Monday, August 2, 2010

A poem, y'know.

Where is everyone I might ask?
My blog has turned into a desert.

I'm listening to a song that I don't understand.
I watched people eat live beetles on Fear Factor.

The lights went out, and my speaker stopped working.
My friend, N won't laugh at my jokes.

My mom says the color pink suits me
I wish I could have some ice cream right now.

I shall not talk about bad things that are happening,
That does not mean I don't feel, cuz i feel too much.

I solved a lot of MCQs today, with a pencil that I like.
When i told you about my speaker, I forgot to tell you about the fan, which ain't working either.

My ears hurt because of the stupid headphones I'm wearing,
I repeat, I'm listening to a song that I don't understand.

I ate Knorr noodles out of a nice yellow bowl today,
There was a cockroach outside my room last night, that left me stranded in my room.

I'm great at writing poems, this is also a poem you know.
I shall write more of these; a rare treat for you this shall be.


Ubaid said...

hehehe, loved this one :D

Anonymous said...

haha, wow this type of a poem is RARE, nice structure :)

Dee.Dee said...


Which song were you listening to? -_-

Anonymous said...

Yes, what was the song? =P

Moonie said...

these poems make me feel good.

The Me. said...

Ubaid: Yayy, glad you did ^^.

Lost soul: Hahah, yes nice 'structure' indeed. *nods*

Deedeedeedeee: :D
The song was some weird trance type thing =\

s1: Ill make you listen to it. You'll like it =p .

Moonie: Poems. As in plural? =o This is just one. *wonders*. But whatev. Yay to poem-making-you-feel-good. =D

AZ said...

The first three verses kind of frightened me. I don't know why.
I guess it could be from the fact that I spent all day watching this gruesome anime about the undead and am now the only person awake in this big, dark house. D:

The Me. said...

AZ: Hahah. Oh well, yeah if you look at it thaat way. o.O

Bakemono Imo said...

Coincidence #1: My speakers aren't working either. Well, the left one isn't. The right one is giving off more static than sound.

Coincidence #2: The fan's not working. Well it is, but it's going in reverse, really, really slowly. Hence it's busted.

Coincidence #3: The headphones lost their squishy foam padding a while ago. =(

As for the cockroaches, that's just sad man. It's actually afraid of you. SQUISH IT with fire!


The Me. said...

Alot of coincidences happening right there! =o . And no. Cockroaches are demons. They're not afraid of anything. >.<

HaRy!! said...

wat song was it anyways :}