Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stupid little feeling, a pome.

Stupid feeling in the stomach, please go away
I'm sick of you now, you've been here all day

Cuz i need some focus, i need some calm
you help just a little, you do more harm

I was happy in the morning, then you ruined my mood
now nothing can make it better, not ice cream nor food.

Im an optimistic person, and i deal fine with stress
But you, you dirty little feeling, are too much I guess.

You make me feel annoyed, frustrated and mad
you make me feel helpless, hopeless and sad.

I shouldn’t ‘ve written a pome for you, cuz you aint so dear,
Insert a rhyming word here, like tear, near or fear.

Ok bye now stupid little feeling in the stomach,
you deserve an abrupt ending.


Moth said...

Hahahaha. Miss kerao tum is feeling ko :). You'll do great. And this feeling will kill you if you don't get rid of it. Believe in yourself and trust God.

Anuradha said...

I really enjoyed this :D

Anonymous said...

This is cute =)

Richa said...

This being adorable poem! :D

Closed eyes... said...

Funny and adorable. (:
I know how that is. :p

Tazeen said...

Heheheh... the ending made me laugh. :D Really!