Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teahouse moon.


Enlarge to read.


Remya said...

Hey! You keep Roza too? Soo cool =D
Aww..your family seems to be having fun!..I miss me sister all of a sudden :\
Thanks fr the enlightening info at the end :P
P.S: If u dont gimme ur iPhone, I'll be forced to raid your house real soon.
*gives an evil grin*
Take care :)

Moonie said...

how did you get your notepad to turn all emo? it be awesome.

Ally said...

Don't be afraid to try a new template..once you do it, you'd loveit, trust me. And even if you don't like it, you could always have it back the way it was =p
Iphone...<3 i want it so bad u r so lucky :'( :D

Muhammad I. said...

LOL i know this has nothing to do with the post, but i love your blog, and its the only one I've ever commented on, because it's so lovable :D btw im muhammad the one ur besty, noor may sometimes talk abt =)

The Me. said...

Remya: Hahah yeah I do keep Roza and I love it :D . Woah, everyone wants an iPhone. =o I shall keep it under my pillow for safekeeping from now on o.o

Moonie: :D I didn't turn my Notepad all 'emo'. I'm using this Windows xp theme, which makes everything look like this!

Ally: Im just using my sisters iPhone for some time, its not really mine =p So no, i ain't that lucky =[ . Haha. And yeaaah, i'll try new templates. Soon i think =o .

Mohammad: Yayyyy, thankyou SO much :D . I'm flattered. ^.^