in the history of long chapters. The Nutrition chapter. It included nutrition in amoeba, hydra, planaria, cockroach (of course) , and Man. Well, Man and Amoeba, i get, but cockroach and this hydra crap i don't get at all. Umm, i guess hydra is okay too, its just the cockroach that i dont get. So like, really, why am i supposed to know how roaches have 'pairs of chitinous sharp teeth that they use for grinding their food' or that hahah, that, they have this wide digestive sac called 'crop' in which the food gets mixed or whatever. Lol, CROP! :p . No - i dont get it. I got this 'repiration' chapter after this, and theres cockroach in that too! Cockroaches are ruining my life. And to top it all off , cockroaches are Omnivores. I mean we actually have competetion here, they're gonna eat all our food one day =\ .
Im going to dissect a cockroach in my second year. =)
=) =)
No. I dont want to discuss that. =\
Anyway. S2 and S1 said my post 'hi again' was lame and pointless. Something like that. I hope this one is a little more meaningful, with all my blabber about cockroaches. About lameness, can't promise anything. =p . Im proud to be lame actually. Not really, but kinda. I guess. Maybe. Whatever.
I have a coffee headache right now. I should be doing physics at the moment but the cockroach inside me ( EW, did i actually say that ? EW. i want to press backspace and write something cleaner, but then i'd have to think over what to write instead and aslkdjaskldjal...) says that i should listen to some music and sleep. The nerd inside me says that i should practice the numericals of that Waves chapter. That chapter sucks. I dont get it. Eeee, i dont know what to do. Anyway, this post is getting quite long. Im going to end it.

p.s. dont make me beg all of you to write comments here. Please! =p
p.s.2. OKAY, i get it, i'm retarded. But none of you is FINE either. hmph.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hi again.

Lol. my blog is as empty as ever. But well, thats because i haven't really given out the link to anyone. But i will, soon. Im just lazy. Im the laziest. I just had coffee. It was the very famous, 'death-by-coffee' that my maid makes. I usually choke after the first sip, but i stabilize soon after, and gulp gulp gulp until its finished. So im kinda hyper right now. Im energized. I feel good. I feel good because people compliment me alot. =P Its a nice thing to feel good about.
Well. Aaah. Happy sigh. aaaaah. =)
haha. Okay. My sister, S1 is reading out tips on how to enhance one's memory. They're funny tips btw. Some of them are nice, but well i know most of them already. I google these things alot. Anyway, as this a public blog, i'd be referring my eldest sister as S1, and the one after her as S2. HAHA. I love this LOL. Quite funny!
Ok, before i start getting post coffee headaches, id better start studying. Im doing the 'Nutrition'chapter today. Its got Nutrition in cockroach in it too. =\ . Puke.
Ok. Taa.

Hi. =p

Asalamualaikum. (I'll stay true to my oath of starting all my posts with that.)

Okay so yeah. New blog. 3:31 am and lots of Basidiomycota to do, but i'm sitting here, making my blog. New blog. On Well, i'm not going to go on explaining why i switched to this new bloggy, from my old space know..The Grey Matter. That, im still proud of. But. This is just more public. Its not the grey matter at all, its just random matter. Its 'Psych Rant'. You see, rant. Psych Rant. Like ranting. This that. Blah blah blah. Get the idea? Ok whatever.
Erm, i was supposedly on a 'writer's block' (yes, i do like to think of myself as a writer :p, im dillusional), since ages, but then i decided to break that block, and start writing my crap again. (Yes, i can break my writers block anytime i want). So here i am, writing stuff. I think i'll have alot to write about. Alot of stuff goes on around me. I see stuff. Then i write about it. And I try to be funny. Thats the best part. People actually laugh at my stuff. Well, but its obvious. I know, im awesome.
So yay, its 3:42. Im scared. Gotta do Basidiomycota, Deuteromycota and the general advantages and stuff about Fungi tomorrow morning. Damn. =\ . Kinda funny. Haha.