Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear headache.

Hi there, dear headache.

I know that you love me. I know you want to be with me, at all times and all places. Of all the nice people out there, you chose me. You have no reason to be with me, yet you are. Constantly. Oh, You love me so..

But, don’t you see? I hate you. I despise you and i can’t stand you. Its time you realize that its never gonna work out between us. Me, and you – not happening. Ever. So, its time you get over it. Move on. Find someone else. Stalk someone else. And leave me alone. Im better off without you. You make my life hell. Go away, right now. Please.



uglyduckling91 said...

This is sad. :[
I hope you feel better soon. n.n

Dee.Dee said...

Dayemn. I feel proud to claim that Headache decided to choose me, miles away from where you are.

Oh the terrorizing pain I had last night -_-

Oh well :D

Headache and I are very happy together. And he's telling me to tell you he's sorry and that he hopes you'll find another awesome Ache =p.

Ifrahess said...

Lmao! Yaaar me loves your writings =D

Anonymous said...

awww :D

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better.

Zainab Dhanji said...

Hello, my name is Panadol and I hate headache too! One of ur friends was nice enuf to contact & let me know that you and I have a common enemy! So well, here I am, embrace me & I will take care of everything else! Actually, to be perfectly honest, it’ll require more than just embracing me. U’ll prolly have to…

oh well… let’s take it one step at a time, shall we?

The Me. said...

duck: It totally is. Thanks though =d

DD: Im so glad to hear you're happy with him, but.. it breaks my heart to tell you that he's cheating on you. =[ He was with me all day. =[

Ifrah: Awww yayiee thanks. I love it that you read my blog :D

Shaiz: Haha =p .

Kasana: Thanks =D . Im not so headachy right now. So yay!

Zainab: Ah, i've been wanting to have a word with you since some time now. You know, i don't like you. You, and your fat white bitterness. And your empty little promises. I don't like anything about you. <.< You've broken my trust. Go.