Friday, December 25, 2009

red and black awesomeness.

So. My new cellphone is finally here. In my hands. My life is complete. I love it. Its my wittle babie. I'm going to be so careful with it. Babie-ness. Now that i finally have a phone with wifi, i'm going to blog more often about lame stuff. Right from here. Yes yes. Aww. I love it. Anyway, this post is supposed to be short. So, whatever. I'm having fun here. Feels good to be far away from the miserable deadness and collegeness. I think i'm good at pictionary. Not awesome (yet) but good. Lol. Going to watch new moon today on the insistence of s1 and s2. Ive already seen it in a cra-

(something went so wrong with blogger, that i couldn't continue that yesterday). Anyway. Now that i'm up, and have nothing more interesting than packing to do, i thought i'd complete this. Well, im sad that im going home already. I.Dont.Want. Awww, i had so much fun these last two days. Im happy. Yet sad. Im a sad little angry person nowadays. I don't like this person. Old me, come back!

Bah, ill write in more crap later. Right now, im going to fill up my cellphone with lots of nicey stuff for the billion hour journey back home. (totally exaggerating, with the billion hour thing). So. Whatever.


Nipun said...

Congos for the new phone..
Keep it safe and sound..


Anonymous said...

Omedeto for the new phone. Just found the link to your blog. Thought I'd come by and check it out. I like the colors despite being an avid pink-hater. I'll be frequenting your place more often. ^^;

The Me. said...

Haha thanks, yeah totally! =]

The Me. said...

@ mehreenkasana: Yayness for the phone and 'frequenting my blog more'! And hahah, too much pinkness aint nice i know. Pink, grey and black though, i love. =]