Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A pocket full of me.

I will not talk about anything upsetting that has happened to me. I have other places to go to, for that. So I'll talk things that are nice.

I went out with mom and dad today. I bought two nice bowls. A blue and an orange one. I bought nice things to eat. I had a drumstick on my way home. Then I made tea for mom and dad. Had some myself too. Had some weird cake with it.

I watched Gone with the Wind again today. I love it. Scarlett is so funny. So is Rhett.

I watched Sense and Sensibility. The 2008 BBC version. Liked it. I LOVE BBC versions of all these awesome period dramas. You go BBC!

I wore my purply lilac shirt. My mom said the colour suited me.

Mom made fries for me. I ate them.

I made drawings off the internet. I made Spongebob Square pants. Stewie from Family Guy, an aeroplane, and Bart Simpson. They’re all nice. Except Stewie. He looks a bit retarded.

I bought Nescafe Gold. Found another one called Nescafe mild and smooth or something. Ill try it later.

I keep turning the A.c off and on.

I will go search for cloth for my Eid dress with mom tomorrow. That is something I HATE doing. I hope my Eid clothes turn out to be pwetty pwetty.

I will buy a novel tomorrow too hopefully.

Koi Sims install kar de please? I miss it terribly. I learnt the word ‘Flirt’ from Sims btw.



Sara said...

i couldnt help but post a comment. i a a complete stranger, came across your blog some time ago and read it on and off. it's cute, funny and it makes me laugh =)
when do you find out about your mcat? i wish you all the best.
And isnt stewie from family guy? do upload the drawing!
cheers! =)

The Me. said...

Heyyy. Welcome to the blog, you! :D
Thankyou so much! And Its not mcat, its a different province, hence a different test =p . And oops, yes Family guy it is, my bad. =\ .
Ill upload the drawings soon. Haha.
Keep reading!

Dee.Dee said...

You'll LOVE Nescafe Gold *grin*.

P i x i e said...

eh...nice things you did.
You deserve a comment. :P
And you ate so much :O
moti ho jaogi :P

P i x i e said...

eh...nice things you did.
You deserve a comment. :P
And you ate so much :O
moti ho jaogi :P

Roshni said...

Instant coffee FTW!

The Me. said...

Deedee : Are you being sarcastic? =O

Pixie: Hahahha thanks! And . Oh! I didn't eat it all at the same time =$

Roshni: The one who just have to pour hot water in? I tried that once and didn't like it =[ .

The Me. said...

the one you* just have to

Jean said...

Blessed are those who have the intellect to be random.

Decaffeinated coffee is for losers.


Tazeen said...

Oh my God. I loved reading it. :D I rarely come across stuff I truly love to read. And hey, I second your "Crumbs" :)

What a sweet blog you've got! Keep writing and thank you for visiting my blog. :D

Roshni said...

You make the proper..PROPER coffee each time you want some? =0 ....*kudos*

Marina said...

hey i stopped commenting because i couldn't bear all the mention of food. i'm always hungry :( sigh, fries <3

The Me. said...

Jean: Ive never had decaf. Never will :D

Tazeen: Aw man, Thankyou for the feelgood comment :D Yayers! =)

Roshni: Yes =$ I do. Its not a problem really.

Marina: :O Do i talk about food thaat much?

secret.whispers said...

BBC rocks my worldddd :)
i got my eid clothes made about three months in advance..but that might be because i was only in pakistan for 2 months..

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ learnt the word flirt from sims.

Yeah that was educating =P