Friday, January 8, 2010

This is random, and long.

Time for a random useless post. I love random useless posts. Sometimes. You know, i used to hate walnuts when i was little. I thought they were bitter, and evil. Not evil, just bitter. Lol. I exaggerate so much. Anyway, i didn’t like them. But, i like them now. Infact, i’ve started loving them since yesterday. Mom brought some and gave them all to me =p. And ive been eating them out of a jar since then. I LOVE THEM. They make my mouth go dry though : \ . But they’re nice. And they look like tiny brown brains. Yum.

So im not going to college tomorrow. Sunday is officially off. And then im not going on monday either. Muahah. I love it when i don’t go to college. My car was half an hour late in picking me up from college today. So i just sat there watching other people. I love watching people. People do the funniest things. Lame things too. People watching is fun.

My room is such a mess. There is stuff everywhere. My sisters ask me why i use Real Player instead of Media player. I just love the new real player with its awesome new converter. I think its really nice and i love it.

I am so abrupt. I don’t know. I love music. Why hasn’t it rained yet? Its so sad. I really really want rain. And when it rains, i will go to my terrace, have coffee and walk around and listen to songs and sing to myself. I love doing that. I’m feeling impatient right now. I love new comments on my blog. I check my dashboard for new comments a hundred times a day when i have nothing else to do. LOL. =\

I am deliberately making this post long for no reason. Lol. Im testing your patience. Keep reading.

*tell me would you kill, to save your life? tell me would you kill to prove you’re right? crash crash crash..*

I have a mon- omG i forgot what i was writing. I have a mon- what? LOL o.O . Weird. My memory is shit. Walnuts are supposed to be helping. Pff. I hate it when people believe every lame thing other people tell them. Its really annoying. Oh. New text message. I love how my cellphone blinks when there’s a new alert. I love my cellphone to bits. May God give it a long healthy life.

Im going to buy new winter stuff soon. I don’t want winters to end. Please don’t go soon. Stay a little bit longer this time okay? Thankyou. I love you, winter. You are mine.

Okay. The post is long enough. Congratulate yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Yes. Just like that. Yes. Okay. Bubye.


*Shreya* said...

I love new comments on my blog. I check my dashboard for new comments a hundred times a day when i have nothing else to do. LOL. =\

hehehehehehhehehee double pinch :P

uglyduckling91 said...

Yes! It should rain! >:| It's SO dry. :[
I use winamp. It's small and fun. ^_^
Girls do funnier stuff than guys! ^_^ I'm mean. harharhar.

The Me. said...

Shreya: Hahah =P
duckling: Oo, i used to use winamp when i was little. Not little. But long ago! :o . And people are equally funny .__. And oh it should rain, right now. =[

Nipun said...

They make my mouth go dry and I love it??
What was dat?
COngrats to me dat i read this post.
We have some common interests..
Although i dont like the new real player...:)

Great post..


Ally said...

I check my blog's comments feed a thousand times a day :p

The Me. said...

Nipun: I don't love walnuts because they make my mouth go dry, i love them inspite of it =p .

Ally: Hahah yay, so im not alone then ^^

Anonymous said...


The Me. said...

kasana: :O what?

Maryam said...

I know what you mean about the walnuts. I was/am EXACTLY the same about them. And I've seen brains they look like oversize pink and off-whitish (smelly) walnuts *shudder* I love coffee. I love singing to myself, too. I love comments too. I used to check my blog a thousand times a day but now I've limited mysef to 20 times =D

I've written a blogpost myself, right here. Ah well. Anything to procrastinate.

The Me. said...

Hahaha. =p Brains are weird. Ive yet to see the real human one. o.O . I'd like to hold it in my hands. =]

Anonymous said...

Walnuts are like little ugly brains and you what? Like them? Eww.
I still think they're bitter and evil.

Oh, and I thought that weird squishy brain in my pathology book must have dampened your brain-holding ideas. Sadly, no =P

The Me. said...

s1: WHY did you remind me of that? =\ Why? Why? OmG. Sickening. :s . Tsk. Weird. Ew. It can see the image in my head again. =\ Tsk.

noor said...

i couldnt read the whole thing =p