Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amazing and useless.

Hey you.

My friend Sd came over today. In the morning. I was sleepy and grumpy like ~___~ . We had to study together. So we did. And we studied good. Cuz I don’t study before aftari when I’m on my own. Neither does she. So we decided to do it together so that we’d keep each other awake and fresh and all that. So. I was really exhausted today. Then my A.C pretended to not work. I was really upset. But then it stopped pretending. Then I was happy.

I had coffee over an hour ago. I'm fresh. I'm studying. I'm watching Rookie Blue. Its a new show. I watch stuff while I'm studying. Keeps me active.

Msn Messenger is not working. Im using ebuddy instead. Ebuddy is nice. And you know. The iphone usb cable im using? Its fake. The real one is still with s2. And the fake one is giving me a tough time >.< . Its so hard to charge it. Ima beg a friend tomorrow to lend me her cable =) .

I downloaded an iPhone app. I love it. Have a look:

pic1 pic2

It has 36 novels in total. I wish I could read all of them. But I only have the phone till Eid. –.- So Hmph. But whatever, I’ll buy real novels after I'm done with my test. So that trumps everything. Yay.

I've noticed something. My comments per post are decreasing as my number of followers is increasing. =s . Yes. Its happening. No fair right? –.-

Btw. Dolphins sleep with one eye open. Insecure people.



Roshni said...

I havent had coffee since Ramadhan started and now that you mention it...uhh..craving!
I want iPhone =(

hopelessly flawed said...

the app is so cool..ah i miss the page turning when i read books on my my lap...another reason to lust for the iphone.

p.s:wat test are preparing for??? (just curious)

The Me. said...

Roshni: I don't own an iPhone either, im using my sister's =p . And you can always have coffee after aftari yknow =d .

Flawed: Im preparing for an entry test. Medical College stuff!

hopelessly flawed said...

:O ud make one smart doc with the coolest sense of humor...all th best!