Saturday, December 19, 2009

i cant think of a title. please.

Why is it that i’m soo angry nowadays. Grrrrr! I am. Is it okay if i hate everything and everyone? Is it? Does that mean i’m evil. No it doesn’t. Pff. Im a crazy taxi. Beep beep!

Well, i wore my pink and grey shoe\socks thingies today. Well. The truth is, i took its pictures but no matter what i did, they just won’t look pretty =\ They look like weird big gigantic whatevs. S1 said they look like tanks. Tanks? Sad. Anyway. Check out the pics.






Urgh.. I want to write there in that space above ^^. To the right of the pics. But somehow i can’t. Hmph. Now it all looks so irregular. Blekh. Anyway. Naa naaa. nanana. I enjoyed doing salt analysis in chem lab today. The salt turned out to be Cadmium Nitrate. It was fun. I miss my novel. I miss Marian Halcombe’s diaries. =\ . I want to start another novel but then i won’t be able to put it down. And i don’t want that to happen. =[ My exams are next month. OmG tests starting again from monday. Unfair! UNFAIR! :S Pelaze, no!

Interesting discovery:  Turritopsis nutricula is a kind of jellyfish that is biologically immortal. Awesome? I know.

I like the term ‘viral marketing’ . =] Dont you?

I have ten followers now. YAY. *teary happy parent smile* for bloggy.


Dee.Dee said...

I love how you're a sock-person =D I'm obsessed with socks too =D of all materialistic things in the world.

The Me. said...

Hahaha yay, i didn't know so many other people were sock obsessed too =D .

uglyduckling91 said...

You have small feet. =D
Good luck for the tests! =D~

The Me. said...

Hahah my feet aren't that smalll! These big shoe thingies are making them look small i guess. And thanks, need it =[ !

Somebody please comment on the awesome immortal jellyfish too =[

myworld said...

Cute! Love the pics
Best of luck! :)

The Me. said...

Thaaanks so much! =]

uglyduckling91 said...


The Me. said...

they aree! Theyre so awesome, they reverse their life cycle when they reach a certain stage and then become young again! xD