Monday, January 11, 2010


I realized today that i blog too often. Alternative days, i.e. So i decided i’d wait a day or two before i write another post. I don’t know why though. Cuz now that i think about it, i don’t really agree. I don’t care if i blog a hundred times a day. If i want to talk about something, i will. Its my blog after all. So im going to write whatever i want to. Very quickly.

So, i went out for shopping with s1 today. I bought a really nice shirt for myself. But then i was pissed cuz i didn’t get to buy all the other stuff i wanted to buy, because dad needed the driver. Then i was grumpy all the way back home. But one really sweet thing happened. S1 took me with her to the darzi place. It was somewhere, in a really crowded place. The kind of place i never go to. But she dragged me along with her anyway, and i went. And i don’t know. The bazaar had such a nice old street-y feeling to it. It just got to me. I wanted to look around more. And be there a bit longer. I don’t know. Anyway. So we found some really cute hairbands there. But i didn’t have any change. The shopkeeper was this 50-60 year old man and he was the sweetest person. He gave them to us anyway and said ‘jab marzi paisay de dain.. maheenay baad aa jayain beshak’ . And i don’t know. So cute? I love it when people do nice things. I don’t know. Nice weird bazaar.

Blah anyway. I studied less today. I had to finish that physics chapter but i didn’t and i feel so bad now. I watched two movies today. =\ I had tea, but it didn’t do me any good. Im going to sleep early. I’ll never study. =[ That just sucks. I do that all the time. I just give up and sleep. I dont like that. Argh.

I don’t want to go to college tomorrow. >.<


Anonymous said...

I love it when strangers are nice. It's one of the best things that can happen to you. An unfamiliar face being friendly for no materialistic gain.

This post made me smile. :)

uglyduckling91 said...


What's an m.b?

Anonymous said...

sometimes random sometimes non random. pro blogger in the making :D

The Me. said...

kasana: hainaa. I was all smiles too after that. :)) cuteness.

duck: where did the darzi come from? .___. I heart that shopkeeper uncle. =o]
and as for m.b. Oh well.. :D.

shaiz: aw thanks :D lol.

MagicalMe said...

I love your blog!

Will read regularly from now on =D

The Me. said...

Magicalme: Hey there. Yay, i love new followers =D

MagicalMe said...

I love new followers too. =D
*hint, hint*

lol... pardon meh.

Anonymous said...

*envying you*
No, really =P

Anonymous said...

well the bazaar was a nice person....but my fav part was yo nt finishing tht physics lol....I'm nt meaning in a wrong way itz juz coz i tried 2 read but didnt do anything worthwhile

Nice blog & good post.....

will Follow yo frm nw on =) ^_^