Sunday, April 26, 2009

Between Me and Dad.

So well, everyone knows how awesome Dad is. And he's funny. So here are some random bits and pieces of my short senseless convo's with him. =p

convo # 1:

Dad : Parh nahi rahi ho aajkal.
Me : *putting on a shocked face* : Parh rahi hoooon baba.
Dad : Hmm. Tyaari kaisi hai?
Me : Mujhay nai Pata :\
Dad : Phir kis ko pata hai?
Me : Pata nai :\
Dad : Kyun pata nai?
Me : Bas na, pataa naiiiiiii.
*Dad looks at me like im crazy*

convo # 2 :

*Me sitting doing something, with my hair made up in a different way that i think looks nice on me*
*Dad enters and looks at me*
Dad : Ye baalon ke saath kia kiya hua hai?
Me : Babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

convo # 3 :

*Mom and dad come to pick me from my friends house. I enter the car*

Mom : Hellooo.
Dad : Hiiii. Har waqt Hiiiiii. Jab bhi baaat karo, Hiiiii. Ghar aao, Hiiiii. Aik word seekh lia hai isnay Hii Hiii karti rehti hai. aur kuch nahi bolti.
Me and Mom : LOL. :\

convo # 4 :

Dad : Acha jaao, doodh aur shehed le ke aao.
Me : Babaaaaa. Raat hai.
Dad : To kia hua raat hai. (Pretends he doesn't know what im talking about :p)
Me : Kitchen main naiii na, please. cockroach =\
Dad : To kia hua cockroach hai to ? (Again pretends he doesn't know what im talking about :p)
Me : Pata hai naa apko. S1 se kahain meray saaath aaye.
Dad : To kia kehta hai cockroach? Apna kad dekho aur cockroach se darna dekho.
Me : Kad se kia hota hai.
Dad : Jaao, jaldi se laao. Garam kar ke.
Me : :(
* i obey*

Convo # 5 :

*Dad calls at the ptcl number for something. I pick up*

Me : Hello?
Dad : Hello..
Me *business like tone* : Jee, Asalamualaikum, aap kaun baat kar rahay hain?
Dad : Pagal baat kar rahi ho?
Me *indifferent* : Aap kaun baat kar rahay hain?
Dad : Main aa ke batata hoon kaun baat kar raha hoon.
Me : hahahah. HI!

The End.

P.s. My dad's a very serious person btw. Seriously.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Alright so, people, S2, is officially 'M.B' now okay? I feel more comfortable with this. AND. Im so glad she commented on my blog. Oh wait. Dad calling. Oh. Man. woot. He wants me to go sit downstairs, the house is empty. So.
Ill write in later.


Dad brought two things for me today.

dairy mortei

Yep. I feel invincible.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Have you ever jumped into water from a height without holding your nose?
I have.
The water goes straight to your head, and you become limp. After floating around for a little while.
It gets okay.

And a very Happy Birthday to Beach :D

4:34 am.

So like the white area in my eyes, i.e, the cornea, actually has streaks of red right now. Lack of sleep. Umm, rather, stupid sleeping routine. Plus, a lot of monitor-staring.


Physics is like the longest subject ever! Oh God..


My eyes are like balloons. Eyes become balloons, when 1) You sleep alot, or 2) You cry alot. But i didn’t do any of that stuff, so i guess the balloons are just imaginary.

Monday, April 20, 2009



.. is going on. Stupid fat Effesy books.


… + coffee.


+ stupid derivations at 5 am.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Exams. After a week.
Dread. Taking. Over.
And guilt! And Dread. And fear.

Friday, April 17, 2009



I had tea again today. In the morning. It was alot better than the first time i drank it.
Alright so i dont hav my glasses right now and i really dont know what im typing. I cant see.
Im blinf. Blind as a bat.


OmG omG . On the terrace. i hear two cats. and a crow and screams and fights and omG what not. Its quite disturbing. One cat is making evil noises. Must go and check!
back. No i cant see them. I still can hear them. I hate cats ALOT. They're so evil and they always want to be pampered. EW.


I just realized that i raise my eyebrow alot. Even though i dont really know how to. I first lower one eyebrow, then raise the other one, so that in comparison, it looks properly raised. I can hear a dog barking outside. I hope he ate the screaming cat.

