Sunday, August 29, 2010

D-Day: Aftermath.

Hi. Its over. It really is. The result's out tomorrow but i can't be worried about that. I'm just basking in the freedom for today. And how did it go you ask? It went fine! I did a lot of guesswork in the MCQ’s. If they turn out to be right, then yayy. And if not, then God help me =o . Anyway. Whatev. Its OVER. I'm free for like, I don't know two months or something. I don't know. But whatever. I'm FREE! I feel good. *I feeel goood. tanananana. So goood. So goood. I feeel good. Tanananaa*.
Yeah okay. Anyway.
I'm tired. I slept for only about 3 hours today once i got home.
I'm in S1's room nowadays. I like it here. I'm using her laptop. I'm owning it. For now. =>

So okay. I feel very peaceful today. And I feel really great because my People were very kind to me during the whole abnormally insane stressed out phase I went through. S2 texted me all day everyday telling me positive things to think about. And then called me to whitewash all my black thoughts. S1 gave me advices on how to better attempt the paper. She talked to me the night before the exam and told me it was okay if I messed up. My friend N, tried to comfort me as best as she could, keeping it real all the while. She made me laugh by suggesting that I take a sleeping pill to help me sleep, when I told her I couldn't sleep, the night before the exam. Haha. She was serious. And she gave me and my stupid exam more importance even though she herself had a big test to prepare for. Its tomorrow. And Sd, who was with me through all of this. She was giving the same exam. We unloaded our stress on each other 20 times a day and then consoled each other with optimistic thoughts that we weren't really thinking (or believing) at that point. Haha. My other friends, Z and Mp, who said they prayed for me and were the first ones to ask me how it went when i got home.
And. My parents. The Awesome Ones. I think I shall call them The Awesome Ones from now on. I think. Okay. Lame. But no. They are awesome. My dad kept telling me it was okay, and I always did good and I would do the same this time. He awkwardly hung around the room trying to comfort me during one of my weeping episodes. And Mom. Who treated me like a baby. And prayed for me and prayed for me and prayed for me some more. And asked dad to bring me cream rolls. :)
And my Naano. Whose the funniest. Whose so old but she remembered the date of my entrance exam, and called to wish me goodluck and asked my mom to gimme two kissies. And said all kinds of funnycrazycute things that old people say.
Yeah so thats it. That ^^ , is why I feel nice.
So okay. Ima watch a moofie now or something. Fun.
I wear a Halo of awesomeness over my head.


Moonie said...

Your family is awesome. =D

Moth said...

Since i am in this blog, i will comment =>. Yes i know i was awesome throughout.
Write a blog only about me 8). Thankyou. Bye. Btw, noor gifted me a whole pack of top pops =D. I'll send two for you. Thats it.

The Me. said...

Moonie: It is :D !

Moth: Shodi. My blog is not about you -.- . AND OMG YES! about the top pops. Two se zaada hi bhej do :S