Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This and that.

Yeah so physicks paper happened today. Yeah whatever. I don’t want to talk about it. Crappy physics with its weird crappyness. I woke up at 6:30 am and i have a headache since then. =S . Go AWAY, you! Stupidness.

I had to get my picture taken for an admission form. It came out hideous. Mom and s1 could have said something comforting. .__. . They didn’t. But OH! Highlight of the day! s2’s coming!

Lalalaa. <:o) Fun. Oreoshakes and etc. So. Im about to have tea. Tea makes me feel so old. Old people drink tea. :\ . I wouldve had coffee but that wasn’t good for the headache you see. So. No.

I have this song stuck in my head. I’d write it out here but i can’t. The words aren’t good. Im so decent. LOL. Decent? Wth. =]

I was really angry at Sd today. She kept kicking my chair during the exam, asking me for answers. “6,7,8,15,16,17 and 18 ka bataaao! :@'”  And i kept telling her i didn’t know them either but she wouldn’t stop kicking >.< Oh God. Err. Yeah. Physics paper sucked =\ . skajdla.

Anyway. I’ve started watching the Vampire Diaries inspite of all my bias towards it. Heck i always end up watching tv shows that i vow not to. But no, vampire diaries is fun to watch. I like the music they use. I found this song on an episode, called Cut, by Plumb. I love it. And another song by Placebo, called Running up that hill. Very nice. I love it when songs have feelings. Heartness.

S1 says i cannot go too far in life, if i keep on saying ‘its okay’ to everything. But what can i do. I think, everythings okay. I believe in forgiving and forgetting and letting go and letting others Be. Maybe that will change in a few years, or maybe sooner, or later. Lets see. =]

Okay enough. Oh. Time for pictures. *clapping*


Here you go ifrah. Ze gloves. =D


Im aware that my feet look weird. Its the stripes.

Teeeheeeheee. This is SO funny. Stupid lizard thinks she’s hiding.


Hello awesome cellphone. I <3 you!


Hahah, this is my really cute Spiderman cup that mom brought. I don’t like spiderman. But mom bought it and its so cute of her to do so. ^.^ So yeah, spider man now, is my slave and he brings me coffee and tea anytime i want. =]

Ok. Ta. [i didn’t intend this post to be so long o.O]


Anonymous said...

HAHA @ Spiderman is my slave =P And the lizard hiding =P
I love the socks too! and you HAVE to cut down on your caffeine intake. It increases drug toxicity and can cause cardiac arrhythmias :)
Okay enough of medicalness.


P.S I hope its not insulting anymore that no one's commented yet =P

The Me. said...

Thanks for mentioning the thing about comments here :)
:p and leave the arythmia obsession already <.<
a cup of coffee a day keeps the lazeness away :D

uglyduckling91 said...

Edit your "New cellphone, please come soon. =[" :D

Anonymous said...

Damn...where ws ur blog all these days??
Awesome sense of humor :)
Yeah, ur so ryt...@6,7,8,15,16,17 bata de...:P
And oh, the pic descriptions was the ultimate laugh man.
Hey you write songs?
I do too!!

Your blog gets 10 on 10..oh and that sexy phoe of urs? I'm gonna steal it :P
Toodles-yo :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome new cellphone. Weird long feet. D:

-.- <3

The Me. said...

duck: Yeah thanks i love love this cellphone =D I used to crave for it. xD

Remya: Awww yayyy. Thanks so much =D . And and, i don't write songs :o . I don't write anything =[ .

kasana: They just 'look' long, its the stripes! =p

Anonymous said...

@TheMe: oh yeah..i'd read the line wrong..But still your blog is much better than many others out there.
*Nods saintly*
in 12th right?

nil said...

Christ,loved your blog!

The Me. said...

Remya: it's so nice of you to say thaat, Cuz I don't really consider my blog like are 'blog' blog y'know =d thanks.

Nil: yay I'm glad you did !

Zainab Dhanji said...

Nokia 5730!!! awesome. I use his sister. 5630.

Ifrahess said...

Ahhh me got my name in your blog, me lubbies it and me lubbies your gloves! =D