Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chapter 18.

Im Eighteen. =]

Dad brought four different blocks of cake from the cafe. We had a big candle in between. Then we cut the cake and then the birthday song was sung.

I prayed to God to somehow make it rain on my birthday please. And look outside, its started to rain. :D

Happy birthday to me. I like Me. I love you Baba. =d And God, i love You the most!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

In my head.

My birthday’s almost here. Me and my dad share the same birth date. 25th of February, that is. I’m big on birthdays. I’ve been feeling black these past couple of days. No reason. Just. My mom is so cute.

Telenor has betrayed my trust. Im getting a warid sim as back up. :\IMG_0640 I don’t feel like writing. I mean, i do. But i can’t right now, i think. Umm. I love The lord of the rings. Legendary stuff.

Gollum: [singing] Pretty little fly. Why does he cry? Caught in a web. Soon he'll be... eaten.

I’m a rare specie. My blood group is O- and i just have half a thyroid gland.

It's a dream I'm having and I keep relapsing
all that's in my head.

Enough for today. Byebye.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just around the river bend.

Its thundering outside. Notice how i didn’t write a Valentines day post? Well. No special reason. I like valentines day and all, but i just didn’t feel like blogging today. I love Love. Its so nice isn’t it? I love everything.

What I love most about rivers is:
You can't step in the same river twice
The water's always changing, always flowing
But people, I guess, can't live like that
We all must pay a price
To be safe, we lose our chance of ever knowing
What's around the riverbend
Waiting just around the riverbend

..Mr.Hubbles is my valentine btw. Incase you were curious.

I love Life. Life is awesomeness. I love all the bad parts and the good parts. I love the whole mystery factor in life. God invented Awesome. So we cant even imagine just how awesome He is. I love you God. You’re the Best.

I was bored that day. So i decided to learn to draw. From the internet. Here. Check out the pictures.

IMG_0584  IMG_0583

Go ahead, click on the pictures and see the enlarged version.

I know the Rabbit sucks. Its super fat and distorted. The dog’s pretty cute. According to my friend X, he looks like his bitch dogess just left him. I agree. Okay after these two, i made a man’s face. Its not bad. Here Here see:


Hes nice no? Looks like i tore the face off a ‘WANTED’ poster, but whatever. I don’t know how to draw. So its pretty good according to my standards. Yes. Okay.

I look once more
Just around the riverbend
Beyond the shore
Somewhere past the sea
Don't know what for ...
Why do all my dreams extend
Just around the riverbend?
Just around the riverbend ...

So. The living room smells like rain and roses. Awww. My dad got my mom some roses. <3 CUTE? I know! How cute is my dad. He’s the cutest. My mom got more walnuts for me. I love her.

I watched 2012 today. It was entertaining. But it made me think so much about death. And how people deal with death. Its the hardest thing. Death.

Should I choose the smoothest curve
Steady as the beating drum?
Should I marry Kocoum?
Is all my dreaming at an end?
Or do you still wait for me, Dream Giver
Just around the riverbend?

..S2 is ignoring me. I don’t like her. And telenor’s making my life hell by not delivering other people’s messages to me on time, which is making me think that almost everybody is ignoring me. Not nice. I want CHEESE POPCORNS. But one packet has so many of them. And i’d waste more than half if i make them now. =[  But i want! =[

Ah. Okay. I should be studying now. The entry test is next month. But oh well.

It is only when you are pursued that you become swift.
-Kahlil Gibran

True. Okay i can hear the rain outside. Its loud o.O. Bubye then!

Happy reading (and commenting =P)!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shepherd moons.

I’ve been wanting to write something here. Something nice. Since morning. But i really can’t come up with anything. I have a lot of things on my mind. As in, things I've been observing and noticing and forming opinions about. [for lack of a better activity. pff]. But i can’t seem to channel it out here. Its pretty annoying. You don’t know.

I have to start planning and studying for the big entry test. But i don’t feel like starting just yet. I want a break. From my stupid routine. From the dullness and deadness of everything. I hate deadness. I LIVE in deadness. This place is dead. Everything is dead! Well.. Not really. I'm just saying. And I'm saying this cuz I'm terminally bored. Oh yes i am.

I want to go climb some nice mountain or something. I have to get my eye sight checked. I’m so blind. Food’s here. I'm going to watch the departed for the second time. I watched it back then when it was new. And that’s four years ago. So yeah I'll watch it again. I don’t remember it.

