Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back already.

Yeah so i know I’ve been ruthlessly ignoring\neglecting my blog since a week now. I think. Almost a week. 6 days. Yeah. So i just didn’t want to write anything. Boo.

Anyway. I went to Sd’s place for a study session yesterday morning, and then decided to stay the night. And it was FUN. We, for a change, actually studied and made plans and all that. Good wittle people. Made coffee at 3 am, had lasagne and kababs and all that fun stuff. =] Im back now and quite exhausted. Sd says i talk alot. And its true, actually. =\ I just have alot to say. Okay? Yeah.

My exams start this Tuesday. Teehee. SO not ready. But whatever.

I love my new crazy gloves that are my favourite shade of gray and have skulls on them. Aww, my mom bought em for me. How cute? Yeah.

That day, me mom and dad went out. I had garlic bread and crispy yum french fries. And it was so cold. I also watched ‘my sister’s keeper’. It made me cry. I loved that movie. I did.

Oh God i’m so tired. Byebye.


*Shreya* said...

when do your exams FINALLY end??/ =/

Anonymous said...

itz okay to ignore ze blog for zumtime... im zure it'll underztand. n all ze best for ze egzhams :D

uglyduckling91 said...

Garlic bread ftw! \m/

It's not that cold anymore! ^_^_^

The Me. said...

Shreya: Hahah man i keep having these stupid lame class tests that are useless. The exams i have now are the mid terms. >.<

Shaiz: Yez yez, it zure doez underztand =p

duck: I don't want to believe that =[

Ifrahess said...

Gray and skulls!!! *vibrates with excitement* me wants see pictures =D

sister's keeper movie is good. the book's ending is better though. i wish they'd kept it in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Awesome new gloves with skulls! :D

Welcome back, kiddo.

The Me. said...

ifrah: Ill upload the pics soon then =D lool. And i haven't read the book, and after watching the movie i so wish i had =[ !

kasana: Thankeee!