Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I’m having a meltdown. It started last night. And it hasn’t ended. I’m scared. Very. There’s so much to do. So much to remember. So much to practice. So much! Its just too much! I don’t know what I'll do. I’ve been studying good since then but maybe that's not enough now. I’m scared.  I’ve texted everyone. To somehow, unload it off me. But it hasn’t quite helped. Because I already know what everyone's gonna say. I’d say the same things to someone else if they had a meltdown. But I’m not convinced. I’m scared. Continuously. Its not going away. It just won’t.

I just want God, dear dear dear DEAR God to get me through this. =[



N said...

dont break down just now. you need to studayyyyyy! push yourself to study and you'll feel better.

Purple said...

You need a breather.
Repeat after me
Deep inhale, and exhale, let all of it out.
Do 200 jumping jacks.
And then start studying again.
Will help trust me.
You'll do good inshaAllah

hopelessly flawed said...

go to the mirror,talk to yourself

listen to your favourite song and
dream about the time after the exam..dream about how awesome things will be if you did well

eat something good and relish it

hug someone you love

pray and start again.

take ur time to breathe
thn strt nd dnt look back
worry less do more...have faith..dont think about things that are out of your control now.

hope some of this helps

Ally said...

Take little breaks while studying and don't drink much coffee while me it doesn't help while you're under pressure, it only makes you hyper and more worried (my observation.) Coffee is good when u are trying to relax and when you're happy =p