Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So. Im finally in Lahore. Im here for a week or so. Yesterday was exhausting. Today was good. Except that i have to complete my physics chapter right now. And s2 is being her mean and evil self and is going to sleep soon. -.-
Im gonna make some coffee. The light goes out here so much. =\
A friend just texted me that Nwfp is now called 'Khyper pakhtunkhwah' . I can't say im happy about it though. =\ I mean. What about all the non-pakhtoon people living there? But i don't know much about anything. So. I don't know. Whatev.
Umm. What else. I wasn't well these past few days. Two days actually. DAMN THAT STUPID NIMCO. >.< ! Got me all weird.
I talked to Wh for three hours straight that night. It was so much fun. But then telenor decided to be mean and evil. So. Whatev.
Umm. Life is dull. Not really. But its dull in the sense that i don't have much news. =\ So okay. s2 needs the pc. She's gonna skype with her friend 'I'. I don't like s2 at ALL.
Okay bye =]
Oooh. Its the April Fool's Day tomorrow. But i'm not a prank person. Not really. So. Whatev. Bye!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is what it is.

Im exhausted. And tired. And sleepy. And i have a really bad headache. And i just woke up. And im hungry. And i feel weird.

I went to attend Sh’s wedding today. Sh was our house maid for ten years or so. So she practically grew up with us. And it was her wedding today. In her house, in her village. Far away. Where everything is made of mud. Almost.

I went with my mom. Everyone treated us like we were idontknowhats. When they weren’t fussing over how to make us more comfortable, they were staring at us. Just standing. And looking. I mean. I don’t mind that. It does get quite uncomfortable but i do understand it so. Yeah. Anyway. I felt really sad there. The kids were so weak and tiny. And Sh was in a weird depressed state. Mom said its natural to feel weird before the wedding. But still. The mahol was so depressing.

My mom is really cute and i love the kind of person she is. She’s so honest and clear. When she lies, it shows. Its funny. She’s SO strong. And genuine. And cute.

I’ve eaten little. I’m gonna go down now and eat something. Oh. It rained yesterday. And there were two rainbows. I took pictures. Ill post some of them later.

I feel emotional.

And my rooms messy. Whose gonna clean that now?!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Me and Mom.

Mom calls me on my cellphone from downstairs:

ME: Hello?
Mom:Haan, woh aap khana khaye baghair hi ooper chali gayee?
ME: Jee bas raat ko kuch khaa loongi.
Mom: Kia khaogi?
ME: Kuch bhi. Fridge main dekh loongi.
Mom: Nai, abhi aa jaao neechay. Aalu paray hain woh achay walay, main saath naan ghee main kar ke de deti hoon. :)
ME: Oh. umm.
Mama: kyun?
ME: Bohut fattening ho jayegaaa!
Mama: Shutup. Fattening ki bachi.

LOL. I <3 my mom.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ze happyness.

I feel happy. Right now. This very moment. I feel happy. So evenmehh though my internet's not working, I'm going to save the moment right here. On this notepad, yes. Which i will later post on the blog etc etc.Anyway. Today, was a 'good' day. Wasn't so good in the morning though, when my cell phone went nuts and i couldn't find the shirt i wanted to wear to Sd's birthday. But then it got better. A lot better. The whole surprise birthday we had planned for her went great (which was my idea ^^). The balloons and the cute cake and the stupid candles. She loved it all. I'm so glad! And then the traffic jam where got stuck for an hour was soo awesome too (in its own way =p). And and. Oh everything. And then at home, i talked to s1 and heard the weird story about the guy who died (=\) . And then i sat with mom and dad and talked with them and laughed with them. And then i came upstairs and talked to Wh and laughed with her after a long time. And then i talked to s2 on the phone and talked to her for an hour. And now i feel happy.
So, i like it when I'm happy. Everyone's happy. I like it when people around me are happy. Everyone should be happy. And optimistic. And strong. But then that would all be in a perfect world. =\ Yeaaah, see I don't really like perfect worlds. Who likes perfect worlds? They're boring, no?  I like all the ups and downs in life. They make the good times worth it. I'm going off topic. I know. But i feel like writing so I'm going to! My thoughts are so incoherent. I get distracted so easily. But I'm very unstable, emotionally. And i need to REALLY control that now. I mean, I'm really good at dealing with a lot of stuff but then I'm pathetic in other areas. What am i even talking about?

Blah. So. I was saying. That i am happy. I don't like random 'sinking feelings' destroying my nice yellow happy feeling. Okay? Yeah. Okay I'm going to shut up now. Oh, funny thing. I got two Agatha Christie novels from my friend. I used to read them back in 8th grade or something. But i need something, anything to read nowadays, so i'm going to read those. Fun. And i watched the movie, 'The blind side'. I thought it was great. I loved it. I want to be a saint. =] Okay. Now I'm gonna watch Frost Nixon with some cold left over pizza. Bliss.
Byebye peoply.
LOL. I wrote peoply! Hahah. Okay.

p.s. I know the dolly up there is a bit distorted. But she's the best. So whatever.


Monday, March 15, 2010


All of a sudden, everything looks, feels, and smells like summers.
Oh, and I blew my AKU entry test. AND got bit by some insect. And now my foot's swollen.

Now i'm gonna get back to daal chawal and Sherlock holmes. I love Jude Law in it. Okay bye.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


WHY is there no easy way of handling a goodbye?! =@ Goodbyes suck. Who invented them anyway? I suck at them, cuz I'm such a cry baby!

And WHY can’t people just calm down for once? Why all the fighting and screaming? It gives me headaches. And i guess we all know here just how much i love headaches.

