Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something I love.

.I love it that my bed creaks.
.I love the orange and black colors outside my window.
.I love my sugar free wheat biscuits.
.I love how my dad asked me why i looked 'Korean' that day.
.I love having random urges to do somersaults in my room.
.I love waking up. I love going to sleep.
.I love how messy the lounge looks downstairs because of all the clothes.
.I love how my mom is scared of snakes.
.I love wearing my pink handbag, even though it doesn't match most of my clothes.
.I love beating coffee.
.I love drinking orange juice in that tall glass, with ice cubes and a straw.
.I love watching the actors studio on YouTube late at night.
.I love my big glasses.
.I love letting the sunshine in, in my room, the first thing in the morning.
.I love writing. On paper.
.I love getting so tired that my back hurts.
.I love singing songs that are easy to sing.
.I love reading about history on the internet and then forgetting everything I've read.
.I love my cell phone for not being everything i wanted it to be.
.I love being reminded of a dream i had at night, suddenly during the day.
.I love short sentences.
.I love gray.
.I love genuine laughter.
.I love my flimsy Pink shirt with an ugly bear on it.


Anonymous said...


Moonie said...

a couple of years ago, my mothers mamu put a snake in front of her face. she started crying and peed her pants. i am not kidding.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I might steal your idea! :p
you see, I am good at stealing ;)

Ally said...

your blog is the best in town. No kidding. =D

The Me. said...

Salman: Haha thaanks! =]

Moonie: =| Poor mom. =\

nZ: Hahaha, go ahead. Steal it :D .

Ally: That makes me go all ':D :D :D :D' !

Nur R. said...

gray! <3 <3 <3

K-ay said...

Wheeee! I used to have a pink bag too, that i wore with *everything*.
And I adore the concept of writing on paper. Screw you, microsoft word :)
Wheeeeee! Once again.

Have a nice day, you!