Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sadness, drama and the ten faces.

So. I don’t know where to start. Im breaking my rule of not blogging on bad days. Well, i have blogged on bad days, but not about bad days. As in, not ever about why the bad day was such a bad day after all right? So, well, here you go. Today, is a bad day.

Today was goodbye-s2 day. One of the many goodbye-s2 days, that i hate. I don’t like them. Who likes them? No one does. I don’t either! I don’t like goodbyes. I don’t want to talk too much about it. Whatever. I don’t know.

Lately, the world has been sucky. Very sucky. So sucky. Just too sucky. And my new found anger disease ain’t been helping things either. I am so sick of the drama. The lameness and never endingness of it. And the everywhere-ness of it. And i’m sick of double faced people, and more so with the ten faced ones, who show only two of their faces and keep the other eight buried deep into their back pocket. You’ll be all happy, feeling so good about yourself, and about how you know all about the two faces, when one shiny day, they’ll pull out face number 7 for you. And then they’ll try to pretend its still face number 2 and that its always been face number 2. But no, its face number 7 and there’s no mistaking that, is there?  No there isn’t. And it pisses you off, how you never knew about face number 7 till that day. It puts you off and ruins your mood. You start to wonder about face number 3, 9 and 10 too and how lame they would be. And it just makes you sad. The whole ten-faced-ness. It makes you go all “ :/ “ .It really does, you know.

Now, i don’t like feeling low, and then talking about it. Maybe i like to talk about it, its just that i don’t want to. I am talking about it today though. I don’t know. How funny. Not really. Anyway, moving on.. What else did i want to write about? Yes, i want to mention here what s1 said to me that day. She told me that one can expect anything from anyone. And i totally agree. Its all about situations though. And circumstances. And french fries.

Its 11.23 pm. I had to study today. Exams start 26th of this month. I better go now. We made really nice green chlorine in chem lab today. Ours was the best. Or thats what i like to think.

P.s – Its okay if you don’t comment on this one. Its long, sad, and boring. But i already feel better. So yay to that!


Nipun said...

What flow once again..
Even though it was long but it was interesting. Some qualities revealed..
Thats a real good work i must say..
Happy new year and may u find better people.



Dee.Dee said...

I know that feeling: trying not to blog about sad things, and only writing about the happy side of your life. I often end up deleting my own depressing posts...but then I think maybe there was someone out there who could relate to it's okay to be like this once in a while =).

Next time someone shows you face number 7, you give them 10 times more of your face number 1. That's what I do. It fixes them. It makes them the loser. You the winner. All without any words, or catfights. When they go to the bad extreme, you go to the good extreme. Hope it works.

And. Have some coffee, Psych Ranter. =)

The Me. said...

Nipun: Lol thaanks. And i do have some very awesome people thankGod. =]

Deedee: Hahah, yeah, its good to not be random-hyper-weird at times =p . But, no coffee for some time. It makes my system go nuts. :[
p.s. thanks for the advice though. xD

Anonymous said...

One thing I learned from 2009 was what your S2 told you: Expect anything from anyone. And it really, really screwed me up in the last few months but I managed somehow. Still trying to.

Trust yourself, if no one else. Don't let people bring you down like that. Especially down to a point where you blog annoying posts with 'you know', 'whatever', 'like' and other teenage terms. -.-

The Me. said...

Hahahah @ annoying teenage terms. :D
And, yeah im pretty optimistic most of the times, and i dont let people get to me usually, but at times when you've had too much coffee, and too many things on your head, it just gets to you. .___.
And i'm loving Balmorhea. Alot. =]

uglyduckling91 said...

French fries. :)

Hope you're feeling better now. And it's okay to blog about everything. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm so very glad you are. :)

And if you like the piano played so know, you might like something equally beautiful in dramatic terms when it comes to the guitar: Mono.

It's a Japanese band. I'll upload a song. You'll like it, hopefully.

Maryam said...

French Fries <3
Your blog is good. Because you mentioned French Fries <3
Yeah, so. I have an exam in an hour - excuse the mini-psych-rant up there.

I like your blog =)

The Me. said...

uglyduckling and maryam: french fries <3 totally! And thaanks for dropping by and and liking the blog. :]

Mehreenkasana: ooh ive actually heard of mono. I just had one of its songs though called 2 candles, 1 wish. Loved it. Im going to start downloading todayy! Ill check your blog out though.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love the fact that you mentioned what I said in your blog.
Number two, I love what you said about the faces. Just too true.

P.S Frenchfries are life. I wish they weren't so fattening.

P.P.S You write amazingly well.

The Me. said...

=D Lalala!