Sunday, January 27, 2013


I can't even begin to describe how annoyed I am at the moment.
It pisses me off when I feel this way and nothing I do makes a difference. How annoying is that?
Some people I want to talk to right now and some people I wish would stop talking to me for a while.
I dont have any idea about what I'm going to do about this test I have tomorrow. The course is dull and huge. Yuck.
Negative negative negative.
Oh and on top of everything. I have the flu.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bullets 9.

Multiple emotions and all kinds of shit is going on inside my head right now. 13 new files were just added to my dropbox. Ahan. So?

I'm in a room that wasn't always this desolate or empty. Which makes it an uncomfortable place for me to be in right now.

What is it that people say? Be safe than sorry. But you can't always be safe. You can never be safe enough. Its suffocating.

My head hurts. Maybe it's because i need to drink more water. Or maybe it's because of the new specs i'm wearing. I have vowed to myself to take care of these glasses. They are for domestic stupid use.
But i need to take care of them.

I'm stealing the neighbors wifi. There is still goodness in the world.

My cellphone keeps blinking. It's the yellow light. Means, someone either texted me or it's one of the gazillion group whatsapp messages that i get everyday. Let's see. It was s2. She shares my sadness about the room that is now empty.

I need to stop feeling things so much. Little things. That take up so much space in my head. I need to de-clutter. Which is not always easy. But i need to try. Must stop over thinking, and over analyzing

Watched 12 Angry men today. Loved it.

It's quite cold. I'm wearing a flimsy shirt. Should've worn an upper over it. I don't know why I didn't. Maybe i should. I don't care. Except if i don't, the blood in my arms will soon freeze. And i won't be able to type. And we can't have that can we?

Nd said that I'm self obsessed. He is more self obsessed than I am. Everybody knows that.

My friend, sd got married today. It made me feel very weird. I teared up when i went to say goodbye. Made her cry as well.

I need comfort tonight. Maybe i should just go to sleep. The headache refuses to leave.

It's going to be a long month. But then there's always February. Something to look forward to.

I haven't been updating my dream page lately. Just being lazy. Had more than a few idiotic/awesome dreams.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Of 2012 and random nothings.

2013 is here. Hi. I feel futuristic.
2012 came and went. And the world didn't end. I didn't expect it to anyway.

This year was. Hmm. I think it was like any other year. It was just another milestone in my life, unique in itself in some ways of course. This year,

I grew. I refused to grow. I ran from the truth. I confronted some fears. Met new people. Forgot about them. Revised my opinions about some people. Learned some lessons. Surprised people. Got surprised. Faced disappointment. Wasted time. Begged for more time. Slept a lot. Stayed up for days. Zoned out. Had a quiet birthday. Stopped being a teenager. Dreamed a lot. Lost a lot. Stayed lost. Fought with uncertainty. Had my patience tested. Broke some rules. A lot of rules. Made new rules. Broke them too. And made them again. Got mad at my self. Got mad at the world. Found peace. Struggled with doubt. Consumed more caffeine than ever before. And whined about everything.
 It was like all the years before it. It was a year of love. And loneliness. And doubt. And comfort. And strength. And laughter. And restlessness. And gratitude. And then there was more.

Oh well.

On an abrupt note, here are some pictures of random nothings. Random nothings are awesome.

A lamp and other shit in s1's room.

Aw. My little loyal one. You were nice to me.

A parrot i fount at my friend's place.

Shiny paan. :D


My little baby. :')

p.s Both food items were made by s1.