Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snapshots, and more.

I feel so nice. I feel fresh. I look nice. Ive slept all i wanted. I wasted the whole day. I used a nice smelling hair conditioner. I watched a movie. I had yummy daal chawal. I printed a picture of mine and put it in a frame. It looks nice, there above the fireplace. I had chappali kabab too.

Im going to start studying physics. Electricity. Its nice. Oh, my camera is being sweet with me. Its playing hide and seek. =] Aww. Weird psycho camera. Just found it. Ill transfer some pics now. Wait.

*Im just one of those ghosts, travelling endlessly, don’t need no roads, infact they follow me..”

Okay. Done. Here are some pictures.


Where are you? Come back soon, i miss you =’[ .


New coffee cup. ^.^


Andes chocolate mints. <3

Ugly thief guy i drew in class.


My Jack Sparrow keychain =D [stolen from s2]


Walnuts :D


..and lastly. Hahahahah. EW. I found this on google that day.

Ok enough of the pictures. Physics time. =] Byebye.


*Shreya* said...

the coffee mug i love, BUT, the sweater sleeve that's peeking into the picture, trust me, i got a similar one, no no SAME one. i'll go check if mine's gotten stolen or something :P

the ugly thief is soooooooo hot ;)


and whats that creature doing on earth? eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww must'v been a body suit =/

and how do you insert lines of words between pictures?!?! i can never do that!!!

The Me. said...

Hahaha, really? How do you know its the same one just by looking at the teeny bit of sleeve? =O And eeek, unfortunately that creature's real =\ LOL, its so EW :D .
And as for the written stuff between pictures, i dont know, i use Windows Live writer, and its pretty simple in that. So, try it. =]

*Shreya* said...

i KNOW you got the same same puppy shame one cause awesome minds think alike :) even when they'r out shopping :P

oh i'll try!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything cute said, the huge piece of meat is the ugliest one i've ever seen.


The Me. said...

Shreya: Hahaha, okay if you say so ^.^

s1: Hainaa. Isn't it :D A Piece of meat. Ewww =D

Anonymous said...

Parh lo?

Haye, chocolate mints. :(

Anonymous said...

lol. randomness defined. nice post :D

The Me. said...

kasana: parh loongi. .__. And im out of chocolate mints myself D:

shaiz: haha thanks :p

Maryam said...

Chocolate mints *drool*
I like your coffee cup.
That thing in the last picture? *vomit*

uglyduckling91 said...


noor said...

i hate chocolate mints. the only form of chocolate i hat, wesey! =p
i like your coffee mug.

The Me. said...

Everyone likes the new coffee cup =D
And noor, you dont have no taste. Go away >.<

Ifrahess said...

=o is that the keychain i gave s2??

Moth said...

YES! SHES A THIEF! i didnot give it to her =p. She takes my bag to school.