Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Walkness and more.

My head aches. I just had green tea, that doesn’t have much caffeine in it. But still. Caffeine likes me. So it gives me headaches. All the time. But anyway. Who cares. I am so proud of myself today. I’m the best. I finished a whole chapter of physics. YAY! Seriously. Yesterday sucked so much study-wise that i decided i won’t let it happen today. And i didn’t. And i studied. And yay, the chapters done. Clapping.

Well after i got done with physics, i watched this stupid tv show on megavideo that i absolutely hate. (yes, thats how lame i am). And then i had yummy sandwich and fries. And oranges. Three oranges. :\ . Lol. And after that. I got SO bored that my head was about to fall off. So i said. Okay, whatever. I had green tea. (which made me sleepy for some reason and gave me a headache =s). I wore my fat white joggers. And my big blue jacket. I took out my headphones and went to the terrace. And i walked and walked and walked till my legs hurt. And i couldn’t feel my face. I cant feel my nose even now.

While i was walking, i called Sd to check up on her. She was half asleep. I woke her up and motivated her to study. Haha, yes i did. Anyway. Yeah so thats all i did. I ate so much today. Its good that i walked too. My head aches. I’m going to sleep early again. I slept ten hours last night and had three weird long dreams. :\ Uff i dream too much. Dreams love me.

Okay my back hurts from sitting like this. Im going to go now.

Ps. I hate it when im happy. But other people and other people’s problems keep kicking me at the back of my mind. And make me restless and unhappy, when otherwise, i am happy. dfsdfsfaf3



Anonymous said...

I don't know about caffeine but you need to cut down on sugar.

Anonymous said...

wew i dnno wht to say :P

*Shreya* said...

*feels tired*

you'r post can do things to people :D

AND you eat...just like no, overeat ^.^

The Me. said...

kasana: really? i never thought about that =\

shaiz: lol. why is that? =p

Shreya: :O my post made you tired?

Anonymous said...

nice way 2 spend yo day =) mre than dat donno wth 2 commeny =P

Anonymous said...

agrees with kishor :P
whr'd u get the green tea from?

Daone said...

Ah, another web diary huh? Nice. I like reading web diaries. Bdw, I just stumbled to your blog. Nice it is. Has got a peppy feel to it. Great going :)

Disguise said...

I agree with what Shreya said.

The Me. said...

Why does everyone find this post so weird? :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I feel tired too =|