Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stupidness of the Stupid.

The iphone is stupid and it is being its stupid self. Its not my iphone (ofc), it is S2's iphone. But it is stupid. Its stupid i-tunes-ness and no-bluetooth-ness is really pissing me off. It has eaten my operation pictures and theres no way i can transfer them to my pc because of some stupid itune issue. I Need those pictures! Im updating the stupid itunes software, and its around some 85 mb or something. How stupid is that?
Now who wants to eat wafers?! Raise your hand.

P.s. No offense intended to the iphone owning population.

The flood :p


Hahahha. Imagine waking up in the morning (or the afternoon) and realizing that your room is flooded with water which is now almost a cm deep. Imagine.
It was fun, and shocking. =)
I dont feel like writing at all. Crap.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi everyone. I dont feel like writing in here at all :p . Such a pity. The only time i feel like writing something, is when im in the car, or just about to doze off, or some place far far away from this PC. And so. OUCH. Yeah okay nothing. What should i write about? Plenty of things i got. But i dont wannaa! Laziness taking over.


Monday, June 8, 2009

The needle in the neck.


Im alive. I survived through it YAY :D . Well, yes im happy as a bird because that scary needle-in-the-neck test is done with. Phew.Well, so here's the story..
I woke up at 8 30 a.m. Got dressed, went to the hospital with mom. First i had an ultrasound of the neck region, but i hated the doc that did it. He looked quite arrogant. Actually i think he was so. Anyway, we got the Ultrasound reports and headed to the FNAC test place. But! The doc here was sooo nice. He was cute. My mom told him that i was scared of this test, having no anaesthesia and all =p . He told me that it was going to be fine, and he explained to me exactly what he was gonna do. He even described the needle with which he was gonna do it. So i felt kinda better. Then he gave me some instructions.. 1) Dont move even an inch while im injecting the needle. 2) Sit as straight as you can. 3) Keep your neck relaxed. 4)If you feel pain, which you wont, dont grab my hand.
Well, even if i would've felt pain, im not so idiotic to grab the hand with which he was holding the injection -__- , but i guess some crazy patient must have done that at one time, thus the warning :p. Anyway, my mom stood by me, and held my head a little. And bling! The needle was in. Ouch. It hurt. But it was okay. I didn't think about the pain. I was just thinking, be still be still be still. And then the needle was out. Ouch. Then they put a piece of cotton on it. Then they put a bandage on it. And my reports will be here at 1 pm. Okay i just told the whole story.
Now that im home, it does hurt a little, its kinda uncomfortable, but not really. Its okay. Im so brave. =p . My mom told my dad that i was a very fine patient. Ha! How awesome am i?

Anyway, yay. Its over. I hope they decide against the operation and my life can return back to normal soon. Poof. Im gonna sleep now.



So today is a special day, cuz today is the day i got my first make-up accesories :p LOL yes, i did. But for some reason, i dont feel like discussing it. Maybe sometime later. Im freaked out, cuz tomorrow morning some doctor is gonna stick a needle into my neck. Its terrifying.
I hope i survive :p .
S1 says turkeys are ugly.

Ta. Laters.

p.s. I really HATE giving titles to every post of mine. -___-

Sunday, June 7, 2009



Well. I just ate so many peanuts. Anyway, today was a typical boring day. Dead. Not really, but close to it. Could've been worse, but anyway. I played Ono with S1 and Dad, and Dad won =/ ! As in, the deal was that anyone who'd win the game 3 times would win and he did. I had won just 1 :p and S1 had won 2 . Hmph. I didn't get any wild cards, while they both did. So, unfair okay? Whatever.
I cant wait to go to pindi again. Weeeee! Mom said, after the operation, all ill be eating is Ice creams, and cold shakes and everything cold. Eee. She also said that its a tiny operation and stuff, but then she goes on and asks me scary questions like how much do you think is your threshhold for pain? and im like :o , i dont know. Well, i dont mind cuts, and scratches, and all that stuff, but cant really say. :o
Im bored. I have exchanged my cellphone with S1's.
Nowadays, i video chat with S2 everyday =p . Its fun. My mom was very happy to see S2 on the screen that day. Cute, lol.
Okay, enough for now. Im bored. Grr.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

More about the Me =p

As of Now
I am listening to: London - Blood Diamond Sountrack
Maybe I should: Get a life, and get off facebook.
I love: Mr.Cuddles and Mr.Hubble.
I have lost my respect for: Sir Anjum :p LOL.
I will always be: awesome.
I never ever want to lose: the people i love.
I get annoyed when: someone tugs at my hair.
Today I: woke up at around 3 pm. Watched Benjamin button, which was a drag.
I wish: oh yeah , i wish!