Thursday, April 16, 2009



So here's whats funny. I was very tired. And so i forgot about the studies and the tensions of the world ( :p ) and i turned the lights out and went to sleep. When i finally woke up, i wasn't sleepy anymore and i didn't have a headache. Then, i was such a genius, i decided to drink coffee anyway, to get 'fresher', and so i did. And now i have a headache. =)


EARTHQUAKE. Just happened. =( Its the 4th one this year i guess. What the hell. I think my theory is right after all. Earthquakes are gonna get as common as bomb blasts. We're all going to get used to earthquakes. I for one am not that jumpy anymore. Its the second time that i didn't run out of the door like crazy after the earthquake :p. Man..
My legs aren't even shaking. Im so brave. I didn't even get up from where i was sitting. :o Im very brave.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rain, rain, rain.


After every ten minutes i go to the window and smell the rain. Pretty.


Its evening now, and its still raining. I even went to sleep on the sofa near the window. I love the rain.


I just saw and heard lightning and thunder. I saw and heard it last night too!
Music and lightning goes well together.

Even Later:

I walked barefoot on the terrace while it was raining and the lights were out. My feet froze.

Waiting for coffee. Hot hot Coffee.

(And S2 refuses to comment on my blog unless there's some talk of
her in it. Therefore, yeah HI s2. s2 has alot of tests going on all the time. Ok enough. I call her M.B for good reason.)

Sunday, April 12, 2009



Alright, so first thing. I hate giving titles to each and every post. I dont write about a particular topic and so i dont have a particular title to give to any of my posts. So this title thing annoys me quite alot. And you know what else annoys me quite alot? Sh annoys me QUITE alot. A moment ago, she tampered with the pc wires and my internet stopped working again. =@ And now its working again. And now she's trying to clean the bed im sitting on. :@ She also took the matress in my room to the other room :@ . I am ANNOYED.
Okay. I am going to calm down now.
So. The sun is insanely bright again. Im trying to ignore Sh's random muttering right now.
My headache is better today. Stupid coffee. And and. What else. I drank tea today and i didn't like it at all. It had a weird taste. And i couldn't finish it. But i did. I always finish stuff. I even finish the death-by coffee. OMG I CANT TOLERATE SH RIGHT NOW :O . SHE IS ASKING ME TO PLAY SONGS. Im angry.
She messed up the wires. Then she made remarks about my studies. Now she is asking me to play songs. She just held Mr.Hubbles upside down by one leg. =\ Whats wrong with her?
I shall commit murder today.


I just saw the first drop of rain fall on my terrace. How prettay!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


The sun is way too bright outside. Its unreal. 
But im still wearing my socks/shoes type thingies. 
Today is chemistry day. Yesterday was Urdu day. 
Im trying to incorporate 'healthy meals' in place of Coffee in my diet. 
I cant last very long without coffee.
My study session will start at 2 pm.
My room is littered with rose petals. S1 went to a wedding last night and brought a flowery mass back with her which apparently leaks. And litters.
My room smells like a wedding hall now.

Im sleepy!
Mustt...have..coffe-NO. Cant have coffee. *must =(*

Ok enough.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Elive again!

Im out of hibernation. Finally. And back with more. Back with 1 Mb ptcl awesomeness. ^.^
Wohoo to that. Okay. Err, why is my downloading speed confused between 11-13 kbps ? :) Why?
I was really loving the 148 kbps :o . Stupid.
Okay well. Today is Urdu day so i have a sher for all of you:

Ye aarzu thi keh tujhay gul ke roobaroo kartay
hum aur bulbul betaab guftugu kartay.

Awesome. This above sher means. That the poet loves the mehboob, and the bird loves the flower. Bird thinks flower is prettier but poet thinks mehboob is prettier. So the poet wants a confrontation. He wants to put the flower and mehboob together, so that he and birdy can argue about whose prettier. He thinks he'll win.

Yeah so thats that. Speed is , 128 now. Phew. Alright so theres nothing much to tell really right now, except that i am about to go downstairs to get biryani. And lights gonna go out again. And thats going to be deadly because emergency lights have all retired. And mosquitos are going to conquer. OMG. The weirdest thing. S1 found a 'cockraoch's leg' *OMG DEJA VU*, on the quilt =\ . I dont know where it came from or how =\ But its scary and weird. Hahaha, when i told Sh about the leg, she said, it cant be a cockroach's leg 'aisa to nai ho sakta na keh cockroach aaya ho, apni taang phenk kar chala gya ho' :P hahah. Funny.

Ok its gotten quite cold here nowadays btw. Funny. Mid april and cold. Lol.
Lovin it.
Ok bye. Enough.