Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rain is a good thing.

Woke up at 11 a.m this morning. Snoozed my way to 12. Checked me messages. Message from Sd. 'Amazing rain'. I woke up. Looked outside the window. Felt like I was in a hill station. Went down. Got some orange juice. Got a packet of lays. Went to the terrace. rainrrSat in awe of the prettyness of it all. Came inside. Tried to study. Wasn't feeling well. Wanted to puke. Made some coffee. Didn't drink it. Slept instead. Woke up. Watched part of a lame movie. Sms-talked  with S2. Heard some interesting news. Shared the news with s1. Lied down. Looked at the cup of coffee. Slept again. Woke up. Took a tablet. Slept again. Woke up. Watched some news. Slept with the TV on. Woke up. Turned the TV off. Slept again. Woke up. Enough sleeping. Went down. Re-heated the coffee. Gulped it down. Got ordered by mom to eat something. Laughed. Took out two cold slices of pizza. Grabbed a bottle of water. Came upstairs. Went to the terrace. Sat in awe of the prettyness of it all. Ate. Music. Ate. Music. Sang. Sat. Stared at a cute bird. Pretended not to see the neighbor woman on the terrace next to mine. Waited for her to leave. She left. Felt relieved. Sat. Updated my status on facebook. Sat some more.Came inside. Took out a new packet of pens. Felt excited. Sat down to write about it.
Wrote about it.

Going to start studying now.


Shreya said...

dont we just love such wasteful days? :]

Ubaid said...

I am loving Lahore coz of its weather these days!

The Me. said...

Shreeya: Yes we do =]

Ubaid: The weathers been awesome all round!