Have you laughed until you cried: Lots of times.
Have you found out who your true friends were: I guess so, yeah.
What were you doing at midnight last night: Eating peanuts and talking to parents.
Name something you CANNOT wait for: My trip to gujranwala :D
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: No i haven't.
What are you listening to right now: Same mistake - James blunt.
Last time you saw your father : Last night!
Most visited webpage:

Facebook, google, msn, mininova.

About the Me.

Well. I dont have a life. And im bored. And i found this thing on facebook, so i filled it, and as i have nothing to write in here, so well , yeah, why not. Here you go:

The Basics
Hair Color: Billack.
Eye Color: Billack.
Profession: Student.

This or That
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla!
Coke or Pepsi : Pepsi.
Beer or Wine: Both =p
Coffee or Tea: Coffayy!
Apple Juice or O.J.: Apple Juice without a doubt.
Facebook or MySpace: Facebook.
Summer or Winter: WINTERS!
Cats or Dogs: Dogs, if i have to choose.
Rain or Shine : Rain.
Chips or Popcorn: Chips.
Salty or Sweet: Spicy :P
Morning or Night: Nightt.
Walk or Drive: Walk.
Money or Love: Both :p
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner.
Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgiveness. Not a revenge person =p
Paint or Wallpaper: Paint.
House or Apartment: Housee.

Do You?
Have Any Pets: Nope.
Have Any Children: Not that i know of. LOL.
Smoke: Ew.
Drink: Yes. Alchoholic.
Exercise: Try to =p
Spend Your Life On Facebook: Unfortunately, yes.
Play On A Sports Team: Pff!
Belong To Any Organizations: Naah.
Sing: All the time =p
Ice Skate: Never had a chance.
Swim: Yeah :D
Paint: Naah.
Write: Sure.
Juggle: Cant.

Have You Ever
Stolen Anything: I guess yeah, maybe, when i was little :$
Got Caught Telling A Lie: Yep.
Cheated On A Test: LOL. :p
Failed A Class: No =)
Eaten Food Off The Floor: NO =p
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: Maybe once or twice.
Cried During A Movie: Oh yeah!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Of blood groups and bombs.


Well, theres been so much hype about my soon to be operation (most of it being self created =p) that i cant help feeling excited about it! Im terrified though, of the pain. I dont like the pain. But what will happen will happen, why worry. For now, im just excited.
I'll be pampered out of my head, and ill be the Queen, and everyone else will serve me. And they should, because im precious. Oh and that reminds me, that i really am precious. Well, my blood group is O- , and regardless of what s1 says :p, only 7 % of the people in the world are O- .
Everyone else in my family, is either A+ or O+ , which are 32% and 38% respectively. SO, thats an appreciable difference, which means, im rare.
Tsk, im writing total crap. Im almost annoyed by it :p .
But ill continue! Its quite windy outside, and i can hear the doors going crazy downstairs. Its funny actually, the sound of a door being closed with a bang, is quite similar to that of a distant bomb blast. Im serious, im not exaggerating. They're very similar! The only difference is that echo thing. In a bomb blast, you hear the echo of the sound, something like that. Anyway, whatever, its just really sad that ive heard bomb blasts so often. Bang Bang Bang. Its even sadder that we don't go out anymore, no one goes out anymore because its so unsafe. That day, i passed that plaza, and there was this giant advertisement on Crossroads about the new summer collection and what not. I made a mental note, that i'd go there with S1 and check stuff out onc my exams end. But then i was like, argh, i cant. Unsafe. Bombs. Eeek. SAD! (the sad thing being the general state of things, and not me being unable to go shopping :p).
Okay, i should go do Aschelminthes now. Its the phylum with the worms. Ew.