Friday, January 29, 2010


It finally rained today. Pretty blackness everywhere. I just came back inside after walking for i don’t know how long outside in the freezing rain. With s2 that is. We talked and talked. I took pics. Here.


Pic*. =p

Pretty. Very. This picture took up alot of un necessary space up there don’t you think?  =S But okay. Anyway. I love days, and nights like these when it keeps raining. And the lights go out and its cold and black everywhere. It smells good and looks good and feels even better. ^/^

We went out for a drive with mom and dad and had yummy cheese fries while it rained outside. My English paper went good too today, while it rained outside. My dad came to pick me up from college. It was fun on the way back home. The rain was amazing. I love rain. Thankyou very much. S1 said i should live in Siberia. I love cold. And rain. Okay. I hope it keeps raining for a week. (Or more please? =D).

I have another exam the day after tomorrow. Its after 1 am, so i actually have my exam tomorrow. =\ . Don’t wanna. =[

Anyway. While mom and s1 were sitting and talking, i sat and made this on Paint. Pff.


This is me with my new cellphone. Its raining but i don’t know why it ain’t raining where i’m standing. =\ Blah. Its okay. Whatever. Cute? Yes. Lol. ^.^



Bilal said...

Read your blog for the first time. Random posts. Made me sad. For no reason. Strange.

Anonymous said...

mebbe if it rained there then your new cellphone would get wet. and then you'd have to go to the service center and all... so much hassle :P

The Me. said...

Sad? :/ my blog makes people tired and sad. Not good :[

*Shreya* said...

hehehhe tired, it does. sad it certainly doest =)

i like like like the drawing ^.^ v v v nice!

you get 50/10 =P

uglyduckling91 said...

iStalk now! RAWR! D:<


Anonymous said...

Cute! ^_^
Agree with Shaiz on the cell phone thing =P

Bilal said...

There is no reason it would. But maybe I was already low.

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute doodle. Happy raining!

The Me. said...

Shaiz: haha yeah that does make sense :p !
Shreeya: Aww thaaanks :D teehee.
Duck: rain is the ultimate hyperness yeah xd
S1: you love me.
Bilal: aw I see. Well, hope the lowness goes awayy. :/
Kasana: the rain stopped :[ and thanks!

**MaV said...

Nice blog :) You're post made me happy. I have an obsession with my cellphone and rain too ^_^

Ali khan said...

its raining and i love to salsa dance...

do ya ... ???

check out ma blog for super fast salsa dancing...

wink ya lator....


Ifrahess said...

Your blog makes me happy and non-bored =)