Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carpal Tunnel Slug

I got home a few hours ago. It was a long journey. It was a little tiring, considering the fact that I was sitting on the aisle seat once again. Even though i originally had the window seat. Which the hostess made me give up, because she had to keep her luggage there. =\ [How rude of her]. What was nice though, was that the woman i sat next too was also reading Atlas Shrugged. That was interesting.
Anyway. Its colder than Lahore here. Which makes me SO excited and happy! Winters, are just round the corner. *jumps with excitement*
I spend two days at N's before coming here. I had SO much fun. We always have fun together, which has made us realize that we should hang out more often. And we will. InshAllah. Yay. I went shopping with her too. And got lots of stuff for myself. Including a watch. I call it my Retarded Cartoon watch. But its so awesome, it makes me happy every time i check the time. =] Here's a picture.


So yeah. Its so Me.

s1 just came back from her Maternity Ward duty. She has gross stories to tell =] .
I bought huge bags of Top Pops. And I'm addicted to them. Because they're the love of my life.
Also, I got a haircut. Yay.
And. I sort of have zero tolerance for lameness right now. I am in no mood of putting up with people being lame, and useless with me. Ew.

Okay, I'll write more later. I do have lots to write. I haven’t been writing much lately. For now, here's a painting N's little sister made for me while i was there. <3


p.s. The title. Is a track by Buckethead. Whose music im totally blown away by these days. *.* This one, I don’t like that much. But the name’s funny. So. Yeah.


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Your watch looks cute.
I want a mickey mouse watch for myself. :O

Randomhyper. said...

That watch seriously looks retarded. And what are the odds that someone next to you on the bus would read Atlas Shrugged? Awesome. I would've been exclaiming TOO excitedly. :P Lameness ko tolerate kardo. There are always lame people in life.

Ally said...

I would've been like bitch you need to take yo trash somewhere else cause I'm gon sit where I am gon sit *trying to fake a ghetto accent* [not really lol] but seriously I would be mad if someone took my seat without my permission that's very rude!

Fareed said...

Lets hear the gross stories of maternity ward... please? =]