Saturday, November 27, 2010


When i see someone make a lame joke, or say something really cheap and then laugh at it, I want to be able to say to their face 'ew, that was so cheap!'. But I can't. And that's sad. Sigh.
Im obsessed with that song by Eminem, called Beautiful. Of all the people, yes its Eminem's song that i've become obsessed with.. I don't know.
I want to have fun. I want to be busy. I want to run, or work, or play a sport, or just do something very tiring. Physically tiring, not mentally tiring. I really want to. =[ But there's nothing. Not at 1 am in the morning atleast.
A friend's dad is going to Tanzania. =O . I asked her to ask him to bring me a teeny souvenir. LOL =o . And she said yeah sure. Oooo. Fun no? I know.
I hate fighting. So lame.
No one talks proper anymore. I'd like to be able to talk good stuff with people yknow. Have a good conversation. A solid one. Not about lame everyday stuff, but about random little important stuff. People tend to lie alot. You never know what they're really thinking. Its so confusing. Its lame. Are you reaching outt for me? Ïm reaching out for youuuu. Lalalaa.
I think I would never be able to act. As in, seriously, act. Because i think I'd be too distracted. I'd have a billion little things going on in my mind at all times, and I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my lines. Or my facial expressions. Therefore, no acting. Not for me, no.
I haven't been going out for walks on the terrace lately. Ive become so lazy. I don't get bored at all. Im lazy. Eww.
I'm not ready to die. But then, is anyone?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pictures, and some blah.

I know the pieces fit, 'cuz i watched, them fall away.

Listening to Tool after so long. I'm sitting on a teeny little sofa near the heater. Its warm. We’re going out for Chinese tonight. Its going to be fun. Ill wear my black clothes.

I have a friend. She was so rude to me the other day. I don’t feel like talking to her now. Anyway. I bought things for my hostel the other day with mom. I bought new bed sheets, and a pair of shoes and a cover for my new comforter etc.

Oh oh. The best news.


Me and s2 don’t have much to do these days. So we went out to get some new dvds. We ended up buying the first season of Greek. And then we had a Greek marathon last night. s2 slept around 3. But i stayed up till after 5:30 watching episode after episode. It was fun. Zombie like.

No fault, none to blame it doesn't mean I don't desire to
Point the finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over

Things are getting complicated. Regarding other stuff. But I'm praying that it all gets smoothed out. It smoothed even a word? Its a weird word don’t you think?




These are my socks\boot type soft thingies :D A friend gave them to meh.


They came with these socks. They’re the fluffiest!



These are my two bedsheets.


THIS little baby. Is called Junior. He's not mine. He belongs to s1. But i named him.  


Ooo. And this! Is my funny little joke of a phone that I'm using these days cuz my real one’s in therapy. The company’s name as you can see is G-Tide. Pff.

Thats all the pics i have for now. More later.

To bring the pieces back together, rediscover communication.

I read online that if you slice onions while chewing a gum, you won’t tear up. I have yet to try this.

Okay bye.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Home awesome home.

Got back home from Pindi today. Me and s2 stayed there for a few days. Eid was FUN FUN FUN. Family time. I love my family. Even though they're crazy and weird. O.o
Mom and dad are always bringing up 'my moving to Lahore' waala topic. I wish they wouldn't talk about it until we totally have to. Cuz then it makes me sad.
I just had a muffin. I love it. Me and mom love it.
LOL. Mom and s1 started being cats all of a sudden. And started saying 'mat jaaaaao, mat jaaaao' . Does that help? No. =] No no no! -.-
Im not changing my decision so please don't make it harder =] Okay? Okay.
Home's nice.
All comfy comfy.
Here they go again. 'Mat jaaao, mat jaao'.
Ajeeb hain ye do larkiyan.
OmG. I laughed SO much today. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move. I was Stuck in Laughter. =] I like to be lame.

I got new socks. My friend brought it for me. They're Black and gray and like that. I'll upload a pic later.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Eid be tomorrow. We're going to Pindi. Cousins and people gathering there. So fun. HOPEFULLY. INSHALLAH. Okay? =]
So. Its Teetee's birthday today. Aww. =)
Last night, I was making sausages in the pan. And I did everything right, but somehow, suddenly the pan caught fire. And i was holding the pan. And i didn't know what to do, and s2 was there with me and she ran to get the water bottle. And I was running after her, with the pan still on fire. =) And then s2 told me to put it down. And so i did. And that was the end of it =p . But it was exhilerating. And fun. Haha.

And and. Then.

Kylie give me just a chance, lets go out and dance.

Haha. Its such a shitty funny song.

I got an inbox today. On facebook:

HeYi !!
how are you ,I hope that you will be doing good .. So i am Hasan from Lahore (pAk) Doing Mcs and i want to know What do you do and where are you from ? Your Likings Dislikings and About Your Self ?

Take Care :P

My likings and dislikings. :3) Hahah.

I just sneezed.

Happy eid y'all!

Dad wants me to make coffee for him. He said the coffee i made for him lastnight was yum. =) Yayiee. Okaybye.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chocolate ants.