My blog is boring and monotonous. =[

*Wears a cone cap with something sad written on it and sits in the corner*

Pfff. No. Not really. Anyway. I like being optimistic. I don’t like all the black negativity. A little is fine. But not too much. I will kill it. I still haven’t seen Avatar. Can you believe that? [Well, of course you can =s].

Okay. I have a very pretty picture for you all. I took it on the way to my friend’s house that day. Its soooo. Well. See for yourself. =D


Tell me its awesome. Or I'll have to kill myself. So that i can turn into a ghost .And then haunt you. And then kill you.

Lame. Okay. Go, shoo now.

Oh, don’t shoo just yet.


P.s.2. You might have noticed that the title has nothing to do with the rest of the post. I have decided that i will chose random songs from my real player play list and use them as titles for random weird posts like these. Thankyou very much.

P.s.3. I will write nicer stuff in the future =[ I think. Ill try o.O . =\

Monday, February 8, 2010


Oh God. Chemistry is trying to kill me. =’[

The fact that its my last paper tomorrow aint helping much. Everyones sleeping. No ones online on msn. Nothings happening on facebook. Im sick of all the songs. I have no new comments to make me feel good either. And i suck =’[

Theres so much to do. I just. Oh God. =[ Help.

I had coffee. Its raining outside and i feel like laughing so much. But what do i laugh about? :@ Im all jumpy and weird. AND I CANT LEARN ALL THOSE STUPID WEIRD REACTIONS OKAY? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? :S


Everyone hates you. Why don’t you just go away? Have you no self respect at all?

Friday, February 5, 2010

I want to hug a panda.

I'm listening to Enya. A track called Boadicea. Its quite soothing. It rained here last night. Not heavy rain. Just a little. I woke up late and stayed in bed for some time. The air had the scent of winter in it. Then mom called and asked to come down for breakfast. Now I'm here, trying to study. Chemistry. My exam is on Monday. I hate it. I can’t learn all those reactions. Its impossible.

I feel peaceful, among many other things. I love my giant gray sweater and my matching plain gray socks. There's something about winter clothes that makes you feel so good. I'm going to watch Marie Antoinette today.

I want to go stand on the top of a mountain. I want to hug a giant panda. Have pancakes and cheesecake for breakfast. Take a ride on a roller coaster. Make pots out of mud. I want to kill my brain and my back, working for hours on something that i like.

I love it how we’re always learning something. Good experiences and bad ones. They help us grow. One of the reasons i blog, and take pictures is to look back at them sometime later to see how much I've changed. And how much everything else has changed.

Right now, i want to know everything about Titanic, Einstein and the World Map. Oh God, You’re the Best.

update: it has started raining again. I'm on the terrace right now. The birds are just nuts. But they sound nice. Heehee. My hands are freezing. I just had coffee. I'm all hdywiqpncb now. Chemistry, go to hell. =]

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Since this is my 100th post, i’ll celebrate and tell you all some random things about me. Its your lucky day. cornw

- If you haven’t already figured it out, s1 is my eldest sister, and s2 comes after her. I’m the youngest. I love being the youngest.

- I personalize everything i own. Things i own, were made only for me. They suit me and i suit them.

- I think babies and children don’t like me. That’s why i often shy away from them. A lot of times i make my fish face to make them like me. They find it interesting.

- I love to read. Anything and everything. From novels to health articles to blogs to the stuff written on the back of shampoo bottles.

- I forgive easily. I don’t like fighting and shouting and all that weird headachy stuff.

-  I love all the little things in the world. The really little ones that we all take for granted.

- I'm a texting person.

- My dream is to run on wet roads till i can’t breathe. And sing songs while i’m running. At 5 am in the morning.

- I can’t tolerate self pity. I’ll kill you.

- If it were upto me i’d buy a new cellphone every few months.

- I can’t take compliments very well:

Person: Hey i love your bag!

Me: Oh. Hah. really? oh..okay. This is the only bag i have actually. So yeah, what else is up?

- I love eating those sugar free wheat biscuits that taste like cardboard. Only softer. I haven’t tasted cardboard. I’m just saying.

Okay enough about me.

I have my second last exam tomorrow. Should get back to studying and watching House.