And WHY can’t friends be.. well, friends? I hate friends who don’t act like good friends. People are such a major disappointment, i tell you. Haha, this reminds me of a convo i had with s2 the other day:

s2: I hate XYZ. [i don’t remember who she was talking about]

me: Hater. You’re such a hater.

s2: Yes, i hate everyone.

me: Okay. No, i don’t hate everyone. I only hate my friends.


WHY can’t i stay angry at evil people for too long? This weird temperament of mine? No good for me. I’d like to be angry at people. For days at length! And teach them lessons! Like s2 does. But i can’t. I cant I can’t! I just can’t. I can’t seem to help it. I’ve tried to, but failed. Miserably. More than once. =] And i guess because, well, to be honest, i wouldn’t ever want to be angry at anyone for days. That's just not right.

Anyway. Mosquitoes, are Satan worshippers. And they all hate me. Or love me? Cuz they can’t seem to stay away from me. I want to murder each and everyone of them. Life ruiners!

I have all this negativity inside me yet i don’t really feel pessimistic or depressed or anything of the sort. I feel optimistic. And calm. And you know. Good stuff. So i think, as long as the core is fine, i don’t really need to worry about the other stuff all that much. Im so awesome, i can’t even explain it.

Anyway. Its 8:14 am, and i’m writing all of this on my cellphone, only to post it later. I didn’t sleep all night. So i’m going to sleep now. I like sleep.

Oh and btw, none of you are supposed to answers the ‘WHY’s up there. Those are just for the drama. They aren’t real questions. So yeah.


I do.

I hate you today.
And yesterday, and tomorrow!
I do. So, go.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spiral out.

I fainted for the first time in my life today! I can’t believe I'm tikikhat weak though. It was only that i hadn’t eaten anything all day. This has never happened before. But it was an interesting experience i tell you. Fun.

Oh mom calling. (from downstairs).



haanji betay. Theek ho?”

haha jeee-eeee! “

etc etc. Mom is just so cute.

OH. Its s1’s birthday today. A friend of hers gifted her mint chocolates. Im going to eat em all. =]

I hate all my friends. They are mean. Thankyou.

Tool is awesome, i must say.

I embrace my desire to...
I embrace my desire to...
feel the rhythm,
to feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow,
to feel inspired,
to fathom the power,
to witness the beauty,
to bathe in the fountain,
to swing on the spiral,
to swing on the spiral,
to swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human.


Almost a week left for the test. Oh man =[ . Oh. =[

I described how the fainting felt, on the comments page for this post =p .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ya better baleeev!

All day today, i had this feeling of compulsion inside me telling me to go write something on my blogness. But i couldn’t come up with anything funny, or interesting or random, to write here. Now, while doing crazy physics mcqs, i thought I'd just get that stupid feeling out of my system, and write something here. So. Here i am!

S2’s here nowadays. To study for her exam, which is on the 15th. I have my entry test on the 14th. So we’re both studying nowadays. (Or at least trying to =\). We stay up till 6-7 in the morning. And waste the rest of the day =p. We almost finished a BIG bowl of mashed potatoes today. Yum. I'm about to finish my BIG toblerone too. I want more! I love toblerone. Its one of my favorite chocolates. Its awesome. I love the white little chewy thingys in it.

So there was an earthquake here. The day before yesterday. It was mild. But long. It wouldn’t end. =\ . And then it was raining and thundering like crazy last night. I’m not scared of thunder and all that. But sometimes it gets SO weird and angry, it totally freaks me out. =\ So i went to the terrace at 1 am last night and it was raining and i was walking in the rainnn, and i was listening to songs, and singing songss and it was awesome . I want more days like these.

I hate the heater. S2 loves the heater. She doesn’t let me turn it off! It makes me feel all sleepy and unfresh and fuzzy and warm and weird. =s . It gives me headaches too. Shit I'm feeling guilty, cuz I'm not studying. And i was supposed to do a lot today. =[ Tsk!

I hate my sucky plans and decisions and all that cheese. I’m just WAY too distracted to stick to anything. I can’t. Just can’t! And it sucks. It ruins my plans. Stupid plans. Stupid wannabe encouraging feel-good plans. Go to hell, you!

I’m way too sensitive. I don’t know what I'll do in life. I hate it when people are sad. Its uncomfortable! It SO is! Tsk.

I do mirror hand writing. Easily. Like normally. I like to do it. It makes me have something in common with Da vinci. And that makes me feel good about my self. And that's pretty lame. Yeah i know. I’m a lame person. But so are you. Oh yes, sir, you are.

I wonder what my blog would be like if I'd write all kinds of serious stuff in it. I have a lot of serious stuff to write about. But y’know. I don’t want to..or something. I don’t like the term ‘serious' stuff’ that I'm using here. But I’m just saying. Ah, i don’t know. OH. Before i go, I'd like to tell you all some interesting things about the Blue Whale. Teehee.

The Blue whale can fit a 100 people in its mouth. It’s heart is the size of a small car. It eats 4 tons of krill (small fish things) everyday. The Baby blue whale gains about 90 kgs per day. A small person can crawl through any of the whale’s main arteries.

Be amazed. Please. Okay.

P.s. My birthday was pretty awesome. Thankyou God. And i can’t believe I'm 18. I don’t feel old though. I feel little. ^.^ [not really].25022010187

My little birthday cake. I had actually ordered a blue berry cheese cake. But when i went to pick the cake up at the last moment, they said it was unavailable. How nice. So i quickly picked this one up.

P.s.2. Leave nice comments for meh. I like it when i open my blogger dashboard and i have new comments to read! Desperate much? Yeah i know. Pff. But still. Okay? Thankyou.

Ps.3. This title of this post. Its a song. That's stuck in my head and refuses to leave.

Yeah, okay.

You can go now.