I miss doing picture posts. And  i haven't done one in sucha long time. But i don't even have my camera, or my red cell phone atm. So i can't. I feel like it though. Okay anyway.
I slept alot today. Over sleeping is SO annoying. My head starts hurting and urgh, its weird. And annoying. I'm sitting in s1's room. She's pretending to study, but is really watching the Proposal on tv. And I'm here. Writing this.
Mom dad aren't home. They had to go to Jhelum for something, and then Faisalabad to meet some relatives and then Lahore to pick s2 and then come back. So. The house is quiet. OmG. Its going to be SO much fun when s2 comes. Because she's done with her Proffs and she's free, and I'm free, and so we'll have fun.
We haven't taken out our winter clothes yet. I keep telling mom to take them out. So that i can wear them -.- . Because its cold.
Oooooo. Check this out.


Ants are a popular addition to confection in some nations, and in others (where the ants are huge), they are eaten fried or baked. Frankly, the idea seems repellent to me, but to each his own. If you want to enjoy ants in France you can buy them in chocolate bars. [Taken from Listverse]

I mean seriously. =\ Eeeeeek. People eat weird things. Hmph.
I watch one movie every night. I watched Salt, and Apollo 13 and Love Happens. Apollo 13 was niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
I've seen Armageddon a BILLION times. Its always ON! On one of the movie channels on tv. But I like it. It doesn't annoy me.

I'm going to make noodles for myself.
Urgh. A girl on my facebook, asked for suggestions for Horror movies. I suggested. And now i keep getting notifications because her lame cousins have started a lame discussion there which ain't even funny. :s . Annoying.
I had a weird dream. There was this girl. She was little. But she was SO fat. She covered up the entire bed. And my mom thought she was awfully cute. Haha. Weird.
Okay enough. I go noodle.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Canvas.

A pill to make you numb, a pill to make you dumb, a pill to make, anybody else. But all the drugs in this world, won't save her from herself. 

I love the violin. Its emotional.
Different smells, remind me of different things. Memory and smells go together.
Everything's temporary. Nothing will last. If only I accept that, I shall learn to worry less.
Decision making. Never been good at it. Sticking to the decisions i make. Even worse.
How do people go on with their lives like that? Without doubting everything?
I'd like to swim in bitter cold water. Just for the sake of it.
I thought, what's the point of all this talk about recklessness and change, if i don't do anything about it?
We're all going to die anyway.

Giddy up and and gold mine, different place, different time, all the stars are in their prime.

Jelly. Strawberry flavoured. Cold. Almost frozen. Yum.
White socks. Walk here. Walk there. Black socks.
DJ this DJ that. I hate all DJ names.
Turned on the heater for a while today. And the room suddenly smelt like winters.
Big Baby in Toy Story 3. Very very creepy and very very cute. Love.
Houston, we have a problem. Watching Apollo 13 tonight. For the first time.
Why don't more people read Listverse? I read it everyday.

*wipes dust off the laptop screen*

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I made tea for mom and dad today. I thought I had made the BEST TEA EVER. I thought it would blow them away. I thought the colour was perfect. But. They said it was one of the worst cups of tea i've ever made them. =) How sweet.
Also. I mean. I have thsi t-shirt. I LOVE IT. I adore it. Its the awesomest tee ever. I call it my Red Tee. But today. S1 was like. Its brown. And i was like. o.O ? And she was like. Yes its brown. I mean. Its RED. Dark RED. Its NOT brown. I was offended. I asked dad. He couldn't really decide either. I asked mom. She said it was Rust. I asked her if it was Red or Brown. She sad it was Red + Brown. So. Umm. Rust.
But then I thought Rust is cool too. My awesome Rust Tee. :D Isn't it?
So Rust it is. It has a nice ring to it.

'is feeling sporty, amongst other things.' - Is my Facebook status.

Umm. Okay. More later.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Why is it that whenever something big happens, I don't feel like blogging about it? I mean. I do feel like blogging about it, but I don't. Because most of the time, I just don't know where to begin.
So. I'll sum it all up. Writing in points is always easy.

*I'm moving to Lahore. For College.
*This is HUGE.
*I made a choice. I know things are going to be hard.
*People can be very discouraging.
*I hope I don't regret this. I've decided that whatever happens, I WONT regret it. I'm going to go along with this.
*Umm. What else.
*I came back from Lahore a day ago. Stayed two weeks. It was FUN.
*I watched Inception. Finally. LOVED it. Its hard to pull off an idea like that.
*I feel weird nowadays. Constantly. Ajeeb.
*Its cold. I sleep in a blanket. I wear socks.
*I hate formalities. They make everything so complicated. One doesn't know whats real.
*I was traumatized yesterday. Ive never seen a mouse or a rat upclose. I was in the kitchen. I felt something on my leg. It was something black and furry, and then it ran under the stove. I screamed-ish. And stayed in shock. I wanted to cut my leg off.
*Dad is SO CUTE. He does NOT want me to leave for Lahore. So he wasn't happy with me. But then later he called me and said 'Main soch raha tha surprise karoon, but phir socha ke pooch loon. Fish khaao gi? Le aata hoon'. I was like. Yay. =). I love fish.
Okay, more later.
*Im sleepy.