Sunday, August 8, 2010

Snap snap.

Its 4:23 a.m. I’m supposed to be sleeping. But when does anyone ever do what he\she is supposed to do right? So. Here are some pictures!

Random ones.


Knorr chicken noodlies. Yum. New yellow plastic bowl btw.


Bounty. One of my favorites!


Serve Chilled. Yes sir! =]


A wittle stationery shopping I did one day. ^^


Name: Jack Black.

Weapon of choice: Spork.

(More on him later)


The nice spongy chocolate cake me and N made when I was at her place last year! =D


Okay whatever. I know my pictures are boring. And maybe they’ve made you a little hungry. But its just that, I can’t find my Digital Cam’s charger, and until and unless I find it, I am not going to be inspired to take pictures of random-things-that-look-pretty-all-of-a-sudden. Hmph.

Anyway. I had two cups of coffee today. Coffee, and more coffee. And lots of dish washing. Haven’t found a maid yet.

Oh. Check out this song.

‘Painted on my heart’ – The Cult.

Which gives me the idea, my next post should be about recommendations. Music, movies, whatever. :D Yum.

Okay bubye. Keep reading, keep commenting, keep me happy. Or you shall die. 


Shreya said...

i liked the cake the most :] and then the noodles :] they made me hungrrrrrry.

hopelessly flawed said...

the pics are they cant b boring to me.

i don't wanna die ;)
hope this counts

Ally said...

I love posts with random pictures! :p Sometimes I could just hug your blog! It is ver hopeful, random, interesting and furthermore, it is not full of is all about little happy thingies <3
Keep writing!!
And you love coffee...!!<3 Here we have all kinds of coffee..people live on coffee here... there are super big mugs of coffeee... french vanilla coffee, fresh brewed coffee, instatnt coffee, coffee makers, creamers, aerosol coffee creams and there's a whole department of coffee in every drugstore/ food store/ supermarket =p there's whole lot of coffeeness here in US =p

AL said...

Hahhaha cute post :)

The Me. said...

Shreya: The cake was yum. And so spongy. :D

hopelessly flawed: Hahah. Good good. You shall not face my wrath now =p.

Ally: Omg. ='[ What have you done? I am Black with envy ~_~ ! ='[ Lucky youuu!
AND! I LOVE LONG COMMENTS :D Thankyou for wanting to hug my blog :D

AL: gee, thanks :D

Anuradha said...

That cake looks delicious. @@

Moonie said...

you are so awesome you make me smile.